Interrogating Orientalism: Contextual Approaches and Pedagogical Practices

Diane Long Hoeveler, Jeffrey Cass
Ohio State University Press, 2006 - 277페이지
Introduction : mapping orientalism : representations and pedagogies / Diane Long Hoeveler and Jeffrey Cass -- Interrogating orientalism : theories and practices / Jeffrey Cass -- The female captivity narrative : blood, water, and orientalism / Diane Long Hoeveler -- "Better than the reality" : the Egyptian market in nineteenth-century travel writing / Emily A. Haddad -- Colonial counterflow : from orientalism to Buddhism / Mark Lussier -- Homoerotics and orientalism in William Beckford's Vathek: liberalism and the problem of pederasty / Jeffrey Cass -- Orientalism in Disraeli's Alroy / Sheila A. Spector -- Teaching the quintessential Turkish tale : Montagu's Turkish embassy letters / Jeanne Dubino -- Representing India in drawing-room and classroom : or, Miss Owenson and "those gay gentlemen, Brahma, Vishnu, and Co." / Michael J. Franklin -- "Unlettered tartars" and "torpid barbarians" : teaching the figure of the Turk in Shelley and De Quincey / Filiz Turhan -- "Boundless thoughts and free souls" : teaching Byron's Sardanapalus, Lara, and The corsair / G. Todd Davis -- Byron's The giaour : teaching orientalism in the wake of September 11 / Alan Richardson -- Teaching nineteenth-century orientalist entertainments / Edward Ziter

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List of Illustrations
Mapping Orientalism Representations and Pedagogies
Contextual Approaches
Interrogating Orientalism Theories and Practices
the female Captivity narrative Blood Water and Orientalism
Better than the Reality The Egyptian Market in NineteenthCentury British Travel Writing
Colonial Counterflow From Orientalism to Buddhism
Homoerotics and Orientalism in William Beckfords Vathek Liberalism and the Problem of Pederasty
Teaching the Quintessential Turkish Tale Montagus Turkish Embassy Letters
Representing India in DrawingRoom and Classroom or Miss Owenson and Those Gay Gentlemen Brahma Vishnu and Co
unlettered tartars and torpid Barbarians Teaching the Figure of the Turk in Shelley and De Quincey
Boundless thoughts and free souls Teaching Byrons Sardanapalus Lara and The Corsair
Byrons The Giaour Teaching Orientalism in the Wake of September 11
Teaching NineteenthCentury Orientalist Entertainments
Works Cited
Notes on Contributors

Orientalism in Disraelis Alroy
Pedagogic Practices

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