An Historical View of the Philippine Islands: Exhibiting Their Discovery, Population, Language, Government, Manners, Customs, Productions and Commerce, 2권

Black, Parry, and Company, 1814
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116 페이지 - Leadenhall-street. and the atmosphere was entirely obscured by the sand and ashes thrown up by the volcano, so that at Manila, which is twenty leagues distant, it was scarcely possible to see even in the middle of the day, and at Cavite, which is rather nearer, the obscurity resembled the darkness of midnight.
170 페이지 - These dispositions being made, the city was delivered up to the pillage, and the soldiers spreading themselves over the town, plunder and robbery ... was accompanied by those atrocities which are usual with victorious troops although, to say the truth, there was no reason to complain of the English soldiers, as they were sufficiently moderate in comparison to what generally place on such occasions.
116 페이지 - ... not until nearly 50 years afterwards that the Augustinians resolved on its publication. The friar, whoever he •was, had visited the volcano, for he says in the 12th chapter of the 2nd. volume — " In the commencement of the government of Don Pedro Manuel de Arandia, in the month of December, 1754, there happened a terrible shock of an earthquake, and the Taal, •which is in the middle of the Lake Bombon in the province of Batangas, threw out such an immense quantity of cinders, as completely...
257 페이지 - Their bed is, for the most part, a simple mat, spread on the floor. Their food is rice, plain boiled, which they eat either with salted fish, or by putting into the water in which it is dressed a spice, which takes off its insipid taste. There are many lakes in the island of Lugon; the.
209 페이지 - Parian and scattered over the provinces and almost all of them declared for the English. The moment they took possession of Manila these Chinese gave them every aid and accompanied them in all their expeditions.
256 페이지 - Manilians are of a swarthy complexion, large and well made ; their dress is composed of a shirt of a kind of linen made of the filaments of the abaca, a species of palm ; this shirt is very short, and is worn over a large and wide pair of drawers: but their greatest luxury...
256 페이지 - Over all is worn a mantle, for the most part black, which covers the body from head to foot. Their hair, which is black and highly beautiful, sometimes reaches to the ground : they bestow the greatest care...
145 페이지 - Draper, who commanded the troops, stating, that they had orders from the King of Great Britain to take possession of these islands, and they demanded an immediate surrender, for if any resistance were made, having a force sufficiently formidable to attain the object in view, they should commence hostilities as soon as they received an unfavourable reply.
13 페이지 - They were all monopolizers, watching narrowly the wants of the inhabitants, and the demand for different articles of consumption, which they kept back until they rose to their price.
257 페이지 - This lake is bounded on the west by high mountains ; the level country is fertile, and is inhabited by a people of gentle manners : they employ themselves in manufacturing matting, cloth, and different fabrics, from the abaca. Perhaps the first monks who were sent to convert them were attracted there by the mildness of their character.

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