The works of the late Right Honorable Henry St. John, lord viscount Bolingbroke, 2권

Published by David Mallet : Printed by P. Byrne, 1793

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192 페이지 - And if thou deal thus with me, kill me, I pray thee, out of hand, if I have found favour in thy sight; and let me not see my wretchedness.
334 페이지 - There will be none such any more, till, in some better age, true ambition or the love of fame prevails over avarice; and till men find leisure and encouragement to prepare themselves for the exercise of this profession, by climbing up to the
240 페이지 - The obligation to these men would be great indeed, if they were in general able to do any thing better, and...
261 페이지 - No, they saw the measures, they took singly, and unrelatively, or relatively alone to some immediate object. The notion of attaching men to the new government, by tempting them to embark...
327 페이지 - We are not only passengers or sojourners in this world, but we are absolute strangers at the first steps we make in it. Our guides are often ignorant, often unfaithful. By this map of the country, which history spreads before us, we may learn, if we please, to guide ourselves.
368 페이지 - They who are the most concerned to watch the variations of this balance, misjudge often in the same manner, and from the same prejudices. They continue to dread a power...
27 페이지 - When this parliament sat down, for it deserves our particular observation, that both houses were full of zeal for the present government, and of resentment against the late usurpations, there was but one party in parliament; and no other party could raise its head in the nation.
325 페이지 - GiRARD, fecretary to this duke, and no contemptible biographer , relates, that this hiftory came down to the place where the old man refided in Gafcony, a little before his death; that he read it to him, that the duke confirmed the truth of the narrations in it, and feemed only furprifed by what means the author could be fo well informed of the moft fecret councils and meafures of thofe times.
246 페이지 - I think, on this ; that when examples are pointed out to us, there is a kind of appeal, with which we are flattered, made to our senses as well as our understandings. The instruction comes then upon our own authority : we frame the precept after our own experience, and yield to fact when we resist speculation.
406 페이지 - France by the war, nor excluded the house of Bourbon from the Spanish succession, nor compounded with her upon it by the peace; and because...

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