Mysore and Coorg, a gazetteer


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456 페이지 - ... long ago. In fact, old records mention the existence of fine timber where such has wholly disappeared, owing, no doubt, to the reckless way in which the cultivators have cut down whatever they required, for agricultural implements, regardless of the destruction caused to young trees and saplings. No one ever thought of planting new trees to replace those that had been felled, and so, as population increased and agriculture spread, the few remaining forests rapidly disappeared. The denudation...
208 페이지 - Rayeel, as he is sometimes called, being afflicted with the rajpora, or royal boil, the disorder most fatal to opulent and luxurious Indians retired to the holy temple of...
23 페이지 - On being brought to court he denied all connection with his son's proceedings, but nothing could convince Muhammad Adil Shah of his innocence. Enraged at his supposed contumacy, the king ordered him to be confined in a stone dungeon, the door of which was built up, except a small opening, which he was told would be for ever closed if within a certain period his son did not submit.
77 페이지 - The batteries opened on the 17th, and the breach in what was named the lower wall of the rock, although at least fifteen hundred feet higher than its base, was deemed practicable on the 20th. Immediately overlooking it, at a precipitous height, and perfectly well situated for destroying, by the usual artillery of rocks and stones, every thing that should attempt to ascend beyond the breach, was a range of ancient wall.
22 페이지 - Sanad — a grant, a charter, a patent; a document conveying to an individual emoluments, titles, privileges, offices, or the government rights to revenue from land etc., under the seal of the ruling authority.
387 페이지 - Fall' pours in one unbroken column sheer to the depth of 830 feet. Half way down it is encountered by the Roarer, another fall, which precipitates itself into a vast cup and then rushes violently downwards at an angle of forty-five degrees to meet its famous compeer.
335 페이지 - It is nude, and faces the N. The face has the calm look usual in Buddhist statues. The hair is curled in short spiral ringlets all over the head.
271 페이지 - Seringapatam trunk road by a cross road from Maddur through Malavalli, 30 miles in length. The Kave-ri here branches into two streams, each of which makes a descent of about 200 feet, in a succession of picturesque rapids and waterfalls. The principal island embraced within these torrents, called Heggura, but more generally known by the name of Sivasamudram or Sivanasamudram (sea of Siva), — the ancient city, of which a few vestiges are strewed around, — is about 3 miles long by \ of a mile broad.
131 페이지 - There was no choice with regard to the face to be attacked, because except on the west the precipice was inaccessible. That point had been strengthened by a double line of ramparts ; and the foundation was laid for a third, which ultimately aided the assailants in forming their last lodgment. The defence was highly respectable, the ammunition of the cannon was well reserved, and the jinjals, or wall-pieces, were served with peculiar steadiness and skill...
388 페이지 - August, 30 years ago) and drew myself up to its edge, over which as I stretched my head a sight burst on the view which I shall never forget and can never hope to describe. I have since looked down the fuming and sulphurous craters of Etna and Vesuvius, but have never experienced the sensations which overwhelmed me in the first downward gaze into this (hibernice) volcano of waters : — for so it looks ; a chaotic scene that rivets with basilisk fascination tlie gaze of the spectator.

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