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W AR is no more ; those thunders cease to roll,

That lately shook the globe from pole to pole ;
When Britain fought and triumph'd o'cr her foe
Wherever winds can wafi or waters flow.
She, and she only could, bade discord ccafe,
And, having humbled, gave the nations prace.
May its wijb'd influence thro' this favour'd ille,
On every brow, in every bofom, Smile!
'Twas union made her queen of land and main,
'Tis that alone her triumphs can maintain ;
Improve those blefings, arts will nozu adorn,
And send them safe to Britons yet unborn.

Qb, might no other frife your hearts divide,
Than bow a culprit-autbor. should be try'd!
Ours, wbom no mean, no partial interejt moves,
Would be the victim of that peace he loves,
Yet why this fear? Good-nature is your boaft,
And who moà want it, ever feel it moft.
Abroad you knew to conquer and to spare ;
And, as your cause, your condu&t too was fair :
Then what you gave fa nobly to the foe,
At home and to a friend you sure will serv.

His scenes to-night no feign'd adventure bring ;
If tears shall flow, from real ills they spring.
What Lisbon trembling law and truly mourn'd,
What her first muse in epic Arains adorn’d,
What Paris next bedew'd with copious tears,
Noqu to the fons of Britain late appears.
To you, wherever truth and nature reign,
And terror shakes, and pity melts the Arain;
Woerever these declare the genuine bard,
Your warm applauses are his sure reward:
Then while such judges Atrike our author's viego,
His fears are from himself, and not from 50%.

[blocks in formation]



Don Alonzo IV. King of Portugal,
Don Pedro, his son,
Don Rodrigo, a Prince of the blood,
Don Alvarez, a Grandee of Portugal,

Drury-Lane. Mr. Garrick. Mr. Holland. Mr. Packer. Mr. Love. Mr. Castle. Mr. Ackmana

W O M E N.

The Queen,

Mrs. Pritchard. Almeyda, her daughter,

Miss Bride. Elvira, Maid of Honour to the Queen, Miss Younge,

An Ambassador from the King of Castile.

Courtiers, Guards, Attendants.

SCENE, the Palace of Alonzos



The lines distinguished by inverted comas, 'tbus,' are omitted in tbe

Represenierion, and those printed in Italics are tbe additions of the beatre

Enter Rodrigo and Alvarez.

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TEALTH to your Highness !

Rod. Brave Alvarez, welcome!
This long-expected, this auspicious morn,
Will see confirm’d the league of amity
Betwixt Caftile and Portugal. You time
Your wish'd arrival well, to be at once
The witness and partaker of our joy.

Alv. My absence, and th' uncealing cares of war
On Afric's plains, against her swarthy fons,
Where, till Don Pedro, our brave prince, return'd,
The chief command was mine ; that tedious abfence
Has left me ignorant, or ill-inform’d,
Of most particulars.

Rod. Then, know, my Lord,
Our present queen, the mother of Almeyda,
Brought with her from Castile that blooming princess,
The wish of all beholders ! And, no doubt,
You must have often heard her lover's voice
Moft lavish in the praises of the fair-one
Whom he this day espouses, and in her
Whate'er is excellent or lovely.

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Alv. Never.
Don Pedro, with that chatte reserve and caution
Which would become the coldelt virgin's fear,
Ev'n on a theme so pleasing still was filent,
Or only when alone indulg'd his rapture.

Rod. So cold a lover, and so warin a hero,
Are contraries that seldom blend in youth.
'Tis mof fuprising! for, as we have heard,
His heat of valour is a rapid fame,
Encreasing as it spreads

Ab. And yet his prudence,
Serenely cool, keeps measure with his fire.

Had you, in this last battle with the Moors,
Had you beheld the mutual poife of each,
As either was callid forth by fair occasion,
Your praises would be transport-But proceed.
Rod. The

sum of all is this., To-day he weds
The bright Castilian princess, and this hour
Her brother Ferdinand's ambassador
Has audience of our king -

[Trumpet founds. Alv. That trumpet speaks The happy moment come. May peace, my Lord, • A long, a plorious peace, be the fair issue!!*

[Trumpets found again. Enter Alonzo, tle Quren, Elvira, and Courtiers. Alon. The heavens, my Queen, look smilingly upon As pleas'd to see thus folemnly fecur'd

[us, The league that joins your Ferdinand to me In one true bond of love Where is


son? Not follow. us!

Rod. His modeft fear avoids
To be the hearer of his own just praise.

Alon. Such fear, attendant on successful arms,
Becomes the brave, and most of all in youth;
'Tis then the nobler conquest. Gentle cousin,
The ties of blood have made his glory yours ;
I know they have, Rodrigo. You, Alvarez,
Were partner of his day; you nobly fought
And conquer'd with him. Both of you must hare
The joy sincere that swells a father's bosom,
Made young again and blooming in a fon.


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Enter Ramirez.
Ram. The ambassador of Spain, my Lord-

Alon. 'Tis well. Conduct him hither. [The King afcends his throne, placing the Queen on his left.

The Ambassador and his train enter and range themselves.
Amb. Sir, my royal master,
Don Ferdinand, by his ambassador,
Thus speaks the true fraternal part he takes

full joy. He holds himself most happy
That his lov'd parent shares a throne with you,
And that his fifter, his Almeyda, weds
So great a monarch's heir, and who renews
The virtues of his race. Don Pedro's fame
Spreads not o'er Portugal more welcome beams
Than o'er our friendly Spain: and you enjoy
The bliss supreme that noblest minds taste deepest,
A fon that loves the fire he emulates.
Yes, you have seen him, from his earliest youth,
Pursue the path your valour trod before
To conquest and renown. Your arm, by him,
Has oft buen felt in Afric, oft has shook
Her strongest forts, her deepest squadrons pierc'd,
And now, ev'n now, of laurels fairly won
A mighty harvest reap'd. Your interests, Sir,
Are link'd with ours by bonds of mutual friendship;
And where allies are mutual in their love,
The happiness is common. Our Caftile,
Itself triumphant, triumphs too with you.

Alon. Your sovereign is the partner of my heart,
His mother, now my queen, and who adorns
The seat she fills, has made our nations one;
And that fame treaty which declar'd her mine,
Affures Don Pedro to her daughter's arms,
Afsures my kingdom's safety, for these nuptials,
Tho' by the guilt of intervening war
Too long delay'd, shall be accomplish'd now,
While to the holy temple Peace and Leisure,
His best attendants, wait in Hymen's train.
Go, bear this message to my brother back,
That all Castile may share the joy it gives.
[Exeunt all but Alonzo, the Queen, and Elvira.


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