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affairs were frequently adjusted in these places, and the cabinet ministers had that day been sitting under the hair-dresser's hands, for dispatch of business. The milliners' and haberdashers’ shops were not less crowded; and it seems that the labour of twirling ribands employed a million of able-bodied subjects. Many persons, whom I understood to be authors, and who seemed in very excellent case for authors, were regaling themselves with the steam which issued from a tavern kitchen: and when they had satisfied nature, I observed that they consistently enough paid for their treat, by jingling their money in their breeches pockets.

The number of lottery-offices was prodigious, almost every twentieth house being devoted to this idle traffic. The prizes were paid in a paper money; and what sounded in their numeration like the revenue of a principality, would not have paid the tax upon a hungry spaniel in our own country. As a great many of these chance-merchants had been recalled by the late edict, it was pleasant enough to see written over their doors, “ Removed from Cheapside,” or “ Fleet-street;" or, such a one, “late lotteryoffice keeper in the Poultry.”

I own it gave me much satisfaction to see the booksellers' shops so full; as this raised in me a pleasing hope of finding, on my return, much thinner and choicer collections in my own country; for I have always thought that the advantages arising from the discovery of printing are nearly overbalanced by the spreading ills its abuse and prostitution have occasioned. In most of these shops there was a prodigious number of dedications and panegyrics, which had been brought back on speculation by the numerous tribe of bookmongers and authors who had been recalled. I saw prefixed to treatises, de Chirothecis et Ocreis, de Lucernis et Candelabris, de Custellis et Furcis, very splendid dedications, addressed to persons whom nobody has ever heard of, under the titles of Historiæ et Antiquitatum Instauratori felicissimo, Ecclesiæ Propugnatori acerrimo. I could find, too, that Salmanaazar's Description of the Fortunate Island, the Travels into Abyssinia, Munchausen's Adventures, and Lucian's True History, were books of unquestionable authority in the literature of this country. In turning over a variety of volumes on the subject of philosophy, I could not but remark a great many folios of French discoveries in physics and metaphysics, mixed together with a heap of poems and novels. Almost all our late dramatic productions, it seems, had been recalled; and all our modern scribblers of prologues, farces, and musical pieces, together with our whole herd of wretched imitators of Shakspeare, had been summoned away in the midst of their triumphs and their gains, and ordered to bring their plays in their pockets.

To have gratified more minutely the curiosity I felt to investigate the true state of learning and the arts among this singular people, would have demanded more leisure than the multiplicity of objects yet before me would allow: by the help, however, of catalogues, and the assistances of my guide, I drew some satisfaction on these topics of inquiry. It was here that the most striking examples occurred, to illustrate what my conductor had told me of the nature of their nothings; for the ponderous folios and voluminous compilations that presented themselves to me on every side, were sufficient proofs that moral, and not physical levity, constituted the nothingness of this nugatory world. No kind of reading, as was testified by the vast variety of this sort of publica

tions, attracted so much the attention of their wits as collections of anecdotes, and what were announced under the various titles of Curiosities of Literature, Gleanings, or Beauties, or Elegant Extracts; and the inanity of their tastes was such, and whatever was solid or valuable in the books that had been the subject of these selections had been so cautiously and dextrously avoided, that future editions might be much improved and purified by these negative instructions, and might at once reduce their compass, and enhance their values by striking out, with a similar caution, the adoptions of these busy purgators. 13.0 ore57 25N 35.

I had not been long engaged in this examination, in one of the largest shops in the city, before there flocked round me a great number of persons of both sexes, of whom each presented me with a long list of names, purporting to be the names of subscribers to works in contemplation to be published. I answered them with a bow and a smile, and made the best of my way into the street, where my obliging conductor paid me a handsome compliment upon my penetration. ang so:

n.307 In the course of my perambulation, it was impossible not to take notice of the many airy equipages which were passing to and fro; and, to judge from the multitude of ducab and other { coronets which were painted thereon, there seemed to be a mighty number of most noble and right honourable peers : and my conductor told me, that so many of this number had been recalled, that I should find, on my return, the coachmakers' warehouses full of the second-hand carriages of the nobility; and should be able to call a state-coach from the stand at Charing Cross, and ride in it to St. Paul's for eighteenpence.

As there happened to be a stoppage of the ballooncoaches, in a narrow street called Frippery Row, I had leisure to observe the different faces of those who were carried along in them, and was pleased at recognising some very noisy members of our house of commons. There were also a great many sleek faces in full-bottomed wigs, and a vast deal of lawn and prunella, in many of these floating carriages.

I own I could not help being a little scandalised at the prodigious number of « Lookers-on” that choked up the streets; but my guide assured me that these were no observers of men and manners, but received from what was passing before them a sort of idiotic gratification, or such a pleasure as children experience in beholding a sky-rocket or catharine-wheel.': “ The most serious parts of these men's lives,” said he, « are spent in assisting at-dinners, or walking in processions; and it is surprising what numbers of this description have been recalled by our edict from the country to which you belong." Here I interrupted my guide, and begged to know the hour of the day, but he told me that no watches or clocks could be made to go in that country, owing to some quality in the air which relaxed their springs; a circumstance, however, the less to be regretted, as a people that had nothing to do, could have no great reckonings with time. He added, that they generally told the days of the week by the length of the men's beards in the market-places.

I remarked to my friend, as we continued our walk, the prodigious noise of tongues, which seemed to issue from almost every third house we passed; and was surprised at being told that there was no less a number than five thousand debating-clubs in the city of Tintinabia; and that, in a part of the town called Rag-Street, Echo Square, there was a perpetual rumbling, like the sound of hackneycoaches in London. I did not forget to pay my visit to some of the churches, which were all crowded like every other public place, and where all seemed to be talking as loud as they could, but the clergyman (with the help of his sounding-board) louder than them all; and I could observe a great number of pious and plump devotees throw quantities of oystershells and rotten nuts into the poor's boxes.

In regard to the buildings, I could not but take notice, that they seemed throughout of a similar construction, and consistency to those new rows of houses which have lately been pasted together in the suburbs of London; and the place altogether looked more

like the model of a city, or such a one as the pastry-cook in Cornhill will build for a lordmayor's dinner, than a real and habitable metropolis.

I shall give the remaining part of the history of my vision in a f


which will contain a description of my travels up the country, and my introduction at court.

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Under the self-same planet born, we see
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My constant attention to the various descriptions of characters into which mankind distribute themselves,

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