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e capable of such an underta- which I had before, through the freLa deliriog herself to the enemy, quent use of observing the mountains and

in the night, and uncertain of hills of the continent, concerning the sabands ihe might fall into, appeared lient and re-entrant angles of Bourquet.

a ahore human nature. The af. A celebrated naturalist has brought them kl was enabled to give was small in vogue on the faith of their author ;

; I tad not even a cup of wine to and many more of lefler fame adopted e; but I was told the had found, them as a demonstrated truth. I howe. rae kind and fortunate hand, a ver constantly believe, and dare assert,

and dirty water. All I could that this system of salient and re-entrant to ker was an open boat, and a angles cannot be adopted universally to 14, written upon dirty and wet the mountains, and much less to the sea

Gen. Gates, recommending her thore. It is very true, that the correUrcion,

fpondence of the angles is seen very well tsuenell, the chaplain of the ar-'exprefled in the sides of fame vallies; readily undertook to accompany but there are few vallies among the

with one female fervant, and mountains that do not owe their excavan's valet-de-chambre, (who had tion to the waters of rivers, or torrents,

ich he bad received in the late the constant nature of which is to form to in his shoulder), she rowed an angle, or a salient.curvature oppofte rkerirer to meet tbe enemy. But to every new corrofion. But where the

ks were not yet to end. The waters have not been able to work in lisadvanced before the boat reach their usual way, and where the vallies

exty's outposts, and the centiwere formed by little hills, or vulcanic wrot let it pass, nor even come hills produced in various times, and with 5. In vain Mr Brudcnell pffered little order, there no mark of the preof trace, and represented the tended universal correlpondence is feen,

extraordinary passenger, The To let still in a clearer light the error of oprchenfive of treachery, and this hypothesis given out as a constant as to their orders, threatened to observation, it is proper to repeat, that atte boat if it stirred before day- the horizontal or inclined strata, which Her anxiety and suffering were are the most common, and nearest to traâed through feven or eight their ancient natural state, correspond 2. cold hours; and her reflections together from one chain of hills to an- fra reception could not give other; though they may be divided by

cacouraging ideas of the treat- very broad vallies, which manifestly dehe was afterwards to expect. But monstrates an ancient continuity, as well

etice, at the close of this ad as the diffolution of the large portion of

to say, that he was received mountain that existed before those great Kutnodated by Gen. Gates with hollows. fue umanity and respect that her And hence it may easily be perceived,

crits, and her fortunes de- how little probability there is, that the * 59.650.]

hills, in their first foundation, have been ch as are affected by these cir- formed by the great Architect at corre. Neces of alarm, hardship, and dàn- fponding angles, leaving, as it were, the

ect, that the subject of them dentelli of the strata fufpended round the is gian, of the most tender and vallies; for according to all appearance frame, of the gentlest manners, it may be reasonably concluded, after the

ed to all the soft elegancies and most diligent obfervations, that no ves Najoyments that attend high birth ftige, or clear proof, remains, in our

0, and far advanced in a state days, of primitive hills, or that may with a tee tender cares, always due propricty be called so. Those which we e, become indispensably necel. know, are manifeftly produced either by Her mind alone was formed for volcano's *, which have burnt in almost

every On the formation of Hills.

* In the celebrated mountain of Belea, sin - Fortis's Travels into Dalmatia.

tuated in :he Veronese territory, the co-ex

istence of the sea and of ancient volcanos is "E attentive consideration of the in: manifestly seen. 'In our times, that is in the kraftructure of the island [Cherfo] beginning of this cçotury, the island or rock

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vantage, ferved only as a source of con- high office to have acted that very pitated tinual altercation with the neighbouring which the King had been under a ne ?! princes.

lity of undertaking, by preventing, &? The court of Vienna not only refused applying a remedy to all such tranny to listen to these propofitions, but to of- tions within that empire over which fer any on her side, which could in any was chosen to preside. In these pierna degree clearly or expressly define her pre after accurately stating all the points fent or limit her future claims. Some contest, and the transactions on the preliminaries were, however, dispatched fides, he shews the necessity of his taken, to Berlin by Prince Kaunitz, to serve as up arms, and calls upon the states of the the basis of a new plan of conciliation, Empire to second his efforts, to supporahpa lant and in which the same undefined prin- and defend the natural and much-inju ciples of reciprocal equity were still held rights of to many eminent and illuftricut, or talked of. By one article the princes, and in oppofing the all-aspik 17:42 court of Berlin was to make no oppofi- power and ambition of the House of a tion to any acquisition the court of Vi ftria, which, if futtered to proceeded enna might make, or was then actually controuled, would soon set up clamor pofleffed of in Bavaria. By another, the to other dominions, and proceed to try the Palatine. Houle should be satisfied by a total overthrow of the whole fytten voluntary exchange, upon agreeable and the German empire. [40. 338.7 grie convenient conditions.

Whilft a verbal and literary war, The court of Berlin, after expofing, and was thus carried on at Vienna, E complaining much of what the called the lin, and Ratisbon, wherein the sub vague, obscure, and unsatisfactory nature of debate, whether hid in the cor of these overtures, demanded a precise an. fion and darkness of violent and ignor fwer, and a clear explanation, on certain ages, involved in the labyrinths of G points, which it stated; particulary, What man jurisprudence, or perplexed by **** the court of Vienna would keep, and what defined rights, doubtful records, reftore, belonging tu Bavaria ? What suspicious documents, would have 2.2.1 equivalents and advantages it would give forded room for endless litigation, Inne to the Palatine, and to the Elector of two great powers who had engaged Saxony ? and, Whether it would enter principals on the opposite sides of 3 * into an arrangement of all the Bavarian queftion, were more seriously emplo erret fucceflion, relative to the rights of the in their preparations for that final relas several claimants, with the King, as the which only can generally determine frit friend and ally of those princes, as a controversies between flich parties. * member of the Empire, and as having, though it would seem that their situat by bis other titles, a great right and ma- and habits in peace approached fo ner? terial interest in taking part in the juft re- to a state of war, that there could be gulation of that succeflion?

little difficulty in the transition; yet the This memorial, though accompanied wasteful, as well as destructive is that with every verbal representation which fatiate monfter, and fo immense is in apparently could conduce to a friendly provision of every kind necessary to arrangement, was but ill received at Vi. made for the support of those vast arrr?** enna, and produced an anfwer, June 24. which it is now the fashion to bring in A which, after a total censure of the Pruis the tield, that the greatest treasures Gan propofitions, concluded with a de- joined to the products of the most fers claration, That if the Vienna propofi. countries and abundant seasons, canneet tions were not adopted as preliminaries, preclude some delay and extraordinare all friendly arrangements would become preparation at the point of approach imposible, and all further eclairciflcment that awful crisis. fuperfluous.

The court of Vienna had seemed to em inter An end being thus put to all hopes of pest or intend hostility from almost accommodation, and the vast armies on moment that declared the Elector of Istra both fides only waiting the signal for ac. varia's death. The language of war wie tion, the King of Prullia, early in July, every where held in the Austrian don published a manifesto, and other docu- nions, and its expectation thewn, beton ments, stating the unwarrantable, vio- the controversy had risen on either goods and

wa lent, and unjust conduct of the court of to such a height, as could seem to wa

0,75 Vienna, and feverely censuring that of jant those ftrong indications. Amor,

aten hos tlic Emperor, who was bound by his other immediate preparations, agens,



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