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Mifs Anne Bell, daughter of the late William Bell, Efq. late in Cocklarachie. March 3. At Aberdeen, Capt. Livingflon, of the 30th regt. of foot, to Mifs Martin, only daughter of A. Martin, Efq. of Nellfield.

7. At Greenock, Mr John Ewart, of the Cuftoms there, to Mifs Borland, eldeft daughter of the late Mr, James Borland of Glasgow.

8. At Glasgow, Mr Robert Orr, manufacturer in Paisley, to Mifs Mary Paterfon, daughter of the late Mr Robert Paterfon, Sheriff-fubftitute of Renfrew fhire.

At Dunnachton, near Inverness, Mr William Mackintosh, furgeon in the Hon. Eaft India Company's fervice, to Mifs Jeffie Mackintosh, youngest daughter of the late Capt. Lauchlan Mackintofh of Balnefpick.

11. At Edinburgh, Francis Grant of Kilgrafton, Efq. to Mifs Ann Oliphant, eldest daughter of the deceased Robert Oliphant of Roffie, Etq.

17. At Pitmedden, Mr Wm. Black, merchant in Aberdeen, to Mifs Jean Stephen, daughter of Alex. Stephen, Efq. of Pitmedden.

- At Kintore, J. Davidfon of Kebbaty, Efq. Advocate in Aberdeen, to Mifs Farquhar, daughter of Bailie Farquhar, Kintore.

18. At Lady Stirling's, Chape Street, John McKenzie, Efq. merchant fn Glafgow, to Mifs Jean Maria Stirling, fecond daughter of Sir John Stirling of Glorat, Bart.


At Port-au-Prince, upon the 17th June 1795, Wm. Sinclair, Efq. M. D. purveyor to the hofpitals, and fon to Jas. Sinclair, Efq. of Forefs, Caithness.

At Port-au-Prince, St Domingo, on the 20th of October laft, Mr Rob. Wardrope, of his Majefty's fhip the Severn., In Nov. laft, in the island of Grenada, Col. Ralph Ramfay.

At Springvale, in St James's parish, Jamaica, on the 14th of December laft, while on military duty in oppofing the Maroon Indians, Mr John G. Ironfide.

In Jan. laft, William Ker, jun. of Kerfield, Lieutenant and Paymafter of the 26th regiment of Light Dragoons. He was one of the unfortunate paffengers on board the Fowler tranfport, which was wrecked on the coaft of Cornwall.

Jan. 31. At Dantzick, Mrs Elliot, the wife of Mr Elliot, merchant.

Feb. 11. At Barganie, John IIamilton, Efq of Barganie.

Ed. Mag. March 1796.

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. In the parish of Abernethy, Strathfpey, Donald Cameron, aged one hundred and two years.

16. At her house in New-Street, Canongate, Mrs Ann Smith, relict of Mr George Garden, late merchant in Banff.

At Glafgow, Mifs Chriftian Houfton, daughter of the late Alex. Houfton, Efq. of Jordanhill.

17. William Denholm, Efq. of Birkwood, aged 71.

- At his houfe of Balville, in Badenoch, Invernessshire, James M'Pherson, Efq. Member of Parliament for Camelford, a gentleman well known in the li terary world. His beautiful translation of the poems of Offian, from the Gaelic language (which was the tranflator's native tongue,) has preferved from that oblivien, to which it was faft haftening, a ftrain of poetry the most fublime and pathetic. Mr M Pherfon will long be re membered, and his death lamented by thofe friends who have fo often enjoyed the converfation of his original genius, whofe wit and humour never failed to please.

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At the Manfe of New Machar, in the 28th year of her age, Mrs Harriot Reid, wife of the Rev. Mr William Stronach, and youngest daughter of the late Sir James Reid, Bart.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Eleanora Bruce, wife of Mr James Gray, writer in Edinburgh.

19. At Ayr, Mrs Bowie, wife of William Bowie, Efq. of that place, formerly hofpital furgeon for the ifland of Antigua.

20. At Borrowftounnefs, Mr Robert Grinly, fhipmafter.

At Glasgow, James Dennistoun of Colgrain, Efq. Feb. 20.


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Feb. 20. Thomas Stratton, Efq. of the Grove, Hackney.

21. At Aberdeen, Mr Alex. Abernethy, merchant.

- At Glack, Mrs Margaret Mackenzie, wife of Roderick Mackenzie, Efq. of Glack.

- At Mr White's houfe, North St David's Street, Major Cornelius Grant, late in the Eaft India Company's fervice.

21. At Aberdeen, Alex. Robertfon, Efq. late of the island of Grenada.

At his houfe in London, Dr John Steuart, phyfician.

24. At Aberdeen, Miss Abernethie of Mayen.

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At London, Major James Campbell, of the marines.

At Hightae, Mifs Sufanna Lindfay, the only reprefentative of an ancient refpectable family there.

25. At her house at Silver Mills, Mrs Margaret Gifford, relict of Mr Nicol Somervell, late painter in Edinburgh.

Mifs Charles Blackftock, youngeft daughter of the deceafed Mr Charles Blakftock, late furgeon in Dumfries.

- At Guernfey, after a fhort illnefs, in the 70th year of his age, Lieutenant-Governor John Small.

26. At Edinburgh, Mifs Grizel Fall, eldeft daughter of the deceased Mr Geo. Fall, writer to the fignet.

27. At Kilmarnock, Mifs Barbara Morris, daughter of the deceafed Doctor William Morris, in the 78th year of her age.

Lately at Briftol, Capt. Inglis, many years a respectable Commander of a fhip from that port to the Weft Indies.

March 3. Robt. Dick, Efq. Advocate, Profeffor of Civil Law.

5. At Dumfries, Mrs Gillefpie, widow of Mr Andrew Gillespie of Stonehoufe.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Davidfon, wife of John Davidson, Efq. of Halltree, wri ter to the fignet.

6. In the neighbourhood of Dumfries, Leidowes Reid, aged 101.

At Edinburgh, Mr William Auguftus Wifhart, Solicitor at law.

7. At Ardlogie, in the 84th year of his age, William Stuart, Efq. of Lonehead.

8. At Glasgow, Mr David Edmond, merchant.

9. At the Manfe of Crimond, the Rev. Mr James Johnstone, minifter of Crimond, in the 83d year of his age, and 49th of his miniftry.

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- At Stewarton, the Rev. Thomas Maxwell, Minifter of that parish.

14. At Aberdeen, in the 18th year of his age, Mr Montagu Beattie, fon of Dr Beattie, Profeffor of Moral Philosophy in the Marifchal College.

At Inverek, Archibald Chriftie, Efq. late of Ratho.

At Edinburgh, Alexander M'Crae, Efq. of the island of Jamaica; a gentleman who had but lately returned with a plentiful fortune, moft honourably acquired, to spend his laft days in his native country.

15. At Dalnotterhill, Mifs Jean Hamilton, daughter of the late James Hamilton of Barns, Efq.

16. At Bristol, Mils Ramfay, daughter of William Ramfay, Efq. of Barnton. 17. At Whitefoord, near Paisley, Mr John Kibble.

19. At Muffelburgh, Mifs Jane Gordon, eldest daughter of Mr James Gordon, Banff.

At Birkhill, Mrs Catharine Wedderburn, widow of David Scrymgeour of Birkhill, Efq. Advocate.

-At the Milton of Orr, in Galloway, Mr Andrew Boyd, preacher of the gospel.

At Birkhall, Charles Gordon, Esq. of Abergeldie, aged 72.

22. At Edinburgh, Capt. Jas. Hamilton of Broomhill.

23. At Edinburgh, Alexander Macconochie, Efq. one of the Commiffioners of the Cuftoms for Scotland.

24. At his houfe in Queen Street, Alexander Steuart, Efq. of Torrence.

16. At Edinburgh, Mrs B. Douglas. daughter of the deceafed Jas. Douglas, Efq. of Dornock.



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With a View of STONEBYRES on the River Clyde.

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- 300

Register of the Weather for April,244 Books. and Pamphlets published
Defcription of the View,
Account of Sir Wm. Chalmers, ib.

245 in March. 1796,

of Jas.Macpherfon, Efq, 247 of a Dutch Drum, 249 Trial of John and Arthur O'Neils, for Murder, (concluded,) - 251 Origin of the Fictions concerning the Land of Dorado, -? 255 Popular Poetry of the Efthonians, 257 Italian Method of reckoning the Hours," Parts of Women played by Men at the Theatre of Rome, Manners and Customs of the People in and about Naples, - 269 History of Jews in England, 272 Account of the New Academy of Arts and Sciences, and of fome other recent National Inftitutions in France, for the promotion of Knowledge,

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The Twin-Brothers of Mezzora-
nia ; Tale,

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- 274

Minutes of Agriculture, from the
Reports of the Agricultural
Board, -



of Great Britain,




The Bird-Catcher and Canary :
an affecting Anecdote,. - 285
Albert and Emma: an interest-
ing History,

of the Seventeenth Parliament



Interefting Intelligence from the

London Gazettes,



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Affairs in Scotland,




Retrofpective View of the Drama,296




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at Inverary,Perth,

Dumfries, Glasgow and Ayr, 321

ib. Births, Marriages and Deaths, 322

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