Goa, and the Blue Mountains: Or, Six Months of Sick Leave

R. Bentley, 1851 - 368페이지

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249 페이지 - After a day or two you will hesitate which to hate the most, your bearers' monotonous, melancholy, grunting, groaning chaunt, when fresh, or their jolting, jerking, shambling, staggering gait, when tired. In a perpetual state of low fever you cannot eat, drink, or sleep ; your mouth burns, your head throbs, your back aches, and your temper borders upon the ferocious.
101 페이지 - ... which seems natural to the climate. The Portuguese natives form unions among themselves alone, or if they can, with Europeans. Yet the Portuguese have, during a three hundred years' residence in India, become as black as Caffres.
338 페이지 - ... observation sprang theories, theories grew into systems. The earliest observer, remarking the Roman noses, fine eyes, and stalwart frames of the savages, drew their origin from Italy, . . . Another gentleman argued from their high Arab features, that they are probably immigrants from the Shatel Arab, .... Captain Harkness discovered that they were aborigines. Captain Congreve determined to prove that the Todas are the remnants of the Celto-Scythian race, which selon lui, inhabited the plains,...
233 페이지 - Polo mentions that there issued annually " a body of upwards of one hundred vessels,J who captured other ships and plundered the merchants." He alludes to their forming what they called a ladder on the sea, by stationing themselves in squadrons of twenty, about five miles from each other, so as to command as great an extent of water as possible. But in the old Venetian's day, the corsairs appear to have been by no means so sanguinary as they afterwards became. He expressly states, that when the pirates...
287 페이지 - ... was not too much for your robust digestion. You praised the vegetables, and fell into ecstasy at the sight of peaches, apples, strawberries and raspberries, after years of plantains, guavas, and sweet limes. You, who could scarcely walk a mile in the low country . . . wandered for hours over hill and dale without being fatigued. With what strange sensations of pleasure you threw yourself upon the soft turf bank, and plucked the first daisy which you ever saw out of England ! And how you enjoyed...
100 페이지 - Surely this goes far to disprove the assertion, which is sometimes made, that climate alone is insufficient to account for the difference between the negro and the European.
71 페이지 - Rgt. was a very clever gentleman, who knew everything. He could talk to each man of a multitude in his own language, and all of them would appear equally surprised by, and delighted with him. Besides, his faith was every man's faith. He chaunted the Koran, and the circumcised dogs considered him a kind of saint. The Hindoos...
194 페이지 - protection": " Whenever a person wished to place himself under the safeguard of a man of consequence, he paid from four to sixty-four fanams annually for the privilege. He might also make an assignment on particular lands for the payment. The sum was devoted to the maintenance of a kind of sentinel, similar to the belted peon of the Anglo-Indian settlements, furnished by the protector to his dependent. In cases of necessity, however, the former was bound to aid and assist the other with a stronger...
284 페이지 - ... and one bath-room attached to it, which fill up the quadrangle of the bungalow. At the back there is a long row of stone huts, and numerous dirty offices for servants. The roof is of shingle ; the furniture very fair and substantial. RUSSELL (1858) The Neilgherry house merits description principally because it is a type of the life usually led in it. The walls are made of coarse bad bricks — the roof of thatch or wretched tiles, which act admirably as filters, and occasionally cause the downfall...
343 페이지 - A. brother mason informs us/' that 'the Todas use a sign of recognition similar to ours, and they have discovered that Europeans have an institution corresponding with their own.

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