Oriental and Western Siberia: A Narrative of Seven Years' Explorations and Adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and Part of Central Asia

J. W. Bradley, 1860 - 483페이지
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83 페이지 - He also, poor man ! received his three shillings and eightpence per month, and his bread. There are many men employed in these productions possessing great genius; were they free to use their talents for their own benefit, this country might send into civilized Europe numerous works of vast merit.
82 페이지 - ... in very high relief, and intended for a brooch. It was a splendid production of art, and would have raised the man to a high position in any country in Europe, except lius.sia.
101 페이지 - Near the scene of this heroine's adventure, two children, one four and the other six years old, rambled away from their friends, who were hay-making. They had gone from one thicket to another gathering fruit, laughing and enjoying the fun. At last they came near a bear lying on the grass, and, without the slightest apprehension, went up to him. He looked at them steadily without moving ; at length they began playing with him, and mounted upon his back, which he submitted to with perfect good-humor.
491 페이지 - PREFACE. The Personal Memorials, which compose so large a portion of these volumes, are from the pen of Gen. SP Lyman, whose intimate and confidential relations with Mr. Webster afford a sufficient guarantee for their authenticity. They are believed by the publisher to embrace a more copious collection of original and interesting memoranda, concerning the life and character of the great Statesman whose recent death has created so deep a sense of bereavement throughout the country, than has hitherto...
7 페이지 - Mine has been a tolerably wide field, extending from Kokhan on the west to the eastern end of the Baikal, and as far south as the Chinese town of Tchin-si, including that immense chain...
388 페이지 - A well-mounted kirghis held the bearcoote, chained to a perch, which was secured into a socket on his saddle. The eagle had shackles and a hood, and was perfectly quiet ; he was under the charge of two men. Near to the Sultan were his three hunters, or guards, with their rifles ; and around us were a band of about twenty kirghis, in their brightcoloured kalats ; more than half the number were armed with battleaxes. Taking us altogether, we were a wild-looking group, whom most people would rather...
390 페이지 - The kirghis sprung from his horse, slipped the hood over the eagle's head, and the shackles upon his legs, and removed him from his prey without difficulty. The keeper mounted his horse, his assistant placed the bearcoote on his perch, and he was ready for another flight. No dogs are taken out when hunting with the eagle : they would be destroyed to a certainty ; indeed the kirghis assert that he will attack and kill the wolf.
87 페이지 - I have seen and deeply regret being compelled to admit that, in some of the works near the Oural, certain departments have been conducted by my own countrymen who were evidently quite incompetent, as the Russian government have learned to their cost. The lapidaries of Ekaterineburg deserve most honorable mention : they have brought their art to great perfection in cutting the various stones found in Siberia, and some of them may vie with the best in Europe. About twenty-five or thirty years ago,...
226 페이지 - ... protecting the cans against the sun during their transport to the railway station, where the milk arrives shortly before the departure of the train. The milk cans are then conveyed to the city in special cold storage vans belonging to the State or to the company. The trains arrive at Copenhagen at ten o'clock in the morning, and at the same hour in the evening, carrying about 600 cans with a content of more than 6,000 gallons of milk and cream. The cans are weighed and a sample is taken of the...
494 페이지 - The First Prayer in Congress. Battle of Lexington. Fight at Concord Bridge. Capture of Ticonderoga. Battle of Bunker's Hill. Attack on Quebec. Attack on Sullivan's Island. The Declaration of Independence. Firmness of Washington. Capture of General Lee. Capture of General Prescott. General Prescott Whipped. Battle of Trenton. Battle of Princeton. General Lafayette. Battle of Brandywine. Battle of Germantowu.

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