GB 4789.19-2024 Translated English of Chinese Standard (GB 4789.19-2024, GB4789.19-2024): National Food Safety Standards--Food Microbiological Inspection--Sampling and Sample Processing of Eggs and Egg Products

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This Standard specifies the sampling and sample treatment methods of eggs and egg products. This Standard applies to the sampling and sample treatment of eggs and egg products. 2 Equipment and Materials 2.1 Sampling tools The sampling tools shall be made of stainless steel or other materials of appropriate strength, with smooth surfaces, no gaps, and rounded corners. The sampling tools shall be cleaned, sterilized, and kept dry before use. The sampling tools include sampling tubes or scoops, electric drills (high speed) with 25mm ¡Á 406mm drill bits or hand drills, hammers and steel bars (305mm ¡Á 51mm ¡Á 6mm) or other can opening tools, spoons, axes or chisels, and grain sampler of appropriate length, etc. 2.2 Sample container The material (such as glass, stainless steel, plastic, etc.) and structure of the sample container shall be able to fully ensure the original state of the sample. Containers and lids shall be clean, sterile, and dry. The sample container shall be of sufficient volume so that the sample can be fully mixed before testing. The sample containers include sampling bags, sampling tubes, sampling bottles, etc. 2.3 Other supplies It includes alcohol lamp, thermometer, aluminum foil, sealing film, markers, sampling registration form, etc. 3 Sampling 3.1 Sampling principles and sampling plan GB 4789.19-2024 ? Buy True-PDF ? Auto-delivery. Page 5 of 7 The sampling principles and the sampling plans shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of GB

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