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488 ANACREON.—THE WORKS OF ANACREON AND SAPPHO, done from the Greek by several hands, with their Lives prefixed to which is added The Prize of Wisdom, a Dialogue between Anacreon and Aristotle, by M. Fontenelle, also Bion's IDYLLIUM UPON THE DEATH OF ADONIS, BY THE EARL OF WINCHELSBA. 1713. Fine engraved frontispiece, 12mo, old calf. 168 489 ANDREWS (Bishop L.) PRIVATE DevotIONS, with the Manual for the Sick, translated by PETER HALL. Pickering, 1839. Fcap. 8vo, portrait, 5s 490 ANGLING.–NOBBES (R.) THE COMPLEAT TROLLER or the ART OF TROLLING, with a Description of all the Utensils, Instruments, Tackling and Materials requisite thereto; with Rules and Directions how to Use them, as also a Brief Account of most of the principal Rivers in England. by a Lover of the Sport. 1682. FIRST EDITION, 12mo, very fine copy in the original sheep, as issued, £6 68 491 AYLETT (Robert) DIVINE AND MORAL SPECULATIONS, in Metrical Numbers, upon Various Subjects, by Dr. R. AYLETT, one of the Masters of the High Court of Chancery. 1654. With a brilliant impression of the rare and exceedingly choice portrait of the Author, by T. Cross, small 8vo, calf extra, choicely tooled, gilt edges, by the late FRANCIS BEDFORD, $4 188 First collected edition of the author's Poetical Effusions, and in the present copy is inserted 'A Wife, not Ready-Made, but Bespoken, by Dicus the Batchelor, and made up for him by his fellow shepherd Tityrus. In Four Pastoral Eglogues, 1653. There are also poems on Susanna, or the arraignment of the two unjust Elders; and Joseph's or Pharoah's Favourite. These have separate

title-pages. And at the end is a rare page of contents found only in some copies. 492 AYRES (Philip) LYRIC POEMS, made in Imitation of the Italians, of which many are Translations from other Languages. 1687. First Edition, frontispiece, small 8vo, fine clean copy in original calf, £2 28 493 BACON (Francis, Lord Verulam) Fr. Baconis de Verulamio Sylva SYLVARUM, sive Hist. Naturalis et Nova Atlantis. Amstelodami, Elzevir, 1661, engraved title, 12mo, old calf, rebacked, 10s 494 BACON (Francis) Ordinances made by the Right Honourable Sir Francis Bacon, Knight, Lord Verulam, Viscount Saint Albans, being then Lord Chancellor, for the better and more regular Administration of Justice in the Chancery, to be daily observed saving the Prerogative of this Court. 1642. FIRST EVITION, small 4to, seun, £1 ls 495 BACON (Francis) Sylva SLYVARUM, or a Natural Historie in Ten Centuries, written by the Right Honourable Francis, Lo. Verulam. Viscount S. Alban, published after the Author's death, by William Rawley, D.D. 1635. Portrait and engraved title by Cecil, small folio, old calf, rebacked, 41 ls

This copy contains “ The New Atlantis " bound in at end. 496 BAILDON (Joshua) The RARITIES OF THE WORLD, containing Rules and Observations touching the beginniogs of Kingdoms and Commonwealths, the Division of the Ages, and the memorable things that happened in them, why men lived longer in those days than in these present times. Also the Opinion of Great Emperours, and Egyptians, touching the life of man, and the strange things that have befallen Kings and Princes; with excellent discourses of Creatures bred in the Sea to the Likenesse of Man, and others on Earth. Very pleasant and profitable. First written in Spanish by Don Petrus Messie, now Englished. 1651. Small 4to, sewn, £1 10s

A very entertaining book. In fine state. 497 BAKER (Sir Richard) CHRONICLE OF THE KINGS OF ENGLAND, from the Time of the Romans Government unto the Reign of our Sovereigne Lord King Charles, containing all Essays of State and Church, with all other observations proper for a Chronicle. London, Daniel Freere, 1643. Folio, FIRST EDITION, with the rare portrait of PRINCE CHARLES, and the beautifully engraved title by W. MARSHALL, containing portraits of CHARLES I. and the Author, views of Cities, etc., very fine copy in brown mnorocco, super extra tooled, with centre ornaments, gilt edges, by RIVIERE, 49 98 All iater editions are greatly altered, many interesting documents, etc., being left out, and the rare portrait was never reproduced.

498 BAKER (Daniel) M.4., sometimes of Gonvil and Caius Coll., in Cambridge) POEMS

UPON SEVERAL OCCASIONS. 1697. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, original calf, 58
499 BARBAULD (Anna Lititia) POEM8. 1773. FIRST EDITION, 4to, seun, 108

Mrs. Barbauld's first publication-it passed through four editions within the year. 500 BARBOUR (John) The BRUCE, OR HISTORY OF ROBERT I., KING OF SCOTLAND, in Scottish Verse, with Notes by J. PINKERTON. 1790. 3 vols, crown 8vo, pretty vignettes, fine copy, calf extra, gilt tops, uncut, by FRANCIS BEDFORD, very scarce, 63 38 501 BARCLAY (Alexander) STULTIFERA NAVIS, QUA OMNIUM MORTALIUM NARRATUR STULTITIA, admodum utilis et necessaria ab omnibus ad suam salutem perlegenda, è Latino Sermone in nostrum vulgarem versa, et iam diligenter impressa. An. Do. 1570. TAE SHIP OF FOOLES, WHEREIN IS SHBWBD THE FOLLY OF ALL STATES, WITH DIVERS OTHER WORKES ADJOYNED UNTO THE SAME, VERY PROFITABLB AND FRUITFULL FOR ALL MEN, translated out of Latin into Englishe by ALEXANDER BARCLAY, Priest. Imprinted at London, in Paules Churchyarde, by John Cawood, printer to the Queenes Majestie. Cum Privilegio ad imprimendum solum. (1670.] Black Letter, with numerous excellent woodcut engravings, small folio, a sound copy in red morocco extra, £18 188 The design of this remarkably curious work was to ridicule the prevailing follies and vices of every

rank and profession under the allegory of a ship freighted with fools, and in his metrical transla. tion Barclay has given a variety of characters drawn exclusively from his own countrymen, and added his advice to the various fools, which possesses at least the merits of good sense and sound

morality: A copy sold recently for £40 at Sotheby's. 502 BARCLAY (John) A DESCRIPTION OF THE Roman CATHOLICK CHURCH, wherein the Pretensions of ite Head, the Manners of its Court, the Principles and Doctrines, the Worship and Service, the Religious Orders and Houses, the Designs and Practises of that Church are Represented in a Vision, by John BARCLAY, MINISTER AT CRUDEN, written in the year 1679 (in verse). No printer's name or place, 1689. Small 4to, very fine copy in calf super extra, gilt edges, by FRANCIS BEDFORD, 64 48 An extremely rare poetical volume; the earliest edition known to Lowndes was 1741, and there was

no copy in the “ Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica.” 503 BAYLY (Thomas Haynes) WEEDS OF WITCHERY. Ackerman, 1837. FIRST EDITION, with very humorous and spirited plates in GEORGE CRUIKSHANK's style, 8vo, original cloth, uncut, very fine copy, £1 28 6d 504 BENNETT (Charles H.) The FABLES OF ÆsoP AND OTHERS, translated into Human Nature. 1857. FIRST EDITION, with 22 COLOURED plates by O. H. BENNBTT, 4to, fine copy in stained calf extra, gilt over the original gilt edges, with the covers at end, by Riviere, £2 108 505 BEWICK (Thomas) SELECT FABLES IN THREE PARTS—Part I, FABLES EXTRACTED FROM DODSLEY's—Part II, FABLES WITH REFLECTIONS, IN PROSE AND VERSE-Part III, FablBS IN VERSE, to which are prefixed the Life of Æsop, and an Essay upon Fable, a New Edition, Improved.

Is not the earth
With various living creatures, and the air
Replinished, and all those at thy command
To come and play before thee? Knowest thou not
Their language and their ways? They also know,
And reason not contemptibly : with these
Find Pastime.

Paradise Lost, b. 8. 1. 370.
Newcastle, printed by and for T. Saint, 1784. THE EXCESSIVELY RARE FIRST
EDITION, with bright impressions of all the choice and famous engravings by THOMAS
AND John BBWICK, small 8vo, a very fine copy in the original sheep, from the Ashburnham
Library, $4 168
One of the rarest and at the same time not the least in importance of Bewick's books to find in

First Edition. The cuts in this, the original edition, look quite different and are far superior to those in the re-issues of 1820.

506 BEWICK (Thomas) FABLES BY THE LATE MR. Gay, in one volume complete. Newcastle, printed by and for T. Saint, W. Charnley, and J. Whitfield and Co._1779. FIRST EDITION, with bright impressions of the exceedingly clever woodcuts by THOMAS BBWICK, and an engraved frontispiece, 12mo, a fine copy in calf gilt, £2 28 507 BENLOWES (E.) THEOPHILA, OR LOVE'S SACRIFICE, A DIVINE POEM, written by E. B., Esq., several parts thereof set to fit aires by Mr. J. Jenkins. 1652. FIRST EDITION, with rare portrait and numerous engravings, small folio, fine copy in brown morocco extra, paned sides, rough gilt leaves, by Riviere, $18 188 This copy contains, besides the plates engraved in the text, fifteen of the rare and curious illustrations, as well as the fine portrait; the usual copies which occur have less than twelve of these

plater. 508 BICKHAM (George) A CURIOUS ANTIQUE COLLECTION OF BIRD'S-EyĖ VIEWS OF THE SEVERAL COUNTIBS IN ENGLAND AND WALES, EXHIBITING A PLEASING LANDSCAPE OF EACH COUNTY, witY A VARIBTY OF RUSTIC FIGURES, RUINS, ETC., ETC., AND THE NAMES OF THE PRINCIPAL TOWNS AND VILLAGES, INTERSPERSED ACCORDING TO THEIR APPARENT SITUATION. 1796. A finely engraved series of forty-six plates by GEORGE BICKHAM, JUNR., small folio, sprinkled calf extra, by Riviere, $3 38 509 BICKHAM (George) THE BRITISH MONARCHY, or a New Chronological Description of all the Dominions subject to the King of Great Britain, comprehending the British Isles, THE AMERICAN COLONIES, the Electoral States, THE AFRICAN and INDIAN SBTTLEMENTS, and enlarging more particularly on the respective Counties of England and Wales, to which are added Alphabets in all the Hands made use of in this Book. 1748. The whole illustrated with maps, tables, beautiful vignettes, cuts, and other embellishments by George BICKHAM, small folio, mottled calf extra, gilt edges, by RIVIERE, £3 138 6d A fine copy of this exquisite example of engraver's art. Each page is beautifully engraved throughout (and printed on one side only). It would be impossible for us to describe the beauty of this

estimable work, but without doubt there are but few books issued with as much beauty and care. The engravings in the description of America (which is in itself a distinct book, with the following

title, "A SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE AMERICAN COLONIES BELONGING TO THE CROWN OF GREAT Britain,"') includes Views OT THE CHIEF PARTS, ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE INDIANS, Natural History, Whale Fishing, etc., etc., and those to Counties of England beautiful devices bearing the arms of counties, and full.page plates of Antiquities, Coins, Precious Stones, Shells, etc., etc., discovered in the different counties. Maps, etc., of Scotland and Ireland, with descriptions of these countries.

Also a fine frontispiece of Britannia, and portraits of Sir Isaac Newton, King Egbert, etc., etc. 610 BIRDS.- The New and Complete Bird Fancier, or Bird Fancier's Recreation and Delight, containing the newest and very best Instructions for Catching, Taking, Feeding, Rearing, etc., all the various sorts of Song-Birds, Canary Birds, Nightingales, Larks, Bullfinches, etc., etc., by W. Thompson. N.D. (about 1790). Engraving, 12mo, seun, 68 611 BISHOPS.-An Apology for Bishops, or a Plea for Learning against those Lying, Rayling, and Scandalous Libels so frequent in despight of Learning and Learned Men.

Printed in the yeare 1641. 4to, 68 612 BISHOPS.-A Modest Survey of the most considerable things in the lately published • Naked Truths.' 1676. 4to, newly half bound, 68 613 BISHOPS.-A Speech in Parliament of the Right Honourable William, Lord Sar and Seale, declared against the Supremacy of Bishops and their Power in Civill Affaires and Courts of Justice. 1642. Small 4to, newly half bound, 48 6d 614 BOCCACCIO (G.) IL DECAMERONE DI, CON UN DISCORSO CRITICO: da Ugo Foscolo. Pickering, 1825. With portrait and 10 exquisite illustrations by T: STOTHARD, PROOF IMPRESSIONS, 3 vols, PRINTED THROUGHOUT RON INDIA PAPER (only a few so printed), citron morocco, super extra, elegantly tooled back and broad borders, gilt edges, by Francis BEDFORD (a magnificent book), £10 108 In this beautifully printed edition of the . Decameron' the text has been carefully revised by Signor

Foscolo, whose prefatory essay on the genius of Boccaccio will afford great pleasure and instruction to the admirers of the old Italian novelist. A copy, inferior to the above (bound in one vol.), sold at the Hamilton sale for £27, and another at the Turner sale (1888) for £21 5s.


516 BLOUNT (Edward) THE HOSPITAL OF INCURABLE FOOLES, ERECTED IN ENGLISH, AS NEER THE FIRST ITALIAN MODELL AND PLATFORME, AS THB UNSKILPULL HAND OF AN IGNORANT ARCHITECT COULD DEVISE. Printed by Edm. Bollifant for Edward Blount, 1600. Small 4to, Fine Copy in green morocco extra, gilt edges, by RIVIBRE, 49 9s On the back of title of this remarkably interesting and rare volume, in a very old hand, perhaps

contemporary, is written : "Tho. NASHE had some hand in this translation, and it was the last

he did, as I heare. P. W." 616 BOYD (Zach.) Four POEMS FROM Zion's FLOWERS, or Christian Pooms for Spiritual Edification, with Notices of his Life and Writings by GABRIEL NIBL, Glasgow, 1855. 4to, plate of monument and facsimiles, calf extra, gilt edges, by BEDFORD (only 400 copies printed), £2 28 517 BRAITHWAIT (Richard) A Comment upon the Two Tales of our Ancient, Renowned, and Ever-Living Poet, Sr. Jeffray CHAUCER, Knight, Who for his rich Fancy, Pregnant Invention, and Present Composure, deserved the Countenance of a Prince, and his LAUREAT HONOUR. THE MILLERS TALE AND THE WIFE OF BATH. 1665. FIRST EDITION, 12mo, sprinkled calf extra, old style, by RIVIERE, $2 28 518 BRAITHWAIT (Richard) A Survey of History : or, a Nursery for Gentry, Contrived and Comprized in an intermixt Discourse upon Historicall and Poeticall Relations, etc., the Like whereof for Variety of Discourse, mixed with profit and modest delight, hath not heretofore bin published. 1638. Fine frontispiece, containing portrait of the author, etc., by William Marshall, small 4to, calf extra, gilt edges, by RIVIBRB, £2 108 519 BRAITHWAIT (Richard) NATURE'S EMBASSIE ; OR, THE WILDMAN'S MEASUBES, DANCED NAKED BY Twelve SATYRBS, WITH SUNDRY OTHERS, CONTINUED

Wilde men may dance wise measures ; come then ho,

Thougn I be wilde, my measures are not so. Printed for Richard Whitaker, 1621. FIRST EDITION, border round title, 12mo, orange morocco extra, top edges gilt, by Bradsheet, marginal notes of two or three leaves just shaved, but a fine copy of a scarce book, £9 98 520 BROWN (Edward) A Brief Account of some Travels in Divers Parts of Europe, viz:Hungaria,





and Frivli. Through a GREAT PART OF GERMANY, AND THE Low COUNTRIES, through Marca Trevisana, and Lombardy, on both sides of the Po, with some Observations on the Gold, Silver, Copper, Quick-Silver Mines, and the Baths and Mineral Waters in those parts, as also a Description of many Antiquities, Habits, Fortifications, and Remarkable Places; the Second Edition, with many Additions. 1687. Numerous curious illustrations, folio. old calf, from the Ashburnham Library, £1 188 521 BROWN (Joseph) A Pangyrick upon His Majesties Glorious Return from the

Wars, after the Conclusion of a General Peace. 1697. FIRST EDITION, folio, seun, 58 522 BROWN (Peter, Bishop of Cork) OF DRINKING in Remembrance of the Dead, being the substance of a Discourse delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Cork, on the Fourth of November, 1713, by the Bishop of that Diocese, and published at their unanimous request. 1715. 12mo, cloth, 58 523 BROWNE (Sir Thomas) A True and Full Copy of that which was most imperfectly and surreptitiously printed before under the name of Religio MEDICI. Andrew Crooke, 1645. Engraved title, 12mo, calf, 188 524 BROWNE (Sir Thomas, author of Religio Medici") CERTAIN MISCELLANY

Tracts, written by Thomas Brown, Kt., and Doctor of Physick, late of Norwich. 1684. First Edition, fine portrait of the author, small 8vo, original sheep, 61 5s

Contains a chapter on Hawks and Falconry, Ancient and Modern.

525 BROWNE (Sir Thomas) RELIGIO MEDICI. Printed for Andrew Crooke, 1642. FIRST EDITION, 12mo, engraved title by WILLIAM MARSHALL, A VERY FINE COPY, in the original sheep, as issued, £26

This copy contains 190 pp. 526 Another Copy. Ib., 1642. ALSO FIRST EDITION, engraved title by W. MARSHALL, 12mo, original vellum, fine copy, $25

This copy has 159 pp. Both the above rare editions are claimed to be the first issues of this famous work-which is the

actual first, there is no positive proof. 527 BROWNE (Sir Thomas) RELIGIO MEDICI, the Fourth Edition, corrected and amended, with ANNOTATIONS NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED, UPON ALL THE OBSCURE PasSAGES THERBIN. 1656. Engraved frontispiece, 12mo, fine copy in calf extra, $1 58 528 Another Copy: The Fifth Edition, corrected and amended, with Annotations, never before published, upon all the Obscure Passages therein, also Observations by Sir Kenelm Digby, now newly added. 1659. Engraved frontispiece after Marshall, 12mo, original calt, £1 18 529 BROWNE (Sir Thomas) Religio Medic (in Latin). 1644. Engraved title,

16mo, old olive morocco extra, neatly tooled, gilt leaves, by DEROME, £1 58 630 BROWNING (Robert) DRAMATIS PERSONÆ. 1864. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, original

cloth, UNCUT, $1 18 531 BROWNING (Robert) PARACELSUS. E. Wilson, 1835. FIRST EDITION, small

8vo, boards, UNCUT, $5 58 532 BUCK (Geo.) THE GREAT PLANTAGENET, or a Continual Succession of that Royal Name, from Henry the Second to our Sacred Sovereign, KING CHARLES (in verse). Nicholas and John Oakes, 1635. Quarto, beautiful copy, stained calf extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, £6 68 533 BUNYAN (John) The PILGRIM'S PROGRESS FROM THIS WORLD TO THAT WHICH IS TO COME. W. Pickering, 1849. Portrait, 8vo, original cloth, uncut, $1 ls

Pickering's excellently printed edition. 534 BURLINGTON FINE ARTS CLUB.— Illuminated Manuscript Catalogue.

Pickering, 1874. (Privately printed), 4to, wrappers, 58
535 BURNET (Thomas) TELLURIS Theoria Sacra, Orbus Nostri Originem et
Mutationes Generales, quas aut Jam Subiit, aut Olim Subiturus est, Complectens. Libri
Duo Priores de Diluvio et Paradiso. Editio Tertia, Recognita et Contracta. 1702.
Frontispiece plates, 4to, old calf, 78 6d
This work met with much applause, and even Charles II. forgot his dogs and ladies long enough to

give it an inspection, which amply rewarded his pains. 636 BURNS (Robert) Poems ascribed to Robert Burns, the Ayrshire Bard, not contained in any edition of his works hitherto published. Glasgow, 1801. FIRST Edition, 850, half calf, £1 58 637 BURNS (Robert) THE POETICAL WORKS OF ROBERT BURNS, with his Life. Alnwick, 1808. Illustrated with several woodcuts by Thomas BEWICK, from original designs by Mr. Thurston, 2 vols, 12mo, fine copy in original calf, £2 28

This is the first issue with Bewick's illustrations. 533 BURTON (Richard) The ANATOMY OF MELANCHOLY, what it is, with all the Kinds, Causes, Symptomes, Prognostickes, and several Oures of it, in Three Partitions, with their several sections, members, and subsections, Philosophically, Medicinally, Historically opened and cut up, by Democritus Junior, with a Satyrical Preface con. ducing to the following Discourse, the Third Edition, CORRECTED AND AUGMENTED BY THE AUTHOR. 1628. Very fine engraved title, with portrait of the author, and other designs, opposite to which is a rare leaf of verses, The Argument of the Frontispiece," small folio, old calf. from the Ashburnham Sale, 63 38 539 CALDECOTT (Randolph) A PERSONAL Memoir of his Early Art Career, by HENRY BLACKBURN. 1886. FIRST EDITION, with 172 illustrations, 4to, large paper copy, original cloth, UNCUT, £1 158

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