The European Revolutions of 1848, 2권

Smith, Elder & Company, 1856

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141 페이지 - it was not merely the want of cordial co-operation among the princes of the empire that disabled the emperor from acting with vigour in the cause of his family then, nor that has rendered the house of Austria a dead weight upon all her allies ever since. Bigotry, and its inseparable companion, cruelty, as well as the tyranny and avarice of the court of Vienna, created in those days, and has maintained in ours, almost a perpetual diversion of the imperial arms from all effectual opposition to France.
198 페이지 - Esdras (lib. 2, cap. 10) when her son fell down dead, " fled into the field, and would not return into the city, but there resolved to remain, neither to eat nor drink, but mourn and fast until she died." " Rachel wept for her children, and would not be comforted because they were not
263 페이지 - ... of our political institutions ; in fine, every thing belonging to us, counteracts large accumulation. This is our actual system. Our politics, our constitutions, our elementary laws, our habits, all centre in this point, or tend to this result. From where I now stand to the extreme Northeast, vastly the greater part of the property of the country is in the hands and ownership of those whose personal industry is employed in some form of productive labor. General competence, general education,...
201 페이지 - You ask me, why, tho' ill at ease, Within this region I subsist, Whose spirits falter in the mist, And languish for the purple seas. It is the land that freemen till, That sober-suited Freedom chose, The land, where girt with friends or foes A man may speak the thing he will ; A land of settled government, A land of...
141 페이지 - France. / mean to speak of the troubles in Hungary. Whatever they became in their progress, they were caused originally by the usurpations and persecutions of the emperor : and when the Hungarians were called rebels first, they were called so for no other reason than this, that they would not be slaves.
288 페이지 - Minturnar umque paludes, Et mendicatus victa Carthagine panis, Hinc causas habuere. Quid illo cive tulisset Natura in terris, quid Roma beatius unquam, Si circumducto captivorum agmine, et omni Bellorum pompa, animam exhalasset opimam, Cum de Teutonico vellet descendere curru...
267 페이지 - It is the interest of every man to live as much at his ease as he can; and if his emoluments are to be precisely the same, whether he does or does not perform some very laborious duty, it is certainly his interest, at least as interest is vulgarly understood, either to neglect it altogether, or, if he is subject to some authority which will not suffer him to do this, to perform it in as careless...
103 페이지 - ... a whole, and that too in such a manner as to avert the possibility of any dispute or contest between the whole and its parts. If any other course be pursued, not singleness or unity, but discord and separation will be established.
245 페이지 - Immortal Smith O'Brine Was raging like a line ; Twould have done your sowl good to have heard him roar In his glory he arose, And he rush'd upon his foes, But they hit him on the nose by the Shannon shore. Then the Futt and the Dthragoons In squadthrons and platoons, With their music playing chunes, down upon us bore • And they beat the rattatoo, But the Peelers came in view, And ended the shaloo on the Shannon shore.
83 페이지 - During several past weeks ominous reports respecting the views of the reactionary party have alarmed your Majesty's faithful people. The nomination of the now retiring ministry had not tended to weaken the effect of that report. A government under the auspices of the Count of Brandenburg, without any prospect, of obtaining a majority in the National Assembly, or of gaining the confidence of the country, will undoubtedly bring the excitement to a head...

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