A Narrative of a Visit to the Court of Sinde: A Sketch of the History of Cutch from Its First Connexion with the British Government in India Till the Conclusion of the Treaty of 1819; and Some Remarks on the Medical Topography of Bhooj

R. Cadell, 1831 - 253페이지
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146 페이지 - You will also be pleased to express to Dr Burnes the real satisfaction with which government observes public officers devote their leisure to such objects of useful research, and to acquaint him that his clear and concise account of Cutch will be brought to the notice of the Honourable the Court of Directors. — I have the honour to be, &c. (Signed) T.
94 페이지 - Persian goldsmiths are engaged at court, where they work in enamel, and contrive expedients to display the jewellery of their masters to advantage. The art of enlaying letters of gold on steel has also been brought to the greatest perfection by these artisans. The Ameers have agents in Persia, Turkey, and Palestine, for the purchase of swords and gun-barrels, and they possess a more valuable collection of these articles than is probably to be met with in any other part of the world. I have had in...
230 페이지 - In every species of native society in-Gutch, the influence of opium is apparent. The character of the people has even acquired a dull phlegmatic cast from its effects, though it must be remarked that these may bear no proportion to the immense quantity of the drug that is used. With the exception of an unwillingness on the part of the opium-eaters to exert themselves, which probably arises partly from natural laziness, the use of this powerful narcotic does not appear to destroy the powers of the...
11 페이지 - Bannis war, and as the Russians had entered Persia, the Mirs had taken this mode of prudently making friendly advances to our government. Few gave them credit for sincerity in the reason assigned ; and several of my friends were strongly of opinion that I ought not to venture into Sindh without some specific assurance of protection. " For my own part I had ever felt a feverish anxiety to cross the forbidden frontier, and particularly to view the classic river Indus.
69 페이지 - They are utterly lost who have slain their children foolishly/ without knowledge;' and have forbidden that which GOD hath given them for food, devising a lie against GOD.
45 페이지 - ... attention to cleanliness, in the scene before me. There was no gaudy show of tinsel or scarlet; none of that mixture of gorgeousness and dirt to be seen at the courts of most Hindoo princes ; but, on the contrary, a degree of simple and becoming elegance, far surpassing any thing of the kind it had ever been my fortune to behold. The ameers and their attendants were habited nearly alike, in angricas or tunics of fine white muslin, neatly prepared and plaited so as to resemble dimity...
107 페이지 - Nuwab is a poet of no mean excellence ; and, although his verses arc filled with adulation, it would be unfair to detract from his merits on this account, or to condemn him for following the example of almost every Persian writer. He has composed also several large folios on the subject of medicine, gleaned chiefly from the dreams and theories of the ancients, but which, being supposed original, have gained for him the character of a sage in Sinde. Amongst his works, 1 must not omit to mention a...
158 페이지 - The Jadejas appear to have possessed but little weight and to have taken little interest in the struggle. Some remained at their forts entirely neutral, others served the contending parties for pay ; and although the Rao's person was in the hands of Fateh Mohammed, and Hansraj had not even the shadow of legitimate authority, the greater part of the Bhayad were entertained in his service or attached to his party.
26 페이지 - ... expulsion of the previous dynasty of the Caloras, which had held the government for nearly a century previous, as tributaries, successively, to the Delhi Emperors, Nadir Shah, Ahmed Shah Douranee, and his son. The eldest and principal of these Ameers, Futteh Ali Khan, whose bravery and perseverance had been chiefly instrumental in effecting the change, was by the general voice called to the direction of affairs, and was shortly afterwards confirmed as ruler of the country, by the patent of the...
45 페이지 - European, and one accustomed to form his notions of native ceremony by a much humbler standard, it was particularly gratifying to observe the taste displayed in dress, and the attention to cleanliness, in the scene before me. There was no gaudy show of tinsel or scarlet ; none of that mixture of gorgeousness and dirt to be seen at the courts of most Hindoo princes, but, on the contrary, a decree of simple and becoming elegance, far surpassing any thins of the kind it had ever been my fortune to behold.

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