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Ne quid falfi dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeat.

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Printed by A, MURRAY and J, COCHRAN.

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Capt. Cooke, the celebrated circumnavigator, killed on the inaad O'why'he. 47.
sith forts on the Millilippi taken by the Spaniards. 27.
Coagres receives a new French ambasador. 79.
Dega evacuated by the British. 543.
Moron made in the House of Peers respecting the public expenditure. 70.730.
Meti. Stratton, Brook, Floyer, and Mackay, tried for the arrest and imprison-

near of Lord Pigot. 102. - ciations begun, and committees of correspondence appointed, for obtaining

2 redress of grievances. si. Cape Fielding takes some Dutch merchantmeo while under convoy of Dutch ware

hips. 46. Ala. Rodney takes a fleet of Spanish merchant-thips. 93.

obtaias a victory over a Spanith Squadron. 94. 11. A commiflion pates the great leal appointing Gen. Clinton aod Adm. Arbuthnot

conmilliours for restoring peace in America. 49. - Mr Burke picleats a bil for che better regulation of the civil lift, &c. 194.

An act patied in the British parliament, allowing Ireland to trade to North A

merica, the West Indies, and the coast of Africa. 100. Adm. Digby takes a French man of wat and some transports. 99. 2. The British anballador requires of the States.General co give an answer in three

weeks concerning the succours claimed by G, Britain. 155. The Empress of Rusia sends a declaration to the belligerent powers respecting

Deutral ships. 212. - to which these powers return answers. 270, 71. :. The states of the province of Holland alledge, that the succours claimable by

Britain are confined to wars begun in Europe. 156. 3. Retina invites the States. General to join the armed neutrality. 213. -6. The Britih Commons take into con aderation the petitioas from counties, &c.

. The states of Zealand recommend a negociation with Britain. 212. - 19. Great Britain luspends all the stipulacions respecting ouvigation and commerce

with the States-Geoeral. 214. - Radacy's and Guichen's British and French fleets in the West Indies engage.

257, &c. 3. Foc St Joha oa the Spanish main surrenders to the British forces. 379. 11. Safurreétions in South America agiin ihe Spanish government. 490. - 11. Charlestown in South Carolina surrendere to Gen. Clinion. 263.

- A great deal of damage done by eruptions of Mount Etna. 434. **.. Mof destructive riots in London. 281. ' -. Lord George Gordon committed to the Tower of London for high treason. 403.

- Martial law deciared in Pennsylvania, 425. 1- The Briuth and French fices in the West Indies engage again. 303. -:. Trials of the London rio crs begun. 362. - A proclamarion in America by the Marquis de la Fayette, invitiog the Canadians

to join the nerican confederacy. 534.. 45. Adm. Geary fails in with and takes part of a neet of French Weft-India Mips. - & Denmark and Sweden declare their accession to the armed neutrality. 431. - 11. Eicruring of the Londoo rioiers bigun. 417, -1. A French fleet and armyake porc aon of Rhode inand. 426 477

Tweaty ships of a fleet bound to Quchoc e aprured by the Americans. 534. to a fleet of British East and West India fhips taken by the combined ficets of

France and Spain. 443.546. - It. Gen. Gate: dete nied by Lord Cornwallis at Camden in South Carolina. 485. - 14 Gea. Sumpter defeated by Col. Taricton. 487 -Greas damage dose by a fire at Petersburg 544. 2. The two flups which sziled 10.1976, on a voyage for making discoveries, arrive

in Orkney. 549 129 Privateers prohibited from taking their prizes into Portugal. 544. spots The Britif parliament diffolved, aad agother called. 495.


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To the BINDER. D UT off the blue covers, and place tbis quarter of a Meet, containing the General

Title-page, the Chronological Series of Events, &c. before the Magazine for January.

The day of the week on which every month of 1780 began : A belp te

find the date of any article expressed as falling on a certain week-day before or after a date mentioned.

[The is, 8th, 151/, 22d, and 2911, of a month, fall on the same week-day. The month-day advances one week-day every common year, and two every leap year : fo, as 1780 was a leap year, January and February advance two days in 1781, and all the rest of the months advance one week-day, after the week-duy on which the same month-day fell in 1780.] January, Saturday. May, Monday. I September, Friday. February, Tuesday.' June, Thursday. October, Sunday. March, Wednesday. July, Saturday. November, Wednesday, April, Saturday. Auguft, Tuesday. December, Friday,

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JANU A RY, 1780. .

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VISUAL REGISTER for 1778. der the prospect of peace precarious. hed in the end of December 1979.]

The vast and continually-increasing ar

mies, which have been kept up since the HISTORY. (41.360.]

cor.clusion of the late war, by the two GERMANY. [41. 360.]

powers, who with a decifive controul ANY appearances have for now sway the motions of the other mema long time seemed to indi. bers of the Germanic body, were of a

cate, that however the scale magnitude far beyond all the interests of / I of war or peace might hap- peace; and if not absolutely beyond the to predominate in the other parts of abilities of their respective countries to Sport, the tranquillity of Germany support, were tocally inconsistent with the sold scarcely be of a very lasting nature. ease and prosperity of the people for edes tbe conclusons which might at whose protection they were supposed to set times be drawn from the particu- be formed. Indeed these powers feem acmftances of government, the mul- fo fenfible of the fatal consequences of Pode of men, and the military genius fuch a drain from population, and such

d bas in all ages characterised that a withdrawing of itrength from the laway of soldiers, other more immediate bours of the earth, that both of them. Poutances were not wanting to ren have adorted the remedy of encouraging TAL, XLII.


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