Digest of Laws Relating to Local Parks and Recreation as of January 2, 1940

Federal Security Agency, Civilian Conservation Corps, 1941 - 534페이지

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347 페이지 - ... three years from the date of their appointment, and until their successors are appointed and qualified...
491 페이지 - Cause parks, playgrounds, recreational, community, educational, water, sewer or drainage facilities, or any other works which it is otherwise empowered to undertake, to be furnished adjacent to or in connection with housing projects...
367 페이지 - The legislature may authorize cities and counties to take more land and property than is needed for actual construction in the laying out, widening, extending or relocating parks, public places, highways or streets ; provided, however, that the additional land and property so authorized to be taken shall be no more than sufficient to form suitable building sites abutting on such park, public place, highway or street. After so much of the land and property has been appropriated for such park, public...
113 페이지 - The Legislative Assembly shall provide for raising revenue sufficient to defray the expenses of the state for each year, not to exceed in any one year four (4) mills on the dollar of the assessed valuation of all taxable property in the state...
313 페이지 - Chicago, to lay out, establish, open, alter, widen, extend, grade, pave, or otherwise improve streets, alleys, avenues, sidewalks, wharves, parks, and public grounds, and vacate the same.
17 페이지 - Any city containing a population of more than one hundred thousand inhabitants may frame a charter for its own government, consistent with and subject to the Constitution and laws of this State...
495 페이지 - ... and that the same shall be so located as in no way to interfere with the safety or convenience of persons traveling on or over the said roads...
71 페이지 - The Governor may remove the superintendent for cause at any time, giving to him a copy of the charges against him, and an opportunity to be heard in his defense.
105 페이지 - No county, city, township, school district or other municipal corporation, shall be allowed to become indebted in any manner or for any purpose to an amount, including existing indebtedness, in the aggregate exceeding five per centum on the value of the taxable property therein, to be .ascertained by the last assessment for State and county taxes, previous to the incurring of such indebtedness.
69 페이지 - The managers may take and hold in trust for the state any grant or devise of land, or any gift or bequest of money or other personal property, or any donation, to be applied, principal or income, or both, to the maintenance and education of epileptics and the general uses of the colony.

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