Journal of the Royal Geological Society of Ireland, 3권


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145 페이지 - This twisting displacement, at first appears to indicate a vorticose movement beneath each point thus affected; but this is highly improbable. May it not be caused by a tendency in each stone to arrange itself in some particular position, with respect to the lines of vibration,— in a manner somewhat similar to pins on a sheet of paper when shaken?
144 페이지 - Stephano del Bosco, were observed to have undergone a movement of a singular kind. The shock, which agitated the building, is described as having been horizontal and vorticose. The pedestal of each obelisk remained in its original place, but the separate stones above were turned partially round, and removed sometimes nine inches from their position without falling.
294 페이지 - Helena stands, on an average, fourthousandths of an inch higher at the two periods when the moon is on the meridian above or below the pole, than when she is six hours distant from the meridian...
8 페이지 - Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Geological Society of London by William John Hamilton, Esq., President of the Society : — " The Geological Map of India by Mr.
26 페이지 - ... will prevent the metal from running away, and in a few minutes it will cool and take the impression, without the slightest injury to the paper from which it was taken.
178 페이지 - It appeared to me then, as it appears to me now, that there had been no conversion at all.
301 페이지 - The extraordinary number of wingless birds,' says Professor Owen, 'and the vast stature of some of the species peculiar to New Zealand, and which have finally become extinct in that small tract of dry land, suggest it to be the remnant of a larger tract or continent over which this singular struthious fauna formerly ranged. One might almost be disposed to regard New Zealand as one end of the mighty wave of the unstable and ever-shifting crust of the earth, of which the opposite end, after having...
301 페이지 - Permian (Trias) period the footprints of the gigantic birds which trod its surface before it sank ; and to surmise that the intermediate body of the land-wave, along which the Dinornis may have travelled to New Zealand, has progressively subsided, and now lies beneath the Pacific Ocean.
281 페이지 - ... vast distances of boulders or erratic blocks of almost any conceivable magnitude, may be accounted for by the slow or occasionally rapid movement of semifluid masses of mud, gravel, sand, &c., mixed with those larger materials, when forming the bed of the sea, and either of sufficient depth and mass alone, or resting upon a base of rock, or other materials of very moderate slope, combined with the sorting and transporting power of the tidal currents for the finer materials of the whole mass....
246 페이지 - ... would seem to point to a different explanation of the phenomena from that already suggested, and to identify the optical characters of hyalite with those of rock crystal, the differences being explicable upon the hypothesis of the former mineral being composed of a multitude of minute crystals of the latter, thrown together without any regular or symmetric arrangement.

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