The Insurance Law Journal, 16권

D.T. & L.H. Potter, 1887

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516 페이지 - It is furthermore hereby provided and mutually agreed, that no suit or action against this company, for the recovery of any claim by virtue of this policy, shall be sustainable in any Court of Law or Chancery until after an award shall have been obtained fixing the amount of such claim in the manner above provided...
896 페이지 - Whether a party is guilty of negligence, or not, is a question of fact for the jury, and not a question of law for the court to decide, when the evidence tends to establish such negligence.
745 페이지 - And it is hereby mutually understood and agreed, by and between this company and the assured, that this policy is made and accepted upon and with reference to the foregoing terms and conditions, all of which are hereby declared to be a part of this contract, and are to be used and resorted to in order to determine the rights and obligations of the parties hereto in all cases not herein otherwise specially provided for in writing.
93 페이지 - Department for taxes, fines, penalties, certificates of authority, license fees and otherwise, an amount equal to the amount of such charges and payments imposed by the laws of such State upon the companies of this State and the agents thereof.
714 페이지 - The use of general terms, or anything less than a distinct, specific agreement, clearly expressed and indorsed on this policy, shall not be construed as a waiver of any printed or written condition or restriction therein.
637 페이지 - And in case of any other insurance upon the property hereby insured, whether prior or subsequent to the date of this policy, the...
434 페이지 - is often used as a synonym of honest; sincere; not fraudulent. Looking at all the clauses in the application, in connection with the policy, it is reasonably clear — certainly the contrary cannot be confidently asserted — that what the company required of the applicant as a condition precedent to any binding contract was, that he would observe the utmost good faith towards it, and make full, direct, and honest answers to all questions, without evasion or fraud, and without suppression, misrepresentation,...
113 페이지 - No suit or action on this policy, for the recovery of any claim, shall be sustainable in any court of law or equity until after full compliance by the insured with all the foregoing requirements, nor unless commenced within twelve months next after the fire.
182 페이지 - Persons sustaining loss or damage by fire shall forthwith give notice of said loss to the company, and, as soon after date as possible, render a particular account of such loss, signed and sworn to by them, stating whether any and what other insurance has been made on the same property...
975 페이지 - ... shall contain, or have attached to said policies, correct copies of the application, as signed by the applicant and the by-laws referred to ; and, unless so attached and accompanying the policy, no such application, constitution or by-laws shall be received in evidence, in any controversy between the parties to, or interested in, the said policy, nor shall such application or by-laws be considered a part of the policy or contract between such parties.

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