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Lactic girl about four years old, New Books: with the Prices, Publith,
Laated: ber whole covering was a
Lence of petticoat thrown over her ers names, Remarks, and Extracts.

des; and to this infant it was that [The signatures annexed, how to whom we are Sider rag crying for water.

indebted for the remarks, Go.; M. denoting the 1 aperienced how greatly the Monthly, and C. ihe Critical Review; G. the of real misery exceeds the descrip. Gentleman's Magazine, 6c.]

it. Wbat a contrast did this Letter to the people of Laurencekirk, on ocanbit to the plenty and elegance cusion of presenting the King's chartır, Legoed within the extent of a which ihai village is ereited into a free

only! - for this miserable re and independent Burgh of Barony, [the

was oppofite to the stately edi. first erection of the kind since the union). Lia Honourable Alderman, and

To which are subjoined, Anabridge201 were many spacious houses

ment of two letters published by Sir Richard

Cox, containing an account of the establishze observed, that the daughter

mient and progress of industry in his vil. stretched on the floor, was still

lage near Cork in Ireland; --- The Guire k. She told me, that some dian, No9.; - and, The clause of erection was tbe matter with her mother's of Laurencekirk into a burgh of baruny. zdasked me to look at it. I turn By L-d G........52). Is. 6 d. Sib

edge of the blanket, and found bald & Co. Edinburgh. "Eery large mortification had taken atending from the middle of her

EXTRACTS. to the middle of the thigh, and of Utility of industrious villages. The

: breadth; the lerigth was up- public utility of industrious villages is

balf a yard; and to stop its pro- known and experienced in all parts of the fishing had been applied. It was world. - The advantages, public and pri

light to behold; and many not vate, of manufacturing villages, are well zal exist in this metropolis. I known in Scotland. They produce our und medical affiftance immediately, best men for public service in times of

a trifling gratuity got a neigh- war, and for all the occupations of into tark the family. The church- dustry in times of peace. Holland, in 2 to whom I made application, proportion to its territory, is undoubtedtheir history with concern, and jy the most populous, rich, and indubis bumane aid, to rescue from strious country, in the world. Holland -1 poor and almost-expiring family. abounds with independent villages or 12 bowever, the pleasure to con- burghs. They are immensely numerous, 1 ts relation of their unspeakable are established under various and curious 1:1, by communicating their total forms of government, and have jurisdic1 ace from it, which, I think, may tions exactly fimilar to our independent attributed to the timely aflilt. burghs of barony.

Patriotic erularion propoled.) Sir Ri

chard Cox's pamphlet is a valuable object sa, Jan. 6. 1980.

for the public attention. The examples lite Virtue of Lord BELLAMONT.

and precepts it exhibits may be of ihe

utmost importance to us. Shall I flatter THE Abbé Raynal tells us, that when myself, that his example, and his manly, * te triennial bill was under confi- fenfible philosophy, may kindle the true

, Q. Mary desired Lord Bella. patriot fire in some congenial souls a: be Treasurer, to oppose it. He mong our great and wealthy men; that 1. He was defired only to be it may produce a glorious emulation to

d. He proved, on the contrary, excel, in the juftest and best taste of dire zure la promoting the bill. The tinction and pre-eminence? We have dinifled him from his post. He rich men who spend a great part of their

to privacy and frugality. The lives and revenues in Itatciy obscurity at i , Ofercome by bis obftinate virtue, London, or in the building of magnifi

Lim a penfion. He declined it, cent houses, or in high entertainments she had no right to a reward, as and daily feasts, with retinues and rabbles of servants, and other dilipations and




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a their manners are much the - One of our poets has described them fo is their face. The poor profli. admirably :

ble, and fick, for want of re. Who want, whilst through blank life they besticicat fubfiftence; the opu

dream along, bances, and abuse of fuperfluity, Sense to be right, and Passion to be wrong. drone is meagre, pale, and

YOUNG. ; tbe nich one, overgrown, bloat

[To be continued.] r: lovely. In their lives they are

foas, defpiled, and unhap. Lectures on the universal principles and due ad their end is generally untimely ties of Religion and Morality, as they have

been read in Margaret Street, Cavendish artist ftrangers, and of character. ] Square, in the years 1776 and 1777. By

Towing fociety, especially if ing Rev. Duvid IVilliams. Printed for the ts are encouraged to settle, bad Author. 2 vols 410. Il. Iso Dodsley, 3 weli as good, will arise, or find London. [38. 526.]

-No induftrious community "I Quitted the customary offices of the bel advanced where strangers are profeflion to which I was educated, standing or cren discouraged. If good [says Mr Williams), for reasons which

157 are the most valuable acquifi. have been already aligned, (viz. in the I fociety; if bad, they cannot appendix [ 35. 197. ; - 36. 389., to the

among you: and their ex fecond edition of ETays on public worcoght not to feduce ; for the vili- ship). But, either because religion is Fires of vice are the ftrongest in- effential to the human mind, or because

et to virtue.-Thefe general cha- the habits of a profesion are, like all okof Virtue and Vice are not pre- thers, very difficult to be suspended, I mpicable to the individuals of could not rest satisfied out of my em

. There is a strange diversity ployment. On intimating my situation, store of Vice and Virtue, Wif. i had hopes given me of the most flatter

Folly, in the natural composi- ing encouragement. But on seeing iny d formed characters of men, and plan extended beyond the limits of the

se characters are changeable. By Christian church, [i.e. seeing the plan 12 vit man may play the fool, and was purely a Deislical one, - as the author

inay act a wise part. Neverthe- should have said in plain language), they is truth stands unalterable, That were withdrawn, and my papers were put

prosperous or unhappy, in pro- up: for I had none of the views of ReformF1 to the various degrees of Virtue ers and Apofiles; and it was my intention, epetailing in the total course of not to engage, until it appeared to be for tel. In real life there is a kind of the service and pleasure of others, as well

diate character between Virtue as my own.” Cice; a flat mediocrity, which per. This confeßion is a very frank one;

ands more in the world than and we give him full and unreserved creThese men are just in their deals dit for the truth of it. The children of

gent in their vocations, and re- light are not always wife in their generafatheir conduct; yet they cherish tion. But Mr Williams, who had rem de gracious affections which form nounced all pretensions to their characanders of Virtue; the public. ter, was refolved not to act on their plan. the citizen, the bountiful malter, The heroic pasion of foul-living (as Ld feder father, or chief of a family ; Shaftesbury ironically termed it) mingled

ping friend, the charitable or ge- not with his principles, and had no thare e, Laan, the kind and obliging neigh. at all in “ the institution in Margaret - izes. It is true, that although they street.” Aos ad $w -. “Give me where to

in those graces of Virtue, they ftand, (as Mr Williams might be suppo- 2 branded with any scandalous sed to say), - but I will have folid

They are a numerous class of ground : or I will lock up all my inftruand in all ranks. As they are ge- ments. I have not the wings of the A2 lerous, dull men, and always postles. I cannot work by their faith, nor

they thrive, and make money, live on their hopes.” fattnowing any real use of it; and After reprobating the designs of fanae at any intention of public good, tics and missionaries in their attempts to Peter ail, uieful drudges in society, reform churches and kingdoms, he tells


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