Atlantic Reporter, 62권

West Publishing Company, 1906

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18 페이지 - That no person shall be held to answer for a criminal offense without due process of law...
333 페이지 - Every negotiable instrument is deemed prima facie to have been issued for a valuable consideration, and every person whose signature appears thereon to have become a party thereto for value.
131 페이지 - York for the time being, and all others whom it may concern, are to take Notice and Govern themselves accordingly.
110 페이지 - Any number of persons, not less than twenty-five, may form a company for the purpose of constructing, maintaining and operating a railroad for public use in the conveyance of persons and property...
102 페이지 - ... under oath by any person named by this company, and subscribe the same; and, as often as required, shall produce for examination all books of account, bills, invoices, and other vouchers, or certified copies thereof, if originals be lost, at such reasonable place as may be designated by this company or its representative, and shall permit extracts and copies thereof to be made.
419 페이지 - ... if any change other than by the death of an insured, take place in the interest, title or possession of the subject of insurance (except change of occupants without increase of hazard) whether by legal process or judgment or by voluntary act of the insured, or otherwise...
444 페이지 - For myself, I believe the principle of law may be very plainly stated, and that is, that nobody has any right to represent his goods as the goods of somebody else.
215 페이지 - His heirs and assigns forever against the lawful claims and demands of all persons...
18 페이지 - By the law of the land, is most clearly intended, the general law; a law, which hears before it condemns; which proceeds upon inquiry, and renders judgment only after trial. The meaning is, that every citizen shall hold his life, liberty, property, and immunities under the protection of the general rules which govern society. Everything which may pass under the form of an enactment, is not therefore to be considered the law of the land.
17 페이지 - Offenses heretofore required to be prosecuted by indictment shall be prosecuted by information, after examination and commitment by a magistrate, or. by indictment, with or without such examination and commitment, as may be prescribed by law.

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