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Tbe Description and Cbronicles of England from tbe First Jubabiting unto the Conquest and there to the Present

Time. Tbe Description and Chronicles from the First Originall of

tbe Scotte's Aation till the Year of Our Lord 1571. Tbe Description of Vrelande, likewise from the First Originall

of that Hation untill the yeare 1547.









Black Letter, 2 vols, folio, adorned throughout with many large and fine woodcut engravings, besides portraits of the various monarchs, and the large folding map of Edinburgh, the latter in facsimile by Harris, sound copy in old calf, binding repaired at back, £75 THE FIRST, OR, AS IT IS SOMETIMES CALLED, THE SHAKESPEARE EDITION; IT

IS THE ONLY ONE HAVING THE WOODCUTS. Of all the old chronicles none can claim so much interest and importance as this, for it is judged to

have been consulted by Shakespeare in the compilation of his historical plays; indeed, he has incorporated long passages from it into some of them. In the second edition the language was much altered, and all the numerous woodcuts, which give the work such a striking appearance, entirely omitted. The last copy sold by auction realised su10, wanting two leaves.



689 HARRIS (Joseph) Luzara, a Pindarique Ode on Prince Eugenius of Savoy and

his late Victory over the French and Spaniards in Italy. 1702. Folio, sewn, 58 690 HARTE (Walter) An Essay on Reason. 1735. First EDITION, folio, sewn, 108 6d

Pope assisted Harte in the above poem. 691 HILL (Thomas) A PLEASANT HISTORY,

WHOLE ART OF PHYSIOGNOMY, ORDERLY UTTERING ALL THE SPECIAL PARTS OF MAN, FROM THE HEAD TO THE Foot. Printed by W. Jaggard, 1613. Black Letter, with numerous curious woodcuts, two leaves supplied in MS. by a former owner, and a portion of one leaf restored, 12mo, calf, £1 158 692 HOLBEIN (Hans) ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE BIBLE, being facsimiles of the celebrated • Icones Historiarum Veteris Testamenti.' Pickering, 1830. Crown 8vo, with ninety woodcuts, beautifully engraved, printed entirely on India paper, ONLY TEN 80 PRINTED, with brilliant proofs of the beautiful woodcuts, red morocco extra, gilt back, paned sides, gilt edges, by Bedford, £5 188 693 HOLYDAY (Barten) Aulus Persius Flaccus His Satyres, translated into English

(Verse) 1617. 12mo, original vellum, £2 2s 694 HOLYDAY (Barten) HORACE, THE BEST OF LYRICK Poets, containing much Morality and Sweetness, together with Aulus Persius Flaccus, His Satyres. 1. Webb, 1652. FIRST EDITION, 12mo, title and last leaf dust soiled, but a very good copy,

in morocco extra, £1 18 695 HOME (John) THE DRAMATIC Works, viz., Agis, Douglas, the Siege of Aquileia,

Fatal Discovery, Alonzo, and Alfred. Edinburgh, 1798. 2 vols, 12mo, calf, 6s 6d 696 HOOD (Thomas) Humorous Poems, with a Preface by Alfred Ainger. 1893.

With one hundred and thirty very clever illustrations by Charles E. Brock, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, cloth, uncut, is 697 HUNT (Leigh) AMYNTAS. A TALE OF THE Woods, from the Italian of Torquato Tasso. 1820. FIRST EDITION, with a frontispiece by STOTHARD.-Percy's Masque, & Drama in Five Acts. 1820. The two in one volume, small 8vo, fine copies, in the original boards as published, uncut, £1 18 698 Another copy of AMYNTAS, UNCUT, portrait of Tasso, in shabby old binding, 108 699 HUNT (Leigh) HERO AND LEANDER, and Bacchus and Ariadne. 1819. FIRST

EDITION, 12mo, shabby old binding, 78 6d 700 HUNT (Leigh) The PALFREY ; a Love Story of Old Times by Leigh HUNT. How and Parsons, 1842. FIRST EDITION, pretty woodcuts, 8vo, original cloth gill, as . issued, £l 18 701 HUNTER (T., M.A.) Reflections, Critical and Moral, 'on the Letters of the late Earl of Chesterfield. 1776. 8vo, sewn, 28

Author was Vicar of Waverham in Cheshire. 702 HUSBANDRY.-AN INTERESTING MANUSCRIPT WORK of nearly Seven Hundred Pages on AGRICULTURE. Circa 1700. ILLUSTRATED WITH MANY ORIGINAL DRAWINGS OF FARMING IMPLEMENTS, GRASSES, etc., thick 4to, from the Library of Maurice Johnson, of Spalding, with fine bookplate, old half binding, £3 38 703 HUSBANDRY.-AN OLDE THRIFT Newly Revived, WHEREIN THE MANNER OF PLANTING, PRESERVING, AND HUSBANDING YONG TREES OF DIVERS KINDES FOR Timber and FUELL, AND OF SOWING ACORNES, CHESNUTS, BEECH-MAST, THE SEEDES OF Elmes, Ashen KEYES, ETC., with the Commodities and Discommodities of INCLOSING DECAYED FORESTS, COMMONS, AND WASTE GROUNDS, and also to the use of a small Portable Instrument for Measuring of Board, and the solid Content and Height of any Tree Standing, Discoursed in a Dialogue betweene a Surveyour, Woodward, Gentleman, and a Farmer, divided into Foure Parts, by R. C. 1612. Black Letter, woodcuts, small 4to, fine copy, calf, by Riviere, £5 58

Exceedingly rare, unknown to Lowndes.


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704 HUSBANDRY.-England's Improvement Revived, digested into Six Bucks (in a Treatise of all manner of Husbandry and Trade by Land and Sea, plainly discrivering the several ways of Improving all sorts of Waste and Barren Grounds, Enriching all Earths, with the Natural Quality of all Lands, and the several Seeds and Plants which most naturally thrive therein, together with the manner of Planting all sorts of Timber Trees, to make Walks, Groves, Gardens, the way of Ordering Cattel, Sheep, Choice of Sows, Dear, Tame Conies, Fowles, Bees, Pigeons, Fish Ponds, etc.), by CAPTAIN Jo: SMITH. 1670. Small 4to, fine copy, old calf, £l 158 705 HUSBANDRY.-England's Interest, or the Gentleman and Farmer's Friend, shewing how Land may be Improved, How to make Cyder, Perry, Cherry, Currant, Gooseberry, and Mulberry Wines, the Best and Quickest Way of Raising a Nursery, Brewing Malt Liquors, Breeding Horses, the Husbandry of Bees, the Profitable Ordering of Fish Ponds, and for Breeding of Fisb, by Sir J. More. 1707. 12mo, old sheep. rebacked, 188 706 HUSBANDRY.—THE ENGLISH IMPROVER IMPROVED, or the SURVEY OF AUSBANDRY SURVEYED, Discovering the IMPROVABLENESS OF ALL LANDS all clearly demonstrated from principles of Reason, Ingenuity, and late but most real Experiences by Floating and Watering land, Draining Fen, reducing Bog, and regaining Sea Lands, doubling the growth of wood by a New Plantation, the Planting of tops, Saffron, Rape, Hemp, Flax, etc., Divers ORCHARD AND GARDEN FRUITS, etc., etc., by WALTER BLITH, a lover of Ingenuits. 1652. Fine engraved title and other engravings, small 4to, old calf, rebacked, £2 10s 707 HUSBANDRY.-- The Countryman's Treasure, shewing the Nature, Cause, and Cure of all Diseases incident to Cattel, with Proper Means to Pravent their common Diseases and Distempers, fitted for the use of all Farmers, and others that deal in Cattel, by James Lambert. 1683. Quaint woodcut frontispiece.-A Treatise of Oxen, Sheep, Hogs, and Dogs, with their Natures, Qualities, and Uses, together with Instructions how to choose, govern, and preserve them in health, etc. 1683. 2 vols in 1, small 8vo, sprinkled sheep, 128 708 HUSBANDRY.–TUSSER (Thomas) Five HUNDREDTH POINTES OF GOOD HUSBANDRIE, AS WELL FOR THE CHAMPION OR Open COUNTRIE, AS ALSO FOR THE WOODLAND OR SEVERALL, MIXED IN EVERY MONTH WITH HUSWIFERIE, over and besides the booke of HUSWIFERY, corrected, better ordered, and newlie augmented to a fourth part more, with divers other lessons, AS A DIET FOR THE FARMER, of the properties of Winds, PLANETS, Hops, HÆARBS, BBBS, AND APPROVED REMEDIES FOR SHBEPB AND CATTELL, with many other matters both profitable and not unpleasant for the reader, also two Tables, one of Husbandrie at the beginning, and the other of Huswiferie at the end of the booke, for the better and easier finding of any matter conteined in the same, newlie set foorth by Thomas Tusser, Gentleman. Imprinted at London by Richard Yardley and Peter Short, dwelling on Bread Street Hil, at the Signe of the Starre, 1593. Black Letter, engraved border round title, small 4to, fine copy in morocco extra, probably bound by Lewis, or C. Smith, £10 108 Very rarely, indeed, is this once esteemed and much read poetical volume to be found in perfect

state as above. “The great merit of Tusser's book, independent of the utility of its agricultural precepts, consists

in the faithful picture which it delineates, of the manners, customs, and domestic life of the English farmer, and in the morality, piety, and benevolent simplicity which pervade the whole."

-DR. DRAKE's "Shakespeare and his Times." "Such was the ancient farmer's year, which Tusser, has described with wonderful spirit, even to the , minutest detail, and such were the operations of husbandry that the boy SHAKESPEARE would have beheld with interest amidst his native cornfields and pastures.”-Charles Knight, " William

Shakespeare, a Biography.709 JAMES 1.-His Majesties Speech in the Upper House of Parliament. 1621. 4to, sewn, 5s

710 JAMES II.-A Complete History of the Late Revolution, from the first Rise of it to this present time, in three parts, with a Seasonable Advice to the Jacobite Party. 1691. Small 4to, sewn, 78 6d An interesting tract, shewing the growth of Popery in England during the reign of Charles; our

Imminent Ruin in his Popish Successor, King James; and our wonderful and happy deliverance

by the Prince of Orange, etc., etc. 741 JAMES II.-A Remonstrance and Protestation of all the Good Protestants of this Kingdom against deposing their lawful Sovereign, King James II, with Reflections thereupon. 1689. Small 4to, seun, 5s 712 JAPAN:-A New Voyage to the East INDIBS, containing an Account of several of those Rich Countries, and more particularly of the Kingdome of Bantam, giving an exact Relation of the extent of that Monarch's Dominions, the Religion, Manners, and Customes of the Inhabitants, their Commerce, and the Product of the Country, and likewise a Faithful Narrative of the Kingdome of Siam, of the ISLES OF JAPAN and Madagascar, and of several other Parts, with such New Discoveries as were never yet made by any other Traveller, by Mr. GLANIUS. 1682. Frontispiece, 12mo, in original sheep, as issued, £2 28 713 JOHNSON (Samuel, Dr.) A Voyage to Abyssinia, by Father Jerome Lobo, a Portuguese Jesuit, with a Continuation by Mr. Le Grand. 1735. Translated by Dr. 8. Johnson. First Edition, a name and a «eference to the work written in an old hand on the title, 8vo, sprinkled calf extra, gilt edges by Riviere, old style, £1 188

The first literary work of the celebrated Dr. Johnson. 714 JOHNSTON (Robert) THE HISTORIE OF SCOTLAND, during the Minority of King James, written in Latine by ROBERT JOHNSTON, and done into English by T. M. 1646. 12mo, original calf, £l 168

With Sir Henry Wotton's Autograph on title. From the Boswell Library. A scarce little volume. 715 KEN (Bishop) CHRISTIAN YEAR, or Hymns and Poems for the Holy Days and Festivals of the Church. Pickering, 1868. Beautifully printed within ornamental borders, LARGE PAPER, blue morocco extra, gilt edges (a handsome volume in perfect condition, £2 25 716 KENT.-A Walk in and about the City of Canterbury, with many Observations not to be found in any description hitherto published by WILLIAM GOSTLING. Canterbury, 1777. Portrait, map and plates, 8vo, old calf, MS. note on back of title by R. H. Barham, author of the Ingoldsby Legends, 78 6d 717 KENT.–LAMBARD (WILLIAM) A PERAMBULATION OF KENT. CONTEIN,

THE DESCRIPTION, HystoriE, AND CUSTOMBS OF THE SHYRE, collected and written (for the most part) in the yeare 1570, by William Lambard, of Lincoln's Inne, Gent, and nowe increased by the addition of some things, which the author himself hath observed since that time. Imprinted at London by Ralphe Newberie, dwelling in Fleete streete, a little above the Conduit, anno 1576. FIRST EDITION, JBlack Letter, with the scarce map, small 4to. old calf, fine copy, £4 48 The first history of any County; considered a model of topographical writing. Camden, in his Britannia, says “ The County of Kent has been so exactly described in a work expressly suhject, by William Lambarde, a person of great learning and character, and so happy in his

researches that he has left very little for others." This, THE FIRST EDITION, contains an account of the nobility omitted in the subsequent ones. 718 KENT.-SOMNER (WILLIAM) THE ANTIQUITIES OF CANTERBURY, or a Survey of that Ancient Citie, with the Suburbs and Cathedral, containing principally Matters of Antiquity in them all, collected chiefly from Old Manuscripts, Leger Books and other like Records, for the most part never as yet printed with an Appendix here annexed, wherein for better satisfaction to the Learned the Manuscripts and Records of the Chiefest Consequence are faithfully Exhibited, all for the honour of the Ancient Metropolis and his Good Affection to Antiquities. 1610. First Edition, map and 2 other plates, 4to, original calf, a few pages stained, £1 108 719 KENT.-The tistory and Antiquities of Rochester and its Environs, to which is added a Description of the Towns. Villages. Gentlemen's Seats and Ancient Buildings, situate on or near the Road from London to Margate, Deal and Dover. Rochester, 1772. Map and plates, small 8vo, old calf, 7s (d


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720 KENT.-The Steam-Boat Companion, or Margate, Isle of Thanet, Isle of Sheppy,
Southend, Gravesend and River Thames Guide, with Biographical Incidents and
Topographical Remarks, from the Custom House to Margate, and on to Broadstairs,
Ramsgate, etc. N.D. (circa 1822). Maps and engravings, one leaf missing, 12mo, boards,
3s 6d
721 KENT.-THE TUNBRIDGE WELLS GUID8; or an Account of the Ancient and
Present State of that Place; to which is added a Particular Description of the Towns
and Villages, Gentlemen's Seats, Remains of Antiquity, Founderies, etc, etc., within
the circumference of sixteen miles. Tunbridge Wells, 1801. Several very fine engravings,
small 8vo, old calf, 9s

722 KENT.–Villare Cantianum, OR KENT SURVEYED AND ILLUSTRATED, being an に exact Description of all the PARISHES, BURROUGHS, VILLAGES, AND OTHER RESPEC

TIVE MANNORS INCLUDED IN THE COUNTY OF KENT, and the Original and Intermedial

Possessors of them even until these times, drawn out of Charters, Escheat Rolls, Fines, us and other Publick Evidences, but especially out of Gentlemen's Private Deeds and

KENT, by John PHILIPOTT. 1659. FIRST EDITION, with the scarce map, small folio,
fine copy in old calf, from the Ashburnham Library, £6 155
A unique acquisition for the Kentish Collector or Historian of the County.
Body, whereunto is adjoyned a verie godly and learned exhortation to suffer patiently
all afflictions for the Gospel of Christ Jesus. And also a conference betwixt a godly
learned Christian and an afflicted conscience, wherein by the Holy Scriptures the sleights
of Satan are made manifest, and overthrown, with a Godly Prayer thereunto annexed.
C. Barker, 1577. 12mo, JBlack Letter, First Edition, calf extra, gilt edges, by
RIVIERE, £2 2s
724 Another Edition. 1585. 12mo, Black Letter, embossed calf, red edges,
£1 is
725 KINGSMYL (A.) VIEW OF MAN'S ESTATE, wherein the great mercie of God in
Man's Free Justification by Christ is very comfortably declared, with Godly advice
touching Marriage. 1574.' Small 8vo, FIRST EDITION, Black Letter, calf, old
style, by RIVIERE, £ I IS

with printer's colophon at end. Andrew Kingsmyl was one of the earliest Puritan divines. 726 LAMB (Charles) The Poetical Recreations of the Champion, and His Literary Correspondents, with a Selection of Essays, Literary and Critical, which have appeared in the Champion Newspaper. 1822. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, boards (broken), uncut, 155

Lamb is said to have contributed to this volume. 727 LANCASHIRE.-A Declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, in answer to His Majestie's Declaration, intituled His Majestie's Declaration to all his Loving Subjects, after his late Victory against the Rebels, on Sunday, the 23 of October, 1642, together with a Catalogue of the Names of divers of the Colonels, Lieutenant-Colonels

, Sergeant-Majors, Captains and Lieutenants that are Papists and Commanders in the Army, under the command of the Earle of Newcastle. 1642. 4to, sewn, 75 60

With the Humble Petition of the Inhabitants of Lancashire to the King, and the Answer. 728 LANCASHIRE.-A Description of Manchester, giving an Historical Account of those limits in which the Town formerly included, etc., etc., etc., with a Succinct History of its former original Manufactories. 1783. 'sewn, ios 6d




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