William Blackwood, 1879 - 213페이지

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93 페이지 - So beautiful she was — and I, Between my love and jealousy, Am so convulsed with hope and fear, Unworthy as it may appear; So bitter is the life I live, That, hear me, Hell ! I now would give To thy most detested spirit My soul, for ever to inherit, To suffer punishment and pine, So this woman may be mine. Hear'st thou, Hell ! dost thou reject it ? My soul is offered ! Demon [unseen]. I accept it.
12 페이지 - Castilian heroism; the chivalrous adventures of modern, courtly honour; the generous self-devotion of individual loyalty; and that reserved, but passionate love, which in a state of society where it was so rigorously withdrawn from notice, became a kind of unacknowledged religion of the heart; — all seem to find their appropriate home. And when he has once...
98 페이지 - Tis that enamoured Nightingale Who gives me the reply; He ever tells the same soft tale Of passion and of constancy To his mate, who rapt and fond. Listening sits, a bough beyond.
88 페이지 - ... Doth in its little space excel The grandest palace where a king doth dwell. Far better on some natural lawn To see the morn its gems bestrew, Or watch it weeping pearls of dew Within the white arms of the dawn ; Or view, before the sun, the stars Drive o'er the brightening plain their swiftly fading cars ; Far better in the mighty main, As night comes on and clouds grow...

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