A User's Guide to the Holy Eucharist Rites I and II

Church Publishing Incorporated, 1997. 7. 1. - 96페이지
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Become a full partner in the worship of God using these guides, which illuminate the theology, history, and practical concerns of each part of the liturgy. These two new guides are designed to help newcomers, confirmation classes, and lay members understand and appreciate the Episcopal liturgy. They invite the person in the pew to participate in the service, not merely as a spectator, but as a full partner in the worship of God in community. Developed specifically to address the needs of inquirers and others not familiar with the book of Common Prayer, each volume provides an easily accessible introduction to the liturgy. They provide running commentary on the major services of the Prayer Book on pages facing the text along with glossaries and lists of books for further reading. "The only way you can really get to know God is through prayer, and the Prayer Book sets out a pattern that has been used by saints and sinners for centuries. No other book will give you as much help in building your faith as the Book of Common Prayer, and (these volumes) will get you started on understanding that book." -- Christopher L. Webber Christopher L. Webber is an Episcopal priest who has served inner city, suburban, and overseas parishes. He is the author of Welcome to the Episcopal Church, The Vestry Handbook (Rev. ed)., The Art of the Homily, and Planning Your Marriage Service, all available from Morehouse Publishing.

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저자 정보 (1997)

Christopher L. Webber is well known in the Episcopal Church for his books. In addition to some 25 separate titles, he also has written hymns that are included in a number of hymnals. He writes frequently for the Living Church, Episcopal Life, Episcopal Caf , Diocesan newspapers, in addition to his own web site: www.clwebber.com. Webber is a graduate of Princeton and has two earned degrees plus an honorary doctorate from the General Theological Seminary.

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