Game Birds and Shooting-sketches: Illustrating the Habits, Modes of Capture, Stages of Plumage and the Hybirds & Varieties which Occur Amongst Them

H. Sotheran, 1894 - 185페이지
On the four species of the grouse in Great Britain.

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11 페이지 - Operators of the present times, an additional contribution of evidence in confirmation of one of the most beautiful, and, at the same time, one of the most important theories of modern philosophy.
6 페이지 - ... order to render it of real value and utility to the men of Science of all countries, he has given, besides a Latin and English description, measurements, synonyms, etc., a figure of the head of the natural size of every species, a feature not to be found in preceding Works of a similar nature, and by which each bird may at once be distinguished, hitherto a matter of some difficulty, particularly in those that are nearly allied.
5 페이지 - IT IS ADMITTED (says Mr. GOULD) that New Guinea, or Papua, and the Papuan Islands [the former is separated only by Torres Strait from...
4 페이지 - Rhamphastida; also rendered another edition of this Monograph desirable ; accordingly the present one has been prepared, comprising all the New Species, and information acquired respecting this family of Birds during the last twenty-five years." " The Trogons may dispute the palm of beauty with the Humming Birds. Their plumage in certain parts shines with metallic brilliancy, and exhibits all the colours of the rainbow.
6 페이지 - In this Work, the animals themselves are not only figured, but portraits of them from life are delineated, of which we cannot but notice one of Landseerian vigour — the physiognomy of the Tasmanian Wolf. In the publication of such a Work Mr. GOULD confesses that he has departed from his original purpose of confining himself wholly to Ornithology, and owns that, with such profusion of materials at his command, he was tempted to overstep his self-assigned limits. The scientific world ought to be...
2 페이지 - ... the exquisite accuracy of the plates, in which the utmost adherence to nature is united with that felicitous effect which stamps the artist, and proves that grace and truthfulness may meet together. Again, Mr. GOULD'S Works form in themselves an Ornithological Museum, pictorial we grant, but of such a character as to obviate the necessity of a collection of mounted specimens obtained at no trifling cost, and preserved, even where room can be afforded for them, not without the greatest trouble.
5 페이지 - To no portion of the globe (says the Author) does there attach so much interest as to that vast extent of the Old World which we designate Asia. It is there that all the productions of Nature essential to the well-being of man occur in the greatest abundance That the zoology, then, of such a country should have called forth the notice and study of able minds cannot be surprising ; and yet it is remarkable that no one has attempted a Work comprehending a general history of its Ornithology.
6 페이지 - Australia," many new species have been discovered, and much additional information acquired respecting those comprised therein ; it therefore appeared to him that a careful resiimt of the entire subject in an octavo form, without plates, would be useful to the possessor of the folio edition, as well as to the many persons in Australia who are now turning their attention to the Ornithology of the country in which they are resident.
183 페이지 - The poacher discovers a place on the hill where the birds are in the habit of sitting when snow has fallen. To this spot he repairs when the downfall has ceased, and before night, if possible, so that the snow may be still soft and not frozen. He is armed with nothing but a bag of oats or corn and a beer or, better still, champagne bottle. Thus, having nothing of a suspicious nature in his possession, he would be allowed to pass, even though searched. Arrived on his ground, he proceeds to make a...

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