Drydens heroische Tragödie: eine ästhetische Untersuchung

C. A. Wagners Hof- und Universitätsbuchdruckerei, 1911 - 78페이지

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66 페이지 - Yes, and a brave one ; but — Ant. I know thy meaning. But I have lost my reason, have disgraced The name of soldier, with inglorious ease ; In the full vintage of my flowing honours, Sat still, and saw it prest by other hands.
66 페이지 - Sat still, and saw it prest by other hands. Fortune came smiling to my youth, and woo'd it, And purple greatness met my ripen'd years. When first I came to empire, I was borne On tides of people, crowding to my triumphs ; The wish of nations, and the willing world Received me as its pledge of future peace...
61 페이지 - Nay, would do more than say : One moment longer, And I should break through laws divine and human, And think them cobwebs spread for little man, Which all the bulky herd of .nature breaks. The vigorous young world was ignorant Of these restrictions ; 'tis decrepit. now ; Not more devout, but more decay'd, and cold. — All this is impious, therefore we must part ; For, gazing thus, I kindle at thy sight, And, once burnt down to tinder, light again Much sooner than before.
70 페이지 - Would you triumph o'er poor Octavia's virtue? That pride was all I had to bear me up; That you might think you owed me for your life, And owed it to my duty, not my love. I have been injured, and my haughty soul Could brook but ill the man who slights my bed.
69 페이지 - Tis true, I have a heart disdains your coldness, And prompts me not to seek what you should offer; But a wife's virtue still surmounts that pride. I come to claim you as my own; to show My duty first; to ask, nay beg, your kindness: Your hand, my lord; 'tis mine, and I will have it.
25 페이지 - You see how little these great authors did esteem the point of honour, so much magnified by the French, and so ridiculously aped by us. They made their heroes men of honour; but so as not to divest them quite of human passions and frailties: they...
5 페이지 - Hierbei ist nicht zu übersehen, daß die dramatische Schuld nicht, wie die christliche Erbsünde, erst aus der Richtung des menschlichen Willens entspringt, sondern unmittelbar aus dem Willen selbst, aus der starren, eigenmächtigen Ausdehnung des Ichs, hervorgeht, und daß es daher dramatisch völlig gleichgültig ist, ob der Held an einer vortrefflichen oder einer verwerflichen Bestrebung scheitert.
75 페이지 - I made was this, that an heroic play ought to be an imitation, in little, of an heroic poem ; and, consequently, that love and valour ought to be the subject of it.
13 페이지 - Sa dignité demande quelque grand intérêt d'Etat, ou quelque passion plus noble et plus mâle que l'amour, telles que sont l'ambition ou la vengeance, et veut donner à craindre des malheurs plus grands que la perte d'une maîtresse.
47 페이지 - Almah. Why do you thus my secret thoughts pursue, Which, known, hurt me, and cannot profit you ? Your knowledge but new troubles does prepare, Like theirs who curious in their fortunes are. To say, I could with more content be yours, Tempts you to hope ; but not that hope assures. For since the king has right, And favoured by my father in his suit, It is a blossom which can bear no fruit.

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