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And the whole world send back the song 426. OHURCH, Assembly of the.
Which now the angels sing:

It were a goodly and a glorious sight,
Edmund H. Sears.

| The assembled Church from time's remotest

age! 424, CHURCH, Ark of tho.

Priest, patriarch, ruler, lawgiver, and sage; Rent were at once the floodgates of the sky, | And they who soared the poet's lofty flight, And burst the great deep's fountains. All was Psalmist or seer; or fought the Gospel fight, dark,

God's truth proclaimed, or stored the sacred Thronged with the forms of drowning - page; men: and hark,

With all of less renown who dared engage O'er the wide earth one agonizing cry!

Sin, and were conquerors in the Saviour's Then 'mid the swelling surge, careering high, I might. Fraught with the world's remains, the Pa- Behold them there. They stand before the gate triarch's ARK

(In heav'n their names are writ!) for enWent o'er the waters : for that wondrous

trance there bark

What time their Captain comes. Cast off the Lived in the safeguard of Jehovah's eye.

weight Past is the plague! But still o'er earth the That stays thy course; like them right onflood

ward bear, Of sin reigns paramount: still God pro- So shalt thou swell with them their Leader's vides

state, An Ark of health for those who walk with Partake His triumph, and His banquet • God;


Bp. Mant. His power secures it, and His wisdom 427. CHURCH, Betrayal of the. guides.

Satan. My soul forecasts Faith clings obedient to that loved abode,

The shadows of the future. Is the cup And o'er the waves the life-fraught vessel

Of vengeance sweet? Comrades, it shall be rides.

Bp. Mant.

fill'd 425. CHURCH, Army of the

Full and forever to the cruel brim.

Messiah hath espoused a Bride on earth: Onward, Christian soldiers,

We will defile that Bride. His Church of old
Marching as to war,

Fell easily in our lascivious arms;
With the Cross of JESUS,

But this chaste matron, nurtured at the Cross, · Going on before.

And overshadow'd by the Dove, and school'd CHRIST, the Royal Master,

In suffering, will be far more rigid found :
Leads against the foe,

Yet not impregnable, we copying Him.
Forward into battle,

Doth He work slowly ? slowly we must work:
See, His banners go.

And secretly? we must in secret work :

And patiently? we patiently must work.
At the sign of triumph,

And if at last within His temple courts
Satan's host doth flee,

His well-beloved, by us betray'd, debauch'd,
On, then, Christian soldiers,

Decking herself with scarlet, gems, and gold,
On to victory.

And all the blandishments of harlotry,
Hell's foundations quiver,

Have dalliance with the nations and their
At the shout of praise ;

kings, Brothers, lift your voices,

And offer them her honey'd cup of loves, Loud your anthems raise.

Drunken herself with sweeter nectarine,

The life-blood of the martyr'd saints of God, Like a mighty army,

Were not this vengeance which might soothe Moves the Church of GOD:

our pangs
Brothers, we are treading

Here, or in dread Gehenna, to recall ?
Where the Saints have trod;

Edward Henry Bickersteth.
We are not divided,
All one body we,

428. CHURCH, a Bride.
One in hope, in doctrine,

Clad in a robe of pure and spotless white, One in Charity.

The youthful bride, with timid steps, comes

forth Crowns and thrones may perish,

To greet the hand to which she plights her Kingdoms rise and wane,

troth, But the Church of JESUS

Her soft eyes radiant with a strange delight. Constant will remain;

The snowy veil which circles her around, Gates of Hell can never

Shades the sweet face from every gazer's 'Gainst that Church prevail,

eye, We have Christ's own promise,

And thus enwrapt, she passes calmly by, And that cannot fail.

Nor casts a look, but on the unconscious Baring-Gould. ground.

So should the Church, the bride elect from Long did the chisels ring around!

Long did the mallet's blows rebound! Remembering Whom she goeth forth to Long worked the head and toiled the hand meet,

Ere stood thy stones as now they stand! And with a truth that cannot brook deceit, Thy gates a pearly lustre pour ; Holding the faith which unto her is given, Thy gates are open evermore; Pass through this world, which claims her And thither evermore draw nigh, for awhile,

| All who for Christ has dared to die; Nor cast about her longing look nor smile. Or smit with love of their dear Lord, Alice B. Neal. Have pains endured, and joys abhorred.

Breviary. 429, CHURCH, Conduct in the.

433. OHUROH a Light-house. When once thy foot enters the church, be The light-house founded on a rock.

bare. God is more there than thou: for thou art | Firm amidst ocean's heaviest shock.

Casts o'er the flood its radiant eye, there

Serene beneath the stormiest sky. Only by His permission. Then beware, And make thyself all reverence and fear. Though winds and waters rage and foam, Kneeling ne'er spoil'd silk stockings : quit Though darkness lowers like Egypt's night, thy state,

Here peace and safety find a home; All equal are within the church's gate. In this small Goshen there is light. Let vain or busy thoughts have there no part: Nor for itself it stands alone; Bring not thy plough, thy plots, thy pleasures The seaman's friend, it shines from far, thither.

| As though an angel from the throne Christ purged His temple, so must thou thy Came down to be his leading star.

heart. All worldly thoughts are but thieves met to- | It warns to shun the breakers near, gether

Smooth into port the vessel guides, To cozen thee. Look to thy actions well : Points where a wider course to steer, For churches either are our Heaven or Hell !! Shows how to 'scape conflicting tides.

George Herbert.

Thus built upon eternal truth, 430. CHURCH, Death in the.

High in mid-heaven, o'er land and sea, Many there are and dry,

Christ's church holds forth to age and youth Spread through the open vale,

A beacon and a sanctuary. Millions of lifeless souls they lie

James Montgomery. Within the Christian pale.

434. CHURCH, Poril of the. , I pass the churches through,

Watch! watch! the subtle peril threats The scattered bones I see,

The freedom of the bride;
And Christendom appears in view

The foe, unweary, ne'er forgets
A hideous Calvary!

His spirit-snares to hide. 431. CHURCH, A Fashionable.

The watchman on the walls can guard Look on this cdifice of marble made

While marshalled armies wait; How fair it swells, too beautiful to fade. But vain are sleepless watch and ward, See what fine people in its portals crowd,

If treason opes the gate. Smiling and greeting, talking, laughing loud!

To arms! the martial shout prolong,

Unfurl the flag again;
What is it? Surely not a gay Exchange,
Where Wit and Beauty social joys arrange;

Give battle to the falso and wrong;
Not a grand shop where late Parisian styles God needeth earnest men.
Attract rich buyers from a thousand miles ?

W. Morley Punshon,
But step within: no need of further search; 435. CHURCH, Pride at.
Behold, admire a fashionable church!

Some go to church, proud humbly to repent, Look how its oriel window glits and gleams, And come back more guilty than they went: Where tinted light magnificently streains One way they look, another way they steer, On the proud pulpit, carved with quaint de Pray to the gods, but would have mortals vice,

hear; Where velvet cushions, exquisitely nice, And when their sins they set sincerely down. Press'd by the polish'd preacher's dainty They'll find that their religion has been one. hands,

Edward Young. Hold a large volume clasp'd by golden bands. 436. CHURCH, Redemption of the

Park Benjamin.

A little flock! Yes, even so; 432. CHURCH, Gates of tho.

A handful among men,
Thou, too, O Church! which here we see, Such is the purpose of thy God;
No easy task hath builded thee.

| So willeth He; Amen!


Not many rich or noble called,

For not like kingdoms of the world Not many great or wise;

Thy holy Church, O God! They whom God makes His kings and priests Though earthquake sbocks are threatening · Are poor in human eyes. A little flock!

And tempests are abroad; 'Tis well, 'tis well; Such be her lot and name;

Unshaken as eternal hills, Through ages past it has been so,

Immovable she stands, And now 'tis still the same.

A mountain that shall fill the earth,

A house not made with hands. But the chief Shepherd comes at length,

A. C. Coze. Her feeble days are o'er,

439 CHUROH, Temple of the No more a handful in the earth,

And whence, then, came these goodly stones A little flock no more.

'twas Israel's pride to raise, No more a lily among thorns;

The glory of the former house, the joy of anWeary, and faint, and few,

cient days; But countless as the stars of heaven,

In purity and strength erect, in radiant splenOr as the early dew.

dor bright,

Sparkling with golden beams of noon, or silThen entering the eternal halls,

ver smiles of night? In robes of victory,

From coasts the stately cedar crowns, each That mighty multitude shall keep

noble slab was brought, The joyous jubilee.

In Lebanon's deep quarries hewn, and on its Unfading palms they bear aloft,

mountains wrought; Unfaltering songs they sing;

There rung the hammer's heavy stroke among Unending festival they keep,

the echoing rocks, In presence of the King.

There chased the chisel's keen, sharp edge, Horatius Bonar.

the rude, unshapen blocks. 437. CHURCH, Spread of the.

Thence polished, perfected, complete, each

fitted to its place, The Banyan of the Indian isle

For lofty coping, massive wall, or deep imSpreads deeply down its massive root,

bedded base, And spreads its branching life abroad,

They bore them o'er the waves that rolled And bends to earth with scarlet fruit;

their billowy. swell between But when the branches reach the ground,

The shores of Tyre's imperial pride and JuThey firmly plant themselves again:

dah's hills of green. They rise and spread and droop and root, An ever-green and endless chain.. With gradual toil the work went on, through

days and months and years, And so the Church of Jesus Christ, Beneath the summer's laughing sun, and winThe blessed Banyan of our God,

ter's frozen tears; Fast-rooted upon Zion's mount,

And thus in majesty sublime and noiseless Has sent its sheltering arms abroad;

pomp it rose, And every branch that from it springs, Fit dwelling for the God of Peace! a temple In sacred beauty spreading wide,

of repose 1 As low it bonds to bless the earth,

Brethren in Christ! to holier things the simStall plants another by its side.

ple type apply; Long as the world itself shall last. Our God Himself a temple builds, eternal and The sacred Banyan still shall spread,

on high, From clime to clime, from age to age,

Of souls elect; their Zion there that world Its sheltering shadow shall be shed.

of light and bliss; Nations shall seek its pillar'd shade, Their Lebanon—the place of toil—of previous Its leaves shall for their healing be:

moulding—this. The circling flood that feeds its life,

From nature's quarries, deep and dark, with The blood that crimsoned Calvary.

gracious aim He hews 438. CHURCH, Stability of tho.

The stones, the spiritual stones, it pleaseth

Him to choose : O where are kings and empires now, Hard, rugged, shapeless at the first, yet desOf old that went and came?

tined each to shine, But, Lord, thy Church is praying yet, Moulded beneath His patient hand in purity A thousand years the same.

divine. We mark her goodly battlements,

Oh, glorious process ! see the proud grow And her foundations strong;

lowly, gentle, meek; We hear within the solemn voice

See floods of unaccustomed tears gush down Of her unending song.

the hardened cheek:

Perchance the hammer's heavy stroke o'er-1 441. CHURCH, Watch of the. threw some idol fond;

Is the Bridegroom absent still ? Perchance the chisel rent in twain some pre

Watch thou then, O faithful Bride! cious, tender bond.

Watch and pray,

Till the day Behold he prays whose lips were sealed in si

When the Bridegroom to thy side lent scorn before;

Shall in love and glory come Sighs for the closet's holy calm, and hails the

To find with thee His throne and home; welcome door;

Not to depart again, Behold he works for Jesus now, whose days

Nor leave thee in thy widowhood, went idly past:

In darkness and in solitude, Oh! for more mouldings of the hand that

Exposed to every foe works a change so vast!

Of earth around and hell below; Ye looked on one, a well-wrought stone, a

But over earth to reign! saint of God matured,

Is the Bridegroom absent still? What chisellings that heart had felt, what

Watch, o blood-bought Church of God; . chastening strokes endured !

Severed from an evil world, But marked ye not that last soft touch, what

Walk thou in the heavenly road. perfect grace it gave, Ere Jesus bore His servant home, across the

Keep thy garment und ufiled,

Of the flesh abhor each spot, darksome wave ?

Cast behind thee all of self, Home to the place His grace designed that

Be time's vanities forgot. chosen soul to fill,

Let the cry be heard, “How long," In the bright temple of the saved,.“ upon His

Lord, how long shall evil reign ? holy hill: 11

When shall sin be swept away, Home to the noiselessness, the peace of those

And this earth be clean ag..in ? sweet shrines above,

Lord, how long shall error spical, Whose stones shall never be displaced—set in

Truth be trodden in the dust,

Hatred flow from tongue and pea, redeeming love.

Hatred of the good and just! Lord, chisel, chasten, polish us, each blemish Hatred of the Christ of God, work away,

Of His true and holy word! Cleanse us with purifying blood, in spotless

Mockery of His holy crown, robes array;

Scorn of His uplifted sword ? And thus, Thine image on us stamped, trans

This the burden of thy cry: port us to the shore,

When shall end the age of wrong, Where not a stroke was ever felt, for none is

Error, pain, misrule, and lust, needed more.

Righteous King and Lord, how long ? 440. CHURCH, Unity of the.

Who is she that says in pride, One family, we dwell in Him,

As a queen I sit and reign,"One Church above, beneath,

To nie who speaks of widowhood, Though now divided by the stream,

Of poverty and grief and pain? The narrow stream of death.

She it is, the harlot-bride One army of the living God,

Of the world's Christ-hating King,To His command we bow:

She it is who speaks, in pride Part of His host has crossed the flood,

Of her vain imagining; And part is crossing now.

She the true chaste spouse who mocks,

Bride of Christ, elect of God, Ten thousand to their endless home

Who the heavenly Bridegroom loathes; This solemn moment fly:

Scorns, yet dreads His iron rod. And we are to the margin come,

Decked in scarlet, gems, and gold, “And we expect to die.

Can she be a widow,-she His militant, embodied host,

Who the mystic sceptre sways,
With wishful looks we stand,

To whom millions bow the knee?
And long to see that happy coast,
And reach that heavenly land.

Yet her day is nigh at hand,

And her judgment lingers not. Our old companions in distress

See the fierce ascending smoke We haste again to see,

Of her vengeance, red and hot. And eager long for our release

See the mighty millstone flung
And full felicity. :

By the glorious angel-hand;
Even now by faith we join our hands Hear the hallelujah rise
With those that went before,

From the white, palm-bearing band !
And greet the blood-besprinkled bands She is fallen, and shall not rise,
On the eternal shore. Charles Wesley. I She is sunk for evermore,



Hallelujah, let the note

| Nor grandeur hear with a disdainful smile Sound to every farthest shore;

The short and simple annals of the poor. Hallelujah, like the voice Of the mighty multitude;

The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power, Hallelujah, like the voice

And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er Of the roaring waterflood;

gave, Hallelujah, like the voice

Await alike the inevitable hour; Of the mighty thunder-roar;

The paths of glory lead but to the grave. Hallelujah, for the Lord

Nor you, ye proud, impute to these the fault, Reigneth now from shore to shore.

If memory o'er their tomb no trophies Let us then rejoice and sing;

raise, 'Tis the marriage of the Lamb; And the bride is ready; raise,

Where, through the long-drawn aisle and

fretted vault, Raise the everlasting psalm! Horatius Bonar.

The pealing anthem swells the note of

praise. 442. CHURCHYARD, Elegy in an The curfew tolls the knell of parting day;

Can storied urn, or animated bust, The lowing herd winds slowly o'er the

| Back to its mansion call the fleeting breath?

Can honor's voice provoke the silent dust, The ploughman homeward plods his weary

Or flattery soothe the dull, cold ear of

death? way, And leaves the world to darkness and to Perhaps in this neglected spot is laid

Some heart once pregnant with celestial

fire ; Now fades the glimmering landscape on the sight,

" Hands that the rod of empire might have And all the air a solemn stillness holds,

swayed, Save where the beetle wheels his droning

Or waked to ecstasy the living lyre ; flight,

But knowledge to their eyes her ample page, And drowsy tinklings lull the distant Rich with the spoils of time, did ne'er unfolds;

roll ;

Chill penury repressed their noble rage,
Save that, from yonder ivy-mantled tower,
The moping owl does to the moon com-

| And froze the genial current of the soul plain

Full many a gem of purest ray serene Of such as, wandering near her secret bower, | The dark, unfathomed caves of ocean bear; Molest her ancient, solitary reign.

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,

And waste its fragrance on the desert air. Beneath those rugged elms, that yew-tree's shade,

Some village Hampden, that, with dauntless Where heaves the turf in many a moulder breast, ing heap,

The little tyrant of his fields withstood ; Each in his narrow cell forever laid,

Some mute, inglorious Milton here may rest; The rude forefathers of the liamlet sleep. Some Cromwell, guiltless of his country's

blood. The breezy call of incense-breathing morn, The swallow twittering from the straw. The applause of listening senates to combuilt shed,

mand, The cock's shrill clarion, or the echoing! The threats of pain and ruin to despise, horn,

"To scatter plenty o'er a smiling land, No more shall rouse them from their lowly. And read their history in a nation's eyes, bed.

Their lot forbade ; nor circumscribed alone For them no more the blazing hearth shall

| Their growing virtues, but their crimes

confined; Or busy housewife ply her evening care;

Forbade to wade through slaughter to a

throne, No children run to lisp their sire's return,

| And shut the gates of mercy on mankind; Or climb his knees the envied kiss to share.

The struggling pangs of conscious truth to Oft did the harvest to their sickle yield,

hide, Their furrow oft the stubborn glebe has! To quench the blushes of ingenuous shame, broke;

Or heap the shrine of luxury and pride How jocund did they drive their team afield ! ! With incense kindled at the muse's flame. How bowed the woods beneath their sturdy stroke!

Far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife,

Their sober wishes never learned to stray; Let not ambition mock their useful toil, | Along the cool, sequestered vale of life

Their homely joys, and destiny obscure; 1 They kept the noiseless tenor of their way.



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