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* Your office is the place where you must spend most of your time-let it be seen that you are there--visiting just enough for relaxation.

“ The virtue and prosperity of our children are the highest gratifications we can receive-let it be your care not to deprive us of your share of these inestimable blessings.

“ To be beloved at home should be every body's particu

lar study."

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“Yet fear not, you will soon do better, I know you will I should not say better, for you have already done more than we had any right to expect—continue to be cheerfulnot only “because” you see the respect that is paid to wealth : but from a better motive-because, patient industry, and rigid frugality, with tolerable talents, and such a moral conduct as will induce the world to place confidence in you—if blessed by that providence whom I constantly implore to prosper you, as you may deserve-must eventually ensure success to your hopes, if they are as moderate as they ought to be.

“ You need not go so far back as the days of Shakespeare and Dryden, for examples of greater struggles with the world than you have yet experienced.—They are common every day. Most young men in our country, have their own fortunes to make, and those who have the greatest difficulties, make the greatest characters, and often find much happiness in the exertion of their energies,' (as the President says.")

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“.Whenever you begin to talk of a wife, I shall begin to talk volumes of advice to you. Remember this is of all others the most interesting subject to you, consequently to me too. I question indeed if any young man ever chose his wife by prescribed rules. Fancy will govern, and she ought to have great weight. But experience may give rules to detect madam Fancy when she is playing pranks and blindfolding the judgment."

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“I hope you are not going to be discouraged because business does not come alike every day—clouds pass over the sun, yet he shines again-you have done wonderfully well, and will succeed eventually by the practice of diligence and frugality.

“ The country, and particularly this place, is now more beautiful than painting or poetry can imitate—the prospect is enchanting, and I was ever an enthusiastic admirer of rural scenes; but I daily feel that enchanting prospects, like the best written books, will not completely gratify the mind without a companion to discuss their beauties with. Society, and most of the things that constitute happiness with me, are as much out of my reach here as if I lived in Greenland.”


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“ I am very much gratified that you have, in your way, met with a book which argues on the truth of the Christian religion in a manner convincing to your mind. I wished to lead you to the examination, for I always told you it required but to be understood to induce the fullest belief."

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“ Do not lose any time, it is a precious article which you cannot recall. Set about your studies and determine to be all Nature has allowed you to be you want not abilities, nothing but application.”

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“Our papers will inform you, at a distance from the city, of the launch of the Franklin: but nothing that I have yet seen, will give you any idea of the grandeur and beauty of the spectacle! The steady and easy movement of a body so enormous, excited at once all the ideas of grace, majesty and strength, and was hailed, of course, with the most unbounded acclamations! But its duration was too short to make an impression, and the pleasure, therefore, cannot be recalled. But the immense multitude of spectators—crowded-scattered and disposed into such varieties of forms—with the stately evidence of their country's greatness at anchor in the midst of the assem. blage-might be contemplated for a long time and is still recollected with sensations of wonder and delight. Above all, and most enchanting, was the surface of the Delaware,-covered almost literally, with vessels of every description, brigs, steam-boats, schooners, batteaux-loaded almost to sinking, with men, women, and childrenseated on the decks, perched in the yards, or hanging by the ropes—flying streamers, white muslin dresses, and green umbrellas--and these all in motion : while the clear sun-beams, sparkling on the undulating waters—forming altogether a scene inexpressibly fine! It was beauty, and splendour, and gaiety united!"

“I do not like your backwardness to go

into company nor do I like to hear one so young as you talk of “ society caring nothing for you”—you had better persuade yourself that you are of some consequence in the world—that you may

be stimulated and encouraged to render yourself an object worthy of the care of society. I do not, as I have before told you, desire you to spend all


leisure hours in society; but it is due to yourself and the world, to spend so much time in company as will give some polish to your manners, and will show to the world that you think their favour worth seeking. No man ever yet had friends, who did not think it worth while to look for them."

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“You ask me if you ought to refuse to work on Sunday. You have an infallible rule by which to judge in all cases. No man has a right to command you to do an immoral thing. In all things indifferent, you are to obey those under whose authority you are. But some people, by some sort of specious reasoning, endeavour to persuade themselves, that certain things are not wrong which they wish to do—although they are conscious that they are not right—now this, of doing some work occasionally on the Sabbath, is of that sort. It is therefore proper, that when you refuse such a command, you do it with humility and respect, implying that your employer does not view it in the light that you do—otherwise he would not ask you to do what you have been told was a breach of a divine injunction.

“ Although motives of interest may have their weight in a world where we want many things-yet they are too


mean to become the sole incentive to your actions. Study to please those with whom you are in any way connected, because it is your duty to do so :-Let that be the great governing motive in all


actions. “ If you conduct yourself well, it will reflect much more honour on yourself, now that you are far from us, than it would do, if you had us continually at your elbow to jog your memory-take care, therefore, to gain credit to yourself by the steady practice of good nature to your associates-obedience to your master-politeness to every body-and unremitted attention to gain a complete knowledge of your business.”

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“Mr. Wilson, in a late lecture, insisted strenuously on the duty of

ristians to “reprove one another"-and, if a Christian's duty, how much more so, a mother's duty. She must know her child better than any one else can know him, and she cannot possibly have any motive in saying unpleasant things but to the advantage of her child. And she of all others must be most unwilling to give pain to him.”

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“Religion belongs not exclusively to any profession. It is my earnest prayer that it may be found adorning the lives of all my dear children, whatever else may be their

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“ I hope you will make it your constant endeavour, by your good conduct, to deserve attention; and by informing your mind, and improving your manners, to render your

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