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... Chicago Galesburg ... Chicago Galesburg


LAW COMMITTEE. Chas. WERNO, Chairman....... Chicago E. D. McCULLOCH...


.Chicago E. L. CHAPIN.

Springfield M. E. VASEN.

... Quincy PUBLICITY COMMITTEE. TERRY SIMMONS, Chairman... Marseilles F. M. BROWN..

Champaign NEIL LYKKE.

... Chicago E. R. PARTLOW.

.Danville C. F. BILHORN.


Building Association League

of Illinois.

Secretary's Office, Quincy, Ill.

Mark D. RIDER, President.....
O. W. WALKUP, Vice-president...
ADOLPH MACAL, Second Vice-president...
LAKE W. SANBORN, Treasurer....
B. G. Vasen, Secretary...

SAMUEL OWINGS, Chairman, ... Mattoon

... Chicago PAUL KRAEMER.


..Chicago E. B. KREIS.....

Rock Island
H. J. MAGNER.. ..... Taylorville

JOHN L. Novak, Chairman..... Chicago



District No.
i Oscar Kuehne, John N. Jacobson.. Chicago
2 John Czekala, A. J. Wlodarski..... Chicago
3 Jos. L. Voborsky, J. J. Janda.. Chicago
4 Niel Lykke, W. C. McClain. . Chicago
5 John Wetzel..

..Sterling 6 F. W. Pohl..

...Joliet 7 F, A, Hathaway.

...Ottawa 8 T. G. Peacock..

.Monmouth 9 C. H, Mead..

... Augusta 10 J. F. Culp...

.Mason City 11 C. L. Farrington..

East Peoria 12 A. Schneider..

.Kankakee 13 A. H. Cline...

..... Paris A, W. Shera.

.. Charleston

District No. 14 J. D. Crammond. 15 Ona L. Cline. 16 W. J. Aurelius.. 17 H. J. Magner..

John W. Rea.. 18 Isaiah Stewart. 19 Ward Reid... 20 C. R. Hissrich.. 21 F. B. Stephenson. 22 W. R. Strawn.. 28 C. E. Joyner.. 24 C. M. Bradley.

Gibson City

. Monticello Springfield .Taylorville ..Litchfield


.. Greenville East St. Louis


Albion ..Harrisburg Murphysboro

ciations are doing for Illinois.

What Building Associations are doing in the Commonwealth of Illinois, with 610 Associations in Operation now and with upwards of a half million

residents interested. Statistics taken from the State Auditor's

Report covering the operation of about 591 Associations.

HE greatest good accomplished by building associaitons is the providing of homes. If there is an aspiration that all humanity is endowed with, it is the

aspiration or instinct to provide a home. There is certainly no worthier object. It not only gives comfort, but also contentment. The home owners are the best class of our people. Men will hesitate on committing an act of foolishness or extravagance if their family shelter is thereby jeopardized.

“That building, loan and homestead associations have been of great economic value to the people of our state is recognized by all who are conversant with the subject. The benefit derived through increasing the number of home owners and by enlarging the opportunities of the provident to accumulate savings cannot be measured in figures. Ownership of property, be it much or little, tends to quicken an interest in public affairs and thus to diminish opportunities for doing evil by the miseducated, indolent and depraved. The fact that one is on the assessment roll tends to that conservatism and independence so essentially necessary to the well-being of the government, and especially is this true to a government whose citizens are so vested with such wide powers in matters of legislation and administration."

With machinery for successful co-operation; with its beneficient influence in the respective communities; by accumulating its working capital exclusively from its membership; by adhering faithfully to the gospel of home building,—the building, loan and homestead association has gained for itself a peculiarly and enviable position. That in no less degree it has captured the good will of the public is evidenced by the recent action of the National Congress in exempting the domestic building and loan associations from the war tax. This position, influence and good will should not be lost through an unwise departure from fundamental principles.”

" The American Home, the Safeguard of American Liberties."

..East Liverpool 1 H. F. CELLARIUS.

President-James M. McKay..

First Vice-President-WM. R. CREER.

Second Vice-President-K. V. HAYMAKER.

Secretary-CHARLES H. BROWN...

.46 E. Gay St., Columbus

JOHN J. PURINTON.. East Liverpool F. H. VORJOHAN..

.Reading Chas. H. BROWN. ...Columbus L. M. STUDEVANT.

Sidney JAMES M, MCKAY. Youngstown W. G. MCCLAIN..

.Bellaire WILLIAM R. CREER. Cleveland S. RUFUS JONES,

... Dayton EMERY R. HIETT.. ..Toledo H. C. CLIPPINGER.

Delaware JULIUS WHITING, JR. ..Canton F. L WELLS.

.Wellsville K. V. HAYMAKER... Defiance W. D. TREMPER..

.Portsmouth H. F. CELLARIUS. Cincinnati L. L. RANKIN..

.Columbus FRED W. TORNER.. .Marietta C. J. McKee

..Dayton J. J. STODDART..

. Columbus



...Sidsey CHAS. H. Brown... ..

JAMES M. McKay.......... Youngstown

FRANK R. SCHWARTZ.. ...Columbus CHARLES E. Lynch...

F. M. COOKE.....


JOHN J. PURINTON, President, East Liverpool, Ohio.

Cincinnati Cons". Cleveland
Home s., B. & L.
Bucyrus L & B. Aus'a. Citizens' B. Ass'n No. 2.

Cech B. & L. An'a.
People's S. &L
Clark Street L. & B. Co.

Cleveland S. &L Co. Akron S. & L.

Cleveland B. Ass'n Co.

Cuyahoga B. & L Co. Citizens S. & L.

Clifton Heights No. 2.
The Cadiz B. & L. A.
Home S. & L.

L. & B. Co.

Economy B. & L. Co. W. H. Evans B. & 1

Equity S. &L Co.
Columbian B. & L. Aes'n

Mravenec B. & L Ass's
Permanent S. & L.
Caldwell B. &L Co.

Delta L. Ass'n Co.

Mutual B. & lavest. CA Alliance

Deutscher Landwehr B. &

Ohio Mutual S. & L. Co. CambridgeAlliance B. & S.

Obio S. &L Co.

L. Co.
Industrial B. & L.
Cambridge L. & B.

Provident B. &L A's
Guernsey B. & L. Co.
Eagle S. & L. Ass'a.

South Side German Ashland

East End L. Ass'n Co.

Ass'a. Ashland B. & L.


Elberon B. & L. Ase'a, Union S. & L. Co. Ashtabula

The Camden L. & B. Aas'ı Ernst Sta. L. & B. Ass'n. Ashtabula Co. B. & L.

Evanston B. & L. Co.

Westside S. &L Co.
Canal Dover-
Harbor B. & L.

First Ward B. & L. Asta
Dover B. & L. Co.

Peoples B. &L

Fortschritt Bau Verein.

Citizens B. &L Co, Barnesville

Fundamental B. & L. Co.

Home S., B. &L
People's B. & L.
Citizens B. & L. Co

Germania Bldg. Ass's Co.
The Home B. & L. Co Savings and Loan Co.


No. 8.
Gest Street B. Ass'n No. I.

Home B. &L Co.
Buckeye S. & L.
Carthage S. & L. Ass'n,

Gloria L. & B. Co.
The Belmont S. & L. Co.

Hewitt Ave. L. & B. Co. College HOL

Highland Ave. L. & B. Co. Coliere Hil L & B. Ces Bellefontaine

Cedarville B. & L. As'a. June St. B., S. & L. Co. Bellefontaine B. & L.

Madison Road S. & L. CA. Columbus
Citizens B. & L.

Mohawk Place B. & L. Co.

Allemania B. &L Ce.
Savings B. & L. Co.
Mercer Co. B. & L. Ass'n.
Music Hall L. & B. Co.

Buckeye State B. &La Bellevue CenterburgNew Buckeye L. & B. Co.

Central B., L. & S. Co. Industrial S. & L.

Oak L & B. Co.

Central Ohio B. & L Ca. Centerburg B. & L. Co.

O'Bryonville B. & L. Co. Belpre

Columbian B. &L Co Chillicothe Belpre B. & L. Co.

Ohio Mechanics B. & L.

Dollar B. &L Co.

E. End B. & L. Co.

Fidelity B., L&S Co.
The Fidelity B. & L. Co.

Ohio Valley L. & B. Co. People's B. & L. Co.

The Fireside B&L CA Mutual L & S. Co.

Old Glory

B. & L. Co. Franklin L&S. Co. Bloomdale

Pleasant B. & L. Ass'a Co. Home B. & L. Ann Bloomdale B. & L.

Poplar B. & L. Co.

Lilley B. &L Co.
Blue Ash
Advance B. & L. Co.

Quick Withdrawal Bldg. Midland B. & L As's a Blue Asb B. & L. Co. Allemania L. & B. Ana'a Ass'n Co.

Mutual S. & L. Asr's
Co. No. 2.

Reading Road L. & B. Co. Ohio B. &L Co.
Bowling Green-
Apollo S. & L. Co.

Republic L. & B. Co. Ohio State S&L Ak'e.
B. & L.
Argon B. & L. Co.

San Marco B. & L Ass'n Park S. Co.
Bond HOL
Aurora B. & L Co.


People's S. Ass'ı CA Bond Hill B.

Bank St. B. Ase'n Co. Seveath Ward L & B. Co. Railroad Employu 1&1 Bridgeport

Burnet Woods B. & S. Co. Vendome B. & L. Ca

Business Men's B. Ass'ı Walnut Hills S&L Co. Bridgeport S., L. & B.

Scioto B, &L Co. & L. Co,

Western Hills B. & S. Co. Union B. & S. Ca. Brookville

Central Fairmount LR Woodburn Ave. B. & L. Co West Side B. &L A Brookville B. & S.

B. Co.

Workingmen's German B.
Cincinnati Workingmen's & S. Co.

Home S., L. & B. Ass'n

Club B. &L Co. Young Men's B. & L Co. Home B., L & S. CA


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