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Opinion Based on Experience of Over Twelve Years.-Sanmetto is an excellent preparation and in my opinion the best medicine of the kind to-day in the market. I have used it for over twelve years, and always with benefit. I have arrived at the age of sixty-seven years, when the plague of old men-enlarged prostate—is apt to annoy me, showing itself in frequent micturition, stoppage of spine, etc,, etc. I intend to use Sanmetto on myself. I received some literature on Sanmetto this morning. I enjoyed the piece of poetry from my old friend, Eugene Field. It is very appropriate.-J. M. Campbell, M. D., Brooklyn, New York City.

Uteritis and Ulceration.-Have giving dioviburnia a fair trial and am much pleased with its therapeutic effects. I prescribed dioviburnia in a case of uteritis and ulceration of the labia majora, souchette, etc., of long standing. The labia majora and fouchette, with the clitoris and meatus urinalis had been poisoned by the patient's finger nails, owing to the intense itching of those parts, as she expressed it. After a minor operation and the application of germiletum locally she was put on dioviburnia. Improvement began to manifest itself immediately. When she first came to my office for treatment she was unable to put her feet to the floor.

I can safely say that she is now entirely well—sleep has returned, appetite good and digestion perfect.-F L. MacDonald, M.D., Darien, Conn., November 6, 1905.

Echinacea.-J. A. Herring, M. D., Myrtle Springs, Texas, says in the Alkaloidal. Clinic. I have just received the Clinic, and find an article by Dr. Thudichum on "Echinacea." I have used it with perfect success for the last five years, first employing Lloyd's specific tincture and later ecthol, from Battle & Co., containing echinacea and thuja. I give the former the credit. And I want to say that it is a specific for all that Dr. Thudichum says. It has been so in my hands. I have just counted the empty ecthol bottles in my office and find twenty-six used in the last year. In fact, people come twenty-five and fifty miles to have me treat old sore shins and the like. It stops boils and carbuncles; and I give it in all glandular inflammations. Pus and ecthol cannot stay in the same place. Try it doctor, and you will be convinced

Every Physician is Interested in Reliable Antitoxin.-All authorities agree it is unsafe to date antitoxin eighteen months, since it loses its antitoxic strength. Death may result in using antitoxin of uncertain strength or where there has been a loss of its antitoxic properties. Mulford's antitoxin is never dated longer than twelve months, besides, every package contains 25 per cent greater strength than stated on lable to protect it against possible loss or deterioration. Absolute reliability is the most important requirement of antitoxin. You secure this when using Mulford's, the first American antitoxin introduced, which enjoys the record of saving the most lives. The exchange of antitoxin for fresh serum is necessary to protect the physician and druggist. The loss sustained þy the producer of antitoxin by this exchange feature is large, but in no other way is it safe to market it. The druggist must be extended the exchange privilege to be in a position to protect the physician with fresh antitoxin. Cheap or non-changeable antitoxin never will receive the indorsement of the profession.

Acute Nasal Catarrh.— The conditions obtaining in acute nasal catarrh are essentially those of an inflammation of any mucous membrane. First, an engorgement of the capillaries, then an exudation of serum into the tissues, then a further exudation on the part of the mucous or serous membrane. To attempt to terminate the trouble or alleviate the discomfort by an astringent or any wash of an acid na. ture is simply to temporarily lessen the secretion without in

any degree reducing the congestion or stimulating the local circulation, thus actually rendering the condition worse than before. A remedy to be effective must first empty the mucous membrane and then prevent a re-engorgement by stimulating, the blood vessels into increased action and compelling them to resume their normal functions. This is pre-eminently the province of glyco-thymoline. By its power of promoting exosmosis, it purges the mucous membrane as soon as it is brought into contact with it. By its anesthetic property it soothes the pain, and by its power of stimulating the circulation it relieves the circulation. The immediate cause of a catarrhal discharge is an engorged mucous membrane. Empty by exosmosis and you relieve instantly. In the general treatment of nose and throat troubles, especially when inflammatory conditions, prevail, and palliative treatment is called for as a preliminary to operative interference, no other remedy gives the immediate relief and established the aseptic condition afforded by glyco-thymoline.


We would recommend that this parcel be returned anor Oct. 26. '06.
replaced with fresh sorum..

LICENSE NO. 1, issued to parte. Davis & Co by the Secretary of the Treasury. U. S. A revision of At

Approved July 1, 1902.

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You noticed this advertisement in the medical Herald


To contributors of Original Articles, a liberal number of copies of the Herald will be given (or mailed free of expense if addresses are furnished), and the publishers will furnish reprints at cost, application for same to be made when copy is forwarded.

The editors are not responsible for the utterances of our contributors or correspondents.

Original Articles, Clinical Reports, Society Proceedings, Correspondence and News invited.

Illustrations will be furnished free for all articles requiring same, if drawings are furnished.

Address all correspondence, articles for publication, books for review and exchanges to the Managing Editor.

INSTRUMENTS AT COST-Physicians desiring a battery chair, or a good nebulizer at a bargain can learn price by addressing “Bargain,” care Medical Herald Co.

NEW ORLEANS POLYCLINIC—Seventeenth annual session opens November 2d, 1903, and closes May 28, 1904. Physicians will find the Polyclinic an excellent means for posting themselves upon modern progress in all branches of medicine and surgery. The specialties are fully taught, including laboratory work. For further information, address, New Orleans Polyclinic, Postoffice box 797, New Orleans, La.

Sander & Sons' Eucalyptol (Eucalypti Extract).

Under the distinguished patronage of His Majesty, the King of Italy, as per communication made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs through the consulgeneral for Italy, at Melbourne, March 14, 1878; and recognized by the medical division for the Prussian Government to be of perfectly pure origin, as per report transmitted to us through the consul at Melbourne, March 2, 1878.

This distinction is unique proof of the unapproachable superiority and excellence of “Sander's & Sons' Eucalyptol," and we beg the profession to discrim-inate between the mercantile eucalyptus (wood-oil) so often fraudulently dispensed in place of our “Eucalyptol.”

Medical syndicates have long since verified and established the difference in properties and quality, and class these mercantile oils, now principally in use for mechanical purposes, among the turpentines, unfit for internal medication. The characteristic difference with these mercantile oils consist: "in want of pungent odor: in the alcoholic thin and mobile appearance, being reduced in specific density through the presence of acids; in the taste, the result of the contracting tendency of resins and tannates."

We courteously advise the readers when ordering to apply to our agents, the Meyer Bros. Drug Co., St. Louis, Mo., who furnish one original package (one ounce) on receipt of one dollar. These packages carry literature comprising numerous reports of the Physicians residing in the States, on the most gratifying services de. rived from the use of our product.

So says Dr. Baron Franks, Boston:

"The value of this medicine is very little known. Its advent ought to be hailed with enthusiasm and I feel confident that it will be the most effective remedial agent in pharmacological science."

Many others make utterances of the same nature. To sustain the position acquired through strictness and punctuality in the process of production we trust and hope the profession will assist in eliminating spurious counterfeits and in checking dishonest dealing.

Pharmaceutical preparations that have been advertised for years in the medical press certainly have merit, or physicians woʻuld not continue to prescribe them. Substitutes are usually unknown quantities, and should be avoided.

que There are thousands of conscientious, upright, honorable pharmacists who would no more think of substituting than they would of trying to pass a counterfeit bill. Some of these are located in your city. Patronize them exclusively.

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(Nucleo-enzymes R. & C.) Is composed of the true enzymes of all the glands, which go to aid digestion, exactly as found in nature.

Its action is not only to aid digestion, but by the proper stimulation and nourishment of the digestive glands themselves to bring these glands to their normal activity. Peptenzyme will therefore, cure disordered digestion.

REED & CARNRICK, Let us send you a sample and tell you. more about Peptenzyme.

42-44-46 Germania Ave., JERSEY CITY, N. J.

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