The United States and China: A Report

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1976 - 55페이지

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48 페이지 - It is the inevitable result of the protracted and sharp struggle between the two classes, the two roads and the two lines in socialist society.
54 페이지 - Both wish to reduce the danger of international military conflict. Neither should seek hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region or in any other region of the world and each is opposed to efforts by any other country or group of countries to establish such hegemony.
46 페이지 - Wherever there is oppression, there is resistance. Countries want independence, nations want liberation and the people want revolution- -this has become the irresistible trend of history.
55 페이지 - The United States acknowledges that all Chinese on either side of the Taiwan Strait maintain there is but one China and that Taiwan is a part of China. The United States Government does not challenge that position. It reaffirms its interest in a peaceful settlement of the Taiwan question by the Chinese themselves. With this prospect in mind, it affirms the ultimate objective of the withdrawal of all US forces and military installations from Taiwan. In the meantime, it will progressively reduce its...
43 페이지 - China the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the Movement to Criticize Lin Piao and Confucius...
45 페이지 - The state applies the principle of grasping revolution, promoting production and other work and preparedness against war...
45 페이지 - ... taking agriculture as the foundation and industry as the leading factor...
54 페이지 - Neither is prepared to negotiate on behalf of any third party or to enter into agreements or understandings with the other directed at other states.
54 페이지 - Cambodia in their efforts for the attainment of their goal and its firm support to the sevenpoint proposal of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Viet-Nam...
45 페이지 - We should thoroughly carry out the general line of going all out, aiming high and achieving greater, faster, better and more economical results in building socialism, and grasp revolution and promote production.

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