Guide to the Royal Botanic Gardens and Pleasure Grounds, Kew

Macmillan, 1872 - 112페이지

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16 페이지 - In order to prepare the beverage, it is necessary to reduce the roots to minute particles, which, according to regular Polynesian usage, is done by chewing — a task in Fiji devolving upon lads who have sound teeth. In other Polynesian Islands it is done by young women.
40 페이지 - Banjoowangee for cultivation, it is with much difficulty the inhabitants can be made to approach the tree, as they dread the cutaneous eruption which it is known to produce when newly cut down. But except when the tree is largely wounded, or when it is felled, by which a large portion of the juice is disengaged, the effluvia of which mixing with the atmosphere, affects the persons exposed to it with the symptoms just mentioned, the tree may be approached and ascended like the other common trees in...
69 페이지 - ... other part, without sensible effects. The little prisoner is not crushed and suddenly destroyed, as is sometimes supposed, for I have often liberated captive flies and spiders, which sped away as fast as fear or joy could hasten them.
104 페이지 - is by far the most abundant tree throughout Syria, covering the rocky hills, of Palestine especially, with a dense brushwood of trees 8-12 feet high, branching from the base, thickly covered with small evergreen rigid leaves, and bearing acorns copiously. On Mount Carmel it forms nine-tenths of the shrubby vegetation, and it is almost equally abundant on the west flanks of the Anti-Lebanon and many slopes and valleys of Lebanon.
54 페이지 - Inches long, and marked with lateral nerves, which are parallel, and project beneath. The flower we had no opportunity of seeing ; the fruit Is somewhat fleshy, and contains one or two kernels. Incisions, made In the trunk of the tree, are followed by a profuse flow of gluey and thickish milk, destitute of acridity, and exhaling a very agreeable balsamic odour. It was offered to us In calabashes, and though we drank large quantities of it, both at night before going to bed and again early In the...
47 페이지 - straw" (pcy'a,) previous to plaiting, has to go through several processes. The leaves are gathered before they unfold, all their ribs and coarser veins removed, and the rest, without being separated from the base of the leaf, is reduced to shreds. After having been put in the sun for a day, and tied into a knot, the straw is immersed into boiling water until it becomes white. It is then hung up in a shady place, and subsequently bleached for two or three days. The straw is now ready for use, and...
75 페이지 - On one and the same day, in the summer of 1844, each was seen to produce a flowering stem, which resembled a gigantic head of asparagus, and grew at first at the astonishing rate of two feet in the twenty-four hours. So precisely did the twin plants keep pace with each other, that at the very time it was found necessary to make an aperture in the glass roof of the house for the emission of one panicle of flowers (twenty-six feet from the ground), a similar release was needed by the other.
32 페이지 - But this tree has been most celebrated for containing, even during the most arid season, a large quantity of pure fresh water, supplying to the traveller the place of wells in the desert. Whenever I inquired of the natives, they always affirmed that such was the fact, and that...
4 페이지 - Kew were contemplated about the year 1840, when, from being a private garden belonging to the Royal Family, and maintained by funds from the Board of Green Cloth, it was liberally relinquished by her present Majesty, Queen Victoria, and placed under the control of the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Woods and Forests, with the view of rendering it available for the general good. The public, having since been freely admitted to the Gardens under a few needful regulations, must have observed the many...
45 페이지 - Haenke, in a transport of admiration, fell on his knees and expressed aloud his sense of the power and magnificence of the Creator in His works.

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