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the Ashbelites have gone to work on their essays to compete for the Grubbs medal. The title of these essays—“The rights of the young womanhood of Texas to equal or equivalent facilities for industrial training as are enjoyed by the other sex”—is the selection of Mr. Grubbs himself. Speaking of this, Mr. Grubbs said: “I am anxious to awaken an interest among the people of Texas in favor of the industrial education of our girls. We want to overcome, if possible,the social prejudices against industrial life, and the young ladies of our great University can do much to that end."




October 21, 1899. Call for meeting of Dallas ex-students to make necessary arrangements.

(Dallas, July 15, 1899.) A meeting of the University of Texas club will be held in the courtroom of the fourteenth district on Wednesday, July 19th, at 5 p. m., for the purpose of making arrangements for “University of Texas Day” at the coming State Fair. It is desired that all ex-students of the University in the city should be present at the meeting.

Signed by W. T. Henry, president; R. E. L. Knight, D. W. Bowser, Julius F. House, Alex Camp, E. Dick Slaughter, W. M. Odell, R. E. L. Saner, Curtis Hancock, Rhodes S. Baker, Percy Baker, W. A. Rhea, Jr., Ross L. Clark, Sidney Tillmar, F. H. Lowrance, Murphy W. Townsend, W. M. Holland, Paul H. Traylor, W. H. Flippen.



DALLAS, July 19, 1899. Hon. Will T. Henry, President.

Your committee appointed at a meeting on Saturday, the 15th inst., to report some plan of arrangements and organization for University of Texas Day at the State Fair on Saturday, October 21, 1899, submit the following report:

1. That the general plan of entertainment be (1) a reunion at the auditorium at the Fair grounds to be called to order at 11 a. m., with speeches by prominent University men to be appointed by the proper committee, with music by the band to be furnished by the Fair Association and the University Glee Club, and such other entertainment as may be arranged by the committee having the matter in charge. (2) A football game in the afternoon between the University of Texas team and the Dallas team, or if satisfactory arrangements cannot be made with that team then with some other selected by the manager of the 'Varsity team. (3) A banquet at night at such time and place as the chairman of arrangements and banquet committee may decide, preferably at the auditorium at the Fair grounds, such banquet to be restricted to ex-students of the University and such guests as may be determined upon by the chairman of arrangements and banquet committee.

2. To make the above a success we submit the following plan of organization: At this meeting there shall be elected a chairman of arrangements. That this chairman shall have complete and full control of and supervision over all arrangements for the University of Texas Day. That all the committees hereinafter suggested be appointed by him, and that he be a member of all such committees and meet with them. That all said committees report to and receive instruction from him.

3. That he appoint the following committees, the announcement of which may be made at a future meeting of the club or through the press: (1) committee of finance; (2) committee on (publication) invitation; (3) committee on banquet; (4) committee on speakers, and such other committees as he may find necessary or desirable. That the chairman of each of said committees, to wit, invitation, finance, banquet and speakers, shall form the arrangement committee, which said committe shall be for the purpose of advising with the chairman of arrangements, who shall be ex-officio chairman of said committee, on such matters as he may submit to them, and at such times as he may call them together.

4. All moneys collected by the committee on finance or anyone else in connection with the matter shall be paid to the chairman of arrangements and shall be paid out by him or on his written order, and he shall report to the club, on some convenient day after the 21st of October, all expenditures made by him and collections that come into his hands.

5. That said chairman of arrangements shall report to the Dallas University of Texas Club at such times as he and the president of the club may call a meeting for such purpose, said meetings to be called at least once each month.

6. The reunion, heretofore suggested to be held in the morning, shall be presided over and in charge of the president of the University of Texas club of Dallas.

7. That at meeting of the club to be held not earlier than four weeks from this time a toastmaster shall be elected, to preside at the banquet, who shall be ex-officio a member of the committee on banquet.

8. The money now in the hands of the treasurer of the club shall be paid at once to the chairman of arrangements committee to be used by him in such way as may be deemed necessary in connection with the preparations for and proper advertisement of University of Texas Day at the Fair.





Rhodes S. Baker, Chairman Ex-Officio. E. Dick Slaughter,

W. J. J. Smith, W. M. Odell,

A. G. Blacklock.


W. M. Odell, Chairman. L. A. Carlton,

F. H. Lowrence, John W. George,

Dr. W. E. Howard, Curtis Hancock,

John C. Saner. Dr. Whit Harrell,


W. J. J. Smith, Chairman. I. R. Oeland,

T. L. Camp, John C. Robertson,

William Thompson. W. T. Henry,


E. Dick Slaughter, Chairman. W. A. Rhea, Jr.,

R. C. Porter, W. C. Kimbrough,

Dr. J. E. Wilson, W. H. Flippen,

Charles Colville.


A. G. Blacklock, Chairman. 0. N. Brown,

W. A. Stephens, M. W. Townsend,

W. M. Holland, J. F. House,

S. H. Tillman.


R. E. L. Knight, Chairman.

Members from Dallas. W. C. McKamy,

Leslie Waggoner, W. H. Atwell,

C. H. Read, Marshall Thomas,

Alex Camp, R. E. L. Saner,

M. D. Gano, Dr. Percy Baker,

Mrs. Mabry Thomas, Dr. Smith,

Miss Emily Oliver, D. W. Bowser,

Miss Jessica M. Clark, W. S. Bramlitt,

Miss Ida M. Meade, R. B. Allen,

Mrs. Rhodes S. Baker. Ike Jalonic,

Members at Large.
V. L. Brooks,

Allen D. Sanford,
R. L. Batts,

Pat M. Neff,
A. S. Walker,

Tom J. Lee,
Dr. M. M. Smith,

Cullen F. Thomas,
J. W. McClendon,

C. L. Jester,
F. W. Shelley,

W. S. Lemly,
Marshall Hicks,

Dr. John McCelvey,
Dr. A. C. McDaniel,

W. W. Hair,
Otto Praeger,

D. S. Furman,
P. H. Swearingen,

Jasper Collins,
W. C. Hogg,

A. B. Flanary,
Judge W. H. Wilson,

J. C. Wilson,
W. Sperry Hunt,

Henry Cunningham,
Frank C. Jones,

John A. Lomax,
E. B. Parker,

J. A. Cord,
M. Foster,

E. M. Steger,
R. Waverly Smith,

F. R. Newton,
Charles K. Lee,

R. S. Shapard,
Dr. George H. Lee,

R. W. Wortham,
J. A. Whitaker,

E. L. Dohoney,
Dr. Julius Ruhl,

W. F. Moore,
Harris Masterson,

Clem Potter,
W. C. Wear,

W. P. Midkiff,
E. G. Abbott,

Lewis Lindsey,
J. D. Goldsmith,

Miss Florence Smith,
Dr. E. B. Osborn,

Mrs. L. B. Fontaine,
P. T. Lomax,

Miss Grace Harrison,
Morris Sheppard,

Miss Robbie Davis,
R. M. Hubbard,

Mrs. D. F. Houston,
L. A. Smith,

Miss Roberta F. Lavender,
John L. Terrell,

Miss Emma Patrick,
E. E. Bramlett,

Miss Clifford Le Tellier,
S. J. Hogsett,

Miss Mattie Lockett,
Sidney L. Samuels,

Miss Mary Lu Prather,
Frank Welch,

Miss Mitt W. Hall,
D. E. Simmons,

Mrs. J. F. Etter,
W. L. Hay,

Miss Maud Blaine,
J. F. Etter,

Miss Fannie Van Zandt,
John Lea Gammon,

Miss Evelyn Potts.
L. T. Dashiell,


Mr. Rhodes S. Baker, chairman of arrangements for University Day, said to a News reporter last night:

"Interest in our day at the Fair is increasing in a wonderfully rapid way. During the last week every issue of the Nercs has contained the announcement of from one to three University Day organizations in the various towns throughout the State. It is certainly gratifying to the Dallas ex-students. We now feel confident that the movement will grow in favor and that the ex-students will pour in on us on October 21. I am in receipt of a letter from Mr. C. L. Jester, of Corsicana, which, I believe, voices the sentiment of nine-tenths of the students who have attended our University in the past. Mr. Jester writes:

"'I have been watching with considerable interest and much satisfaction the reports in the Dallas News and other papers over the State of the University of Texas Day at the Dallas Fair on October 21st, next, and write to assure you of my patriotic interest in the enterprise.

'This reunion can be made to subserve a dual purpose, for there can be brought about a blending of the pleasant and the practical. While enjoying the companionship of our former contemporaries and meeting those who have gone before and those who have come after us, we can also do much practical good for the institution under whose auspices the meeting is to be held by bringing it prominently, and, I hope, favorably, before the people.

Most institutions of learning owe much of their success to the interest manifested by their ex-students and alumni associations. Our University has always done her part. It behooves us, then, to do ours.

“'It is needless for me to tell you that I am subject to the command of those in charge of this laudable undertaking and you and your associates may feel certain that it will afford me a real pleasure to give my best efforts to further the cause of the institution in which all of us who have enjoyed its blessings feel a peculiar and loving interest.?»



Prof. R. L. Batts, Toastmaster.
Judge W. J. J. Smith..

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