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Jehovah! Then would be experienced a plexed at all? No. His lips move; I more unruffled peace and richer joys of catch the dying whisper, “ Trust in God Christian communion ; the Church possess and ye need not fear;" and now the wheels a greater concentration of power; broader of life stand still. Farewell, great and schemes of philanthropy and mercy be good man ; thy memory is embalmed in projected ; and the complete downfall of the minds of all future generations ! Satan's kingdom be reckoned upon as And I love the memory of John Wesley. surely at the door.

Never having walked where he walked, • Fly swiftly round, ye wheels of time,

slept where he slept, nor passed under the And bring the welcome day.”

shadows of a church where he preached, But to return, and yet not enlarge. I I have consequently never experienced love the memory of Jonathan Edwards. emotions parallel with those incident to ( never listen to the chimes of that same my rambles about Northampton. Yet old bell which used to summon him to the

having learned to pronounce his name in pulpit, without being thrilled with emo the nursery, the incidents of his life being tions that labor in vain for birth. Methinks among the most familiar tales of my childI see him as he then appeared, in full

hood, catechized and drilled from the first ministerial dress, stately, serene, earnest,

dawn of my intellectual being in the expeditious, fearless, going reverently into doctrines he promulgated, and always the desk, placidly eyeing his immense con

familiarized to the forms of worship he gregation, looking the very pattern of a

instituted or sanctioned, why should I not " teacher sent from God." And then the love the memory of John Wesley? How deep intonations of his prayers, followed by

humbly did he walk; how sincere was sermons composed for the occasion, and

his piety; what harmony existed between designed expressly to probe and lay open his judgment and passions ; how clear the innate and malignant depravity of the

were his preceptions of truth and duty; hearers' hearts. For a while stillness

what faith, love, decision, and persevering reigns; then deep sighs. Anon a shriek

energy did he manifest in the work of God; of despair, or a shout of joy. Finally, the

what strength of intellect, what magpower of God sweeps through the house, nanimity of soul, what unbounded philanand the “slain of the Lord are many !”

thropy and catholicity were manifested at I follow him into the bosom of his numer

all times, under all circumstances, and ous family, and am charmed by his even

everywhere; yea, with what cheerful and ness of temper, the sanctified familiarity

rapid movement did he fly through all the of his caresses, the symmetry and effi

land, seizing and molding with a powerciency of his domestic government, (in the

ful and plastic hand the depraved and establishment and execution of which, how

unpropitious facts of human condition, ever, he was assisted by a wife of seraphic

turning the ways and fields of rugged disposition and qualifications,) and the un

wickedness into paths of peace and gardens disturbed happiness which continually pre

of the Lord ! Furthermore, and finally, vails. I peep into his study. In his broad

what a long life was his, and how triumand well-balanced head I see the gradual phantly did he die ! development of the profoundest system

I love to think of Edwards and Wesley of philosophy ever announced to the theo- together. True, one was a Calvinist and logical world by one uninspired; and in

the other an Arminian; but both were his heart I hear the throes of a philan- evangelical. The first gathering up facts thropy boundless as the society of man.

of physical life and mental philosophy, Years pass on. I find myself in the cham- arranging and generalizing them on the ber where this good man meets his fate :

basis of a philosophical necessity, which

latter work perhaps was chiefly projected “ 'Tis privileged above the common walks

by the power of early prejudice, was thereOf virtuous life, quite on the verge of heaven."

by led so to interpret the language of He is far from home, under the power of inspiration as, on the whole, to be driven an acute malady, and it has just been an to the conclusion of “eternal decrees ;" nounced to him that he must die! The while the second, by a course somewhat soft hand of the companion of his youth parallel, but issuing from a different oriis not there to wipe the cold sweat from ginal source, heartily embraced and vehemhis brow. Is he agitated, alarmed, per ently propagated the doctrines of human


freedom and conditional election ; yet both of darkness. May Heaven speed the day were men of prayer, men of God, as was when the convergent enterprizes of evandemonstrated by the peculiar signs and gelical denominations shall all reach that wonders which followed their labors. given point, when the watchmen shall see Perhaps the same wisdom which originated eye to eye; the wolf dwell with the lamb; the different tastes and organizations of the leopard lie down with the kid ; the the human mind purposely directed that calf, young lion, and fatling, mingle togeEdwards should be preëminent in philoso-ther in docility; the cow and the bear phical power, and Wesley in practical feed in unison ; the lion eat straw like the power, thereby fitting them for equally ox; the sucking child play safely on the important though quite distinct fields of hole of the asp; the weaned child put his moral enterprize. And there are, doubt- hand unharmed upon the cockatrice's den ; less, thousands to-day engaged in swelling none in all the holy mountain be found with the harmonies of heaven through the a disposition to hurt or destroy; and the primary or secondary influence of each, earth be filled with the knowledge of the respectfully, whom neither the secondary glory of God, as the waters cover the sea. nor primary influence of either alone could have reached and converted. We would not

ONLY A TRIFLE. be understood to deny either that Wesley was philosophical or that Edwards was 66 MHAT'S right,” said I to my friend practical; but simply to affirm that the Simpkins, the baker, as the sicklylatter possessed the former qualification in looking widow of Harry Watkins went a degree so preëminent as to becloud his out of his shop-door with a loaf of bread practical powers; while the former pos- which he had given her—" that's right, sessed the latter qualification in a degree Simpkins; I am glad you are helping the so equally preëminent as to eclipse most poor creature, for she has had a hard time of his abstract and philosophic abilities. of it since Harry died, and her own health Hence, while the one is renowned for his failed her.” researches amid the foundations and fit

fit- Hard enough, sir, hard enough; and I nesses of things, and his emergencies am glad to help her, though what I give therefrom into solid generalizations, and her do ’nt cost much-only a trifle, sir !" keenly logical conclusions, the other is “ How often does she come ?” famed for his power of simplifying truth Only three times a week. I told her to the common mind; the projection and to come oftener, but she said that, with execution of the most enlarged schemes what I give her, and the little she earns at for the elevation and salvation of the human sewing, she has no necessity.”

Nor should we wonder that the one “And have you any more such customoccasionally accused the other of fanaticism

ers, Simpkins ?" and enthusiasm, while the other, in turn, Only two or three, sir.” retorted the charge of a slavish submission “Only two or three; why, it must be to questionable technicalities and fallacious quite a tax upon your profits!" postulations. The fruits of their labors “O no, not so much as you suppose : needed the bleaching suns, the pelting altogether it amounts to only a trifle." storms, and the unavoidable collisions of I could not but smile as my friend time, as also to be seen by the disciples of repeated these words ; but after I left each, in turn, from a distance of years, to him, I fell to thinking how much good he render them mutually apprehensible. is doing with “ only a trifle.” He sup

Thanks be unto God, while Edwards plies three or four families with the bread and Wesley, though on earth the propo- they eat from day to day; and though the gaters of systems of theology in some actual cost for a year shows but a small respects antagonistic, have long since sum in dollars and cents, the benefit construck the friendly hand in glory, their ferred is by no means a small one. A followers, forgetting the things which are sixpence, to a man who has plenty to "eat behind, and casting aside their nonessential and drink, and wherewithal to be clothed," differences of opinion, are assimilating and is nothing; but it is something to one on combining more and more, thereby be the verge of starvation. And we know coming increasingly efficient year by year not how much good we are doing when we for the ultimate destruction of the kingdom give "only a trifleto a good object.




DR. LOVICK PIERCE. OT the least among the eminent men but that his father and mother joined the

of the South is Dr. Lovick Pierce, society that very day; and in the evening the oldest effective Southern Methodist the old gentleman called the family in for preacher. Born in 1784, on Roanoke prayers, notifying them every one that they River, when three years old he was car- would have to take it in turns, from oldest ried by his father to the frontier of South to youngest, to lead the devotions. For Carolina, where he grew up much like an the first time sweet singing and fervent Indian, except that he was taught to work. prayers were heard in that pioneer's cabin. He never heard a prayer until twelve years Lovick and his brother also joined society of age ; but the rifle was familiar as a at the first opportunity; and, before long, household word from the time he was large the former, although so young, was made enough to handle it. In the early part of leader of a class, about eleven miles from 1799 James Jenkins, the first Methodist home. Reaching his appointment, on the preacher who visited that region, came first occasion, what was his surprise to into the neighborhood to organize a circuit, see the surrounding thickets filled with and secured a preaching place at the house the beasts” which had brought their backof Lovick's uncle. But the father held woods owners to the spot, and to learn “this people” in sovereign contempt ; that a man named Pierce was expected to nor did he deign, for months, to attend preach! Shy as a deer, what was he to Mr. Jenkins's appointment. At length, in do? He drew off to the bushes, got down August, Lovick and his brother begged behind an old log-a place where many and obtained permission to go and hear the great sermons have been wrought out in new preacher. On their return they days of yore-and, with many tears, prayed diffidently replied to the question, “How for help. Light and comfort came, and he did you like him?" in praise of Mr. Jenkins. was able to go through his duties. He This excited the interest of the old people, continued a class-leader for several years, and decided them to attend at the preach- and thus learned the art of public speaker's “next round.” What should fall out | ing preparatory to his higher calling.


In 1804, at Christmas, when the confer- could accomplish. Hardships were to be ence met, Lovick Pierce was admitted into undergone ; a saddle was sometimes their the traveling connection, and appointed to only pillow, the earth was their bed, and the Big Pedee circuit, having about thirty heaven's arch a covering; the panther's appointments and being three hundred scream was their lullaby, and the blazing miles around, with swamps to be threaded, light-wood knots their only defense against and creeks and rivers in abundance to be the savage cat of the forest and swamp.

A preacher's pay at this time The woodman's eye and skill were needed was eighty dollars per annum, having to keep “the bee line" and follow the recently been raised from sixty-four; and trail. Physical courage was in requisition, as a wife was too cumbrous a piece of for mobs must be met and ruffians frowned furniture for this nomadic life, if a man down. But as their day, so was their married he of course located. A broad strength. Stout of build and strong of brimmed hat and straight-breasted coat, limb, a finer looking body of men was always homespun—the color a matter of in- seldom seen than an annual conference of diff ce, but generally of a hue like unto the olden time. copperas-constituted the uniform of this

In such a body, even, Mr. Pierce would cavalry brigade. Their accouterments always be remarked for his person. He were saddle-bags, containing, as a sheath, was tall, lithe, and muscular; easy and the well-worn pocket Bible, Hymn-book, graceful in motion, calm and dignified in rest. and Discipline, besides a change or two of His face, in that early time, was notably linen. One of the superfluities proscribed, handsome, from which shone a pair of eyes as belonging in effect to the pomps and that might well be called beautiful. A vanities of the world, was suspenders. It / voice of great compass, volume, and flexiwould have been as much as a man's bility, gave him the orator's second initinerant caput was worth to put on a dispensable shaft. Simple in heart, with pair of "gallowses."

one lofty purpose-to do good-subjugaThe threshold of a house once crossed, ting every other wish, and hope, forth prayers were not omitted, if the consent of went the stripling of the woods, “strong the family could be obtained ; and wher- in the Lord and in the power of his might." ever a crowd was assembled, at funeral, His first sermon was delivered, after his wedding, or muster, a sermon was to be admission to conference, in the school preached. Only get listeners, then give house of the old neighborhood where he them the gospel in all its warmth and had been reared. He took his text, but power, and look at once for the fruit that was the last of it; for such was his revival“ right there and then." Up and embarrassment that he never caught sight at them,” was virtually the command of of it again. the iron-framed Asbury to his men, and It would be agreeable, did our space at them they went, pellmell; hurly-burly permit, to follow our youthful itinerant and down came the foe; for “ one chased through the toils of his early career into a thousand, and two put ten thousand to the rice fields of Carolina, or the newly flight.” The bounds of the South Carolina opened cotton lands of Georgia, as he Conference, that time, were from the shook the horny hand of the pioneer, and Atlantic and North Carolina on the north sat down with the poor man and his chiland east, to the Gulf and sunset on the dren in the log-cabin, with only one room, south and west.

or pursued by a drunken rowdy, wishing to Associated with a body of men in whose “get satisfaction” for the preacher's debreasts the love of duty had become a clining to take grog with him. But these master-passion, but whose early life had we pass, to introduce you, though uninvited, offered few or no opportunities for mental to a wedding, a scene worthy to be noted. education; whose hands had been hardened In his first year's travel he reached the by the plow-handles, and their bodies house of an old sister, to spend a few days, toughened by the use of the ax and the of rest. He observed that there was a chase, young Lovick started in his career great stir in the kitchen department—boilof calling sinners to repentance. Men of ing, roasting, baking, and such like seemed thews and sinews they had to be, for in full blast, but still he never drcamod its work was to be done which no puny in- significance. At length the day arrived, tellectualist, however gifted and tutored, and he was informed that one of the

Vol. III, No. 4.-Y

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damsels of the household was to be given less, one of the reasons why so many of
away in matrimony. At about ten o'clock the fathers have been students of men
A. M., the guests came thronging in, rather than books.
each horse heavily laden with its human The next year Bishop Asbury sent him
freight. In most cases, one man and one to Columbia, S. C. A Dr. Hall, from
woman sufficed for the back of a single Virginia, a man of some note, had filled
beast; but now and then the mother rode this appointment the preceding year, and
with her baby in her lap, while before rode the people were loth to part with him.
the father, holding on his hopeful son On representing the case to the bishop he
astride the horse's mane.

replied to them in a poor pun, for which The company had gathered, the hour had he was rather famous :

“ Last

year I arrived-for, be it remembered, in those Hall-ed (hauled) you, and you did little or days the fashionable hour for marrying nothing ; this year I shall pierce you, to was noon, the ceremony to be followed by see if you will not improve." a bountiful dinner-but there was no par Mr. Pierce found, in his new charge, son, for our friend was not authorized to between twenty and thirty members; but solemnize the rite, and the one engaged in two or three months a revival of refor the occasion had not arrived. Some ligion broke out which swept through the said the waters were up, and the parson population of the place, leaving scarcely could not get across. Pierce was then any of the young women unconverted. besieged to do the service, but he was firm This enraged the young students of the in his refusal. “ If you won't marry, University, who found it impossible to get then," said the uncle of the bride expectant, up a dance without going away down the "you must preach.” Preach he did; and Pedee for girls. To show their chivalrous after sermon came dinner. Still the parson | disapprobation of the “Methodist meeting," was expected, for messengers had been sometimes they would build fences, ten or dispatched to jog his laggard steps; but twelve rails high, across the street, near he came not. Again Mr. Pierce was the church, that the pious, at the close of besought to tie the knot, for, very naturally, the meeting, might have a trial of their the guests were not willing to go away patience; then, again, as a pleasant little disappointed, and bride and groom began freak, they would throw live geese through to feel that “hope deferred maketh the the windows, that their hissing might heart sick.” The young man, however, testify against the exercises. Opposition declined, and another sermon was the re to the contrary, however, the preacher sult. Supper came and went—no parson reported at the next conference an increase yet. A third sermon was just over, when of over one hundred in the membership; a nearing shout relieved the anxiety of all, and since then there has always been a and “the boys” brought in a “ tipsy black flourishing society in the capital of the coat,” not an uncommon thing in those days. Palmetto State. About ten o'clock at night, by the light of In 1809 the doctor was made presiding pine knots, the service was performed, elder in what were then the western settleand the twain were made one flesh. ments of Georgia. Here he met with two

In 1807 he was stationed in Augusta, persons, both interesting to him and others. and came near falling a victim to an ill- | The first was the lady who afterward bedirected zeal for study. Feeling keenly came his wife; the other was Hope Hull. his mental wants, he surrounded himself Better wife man nerer had. Through with such books as were to be had, and forty-one years of married life-thirty-five dedicated his days and nights to their of which her husband was a traveling mastery ; but the change from the free preacher or chaplain in the army, and life of the saddle and the woods, to the thirty of which he was away from homeeramped one of the garret and the lamp, this admirable woman conducted the affairs was too great for endurance. Not many of her house, regulating her expenditures months had passed ere both body and mind by their income, often scanty enough; began to sink. But for a timely interposition superintending the education of her chilhis career might have closed in an untimely dren, and supporting and befriending her grave, or prolonged itself awhile in the husband in his arduous toils. Her children more horrible confines of a mad-house. were her jewels; they tell what manner A little experience of this sort is, doubt- of woman she was.

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