Military Antiquities: Respecting a History of the English Army from the Conquest to the Present Time, 2권

T. Egerton ... & G. Kearsley, 1801

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182 페이지 - December, preceding or fubfequent to his refignation, as is moft convenient to the public fervice. When it is fubfequent, he receives from the Exchequer, though out of office, his proportion of the fupply of the year to that time, and applies it in difeharge of the demands upon the fervice, which accrued down to that period.
74 페이지 - And whereas no man can be forejudged of life or limb, or subjected in time of peace to any kind of punishment within this realm by martial law, or in any other manner than by the judgment of his peers, and according to the known and established laws of this realm...
262 페이지 - the metal appears to me to be chiefly copper, interspersed with particles of iron, and perhaps some zinc, but without containing either gold or silver ; it seems probable, that the metal was cast in its present state, and afterwards reduced to its proper figure by filing.
180 페이지 - ... and two pence. The articles of exchequer fees, returned poundage, and Chelfea hofpital, though placed to this account, are not demands upon this balance. The exchequer fees for every fum, are always paid at the exchequer out of the fum at the time it is received ; the paymafter general debits his...
66 페이지 - Item, that no one make the cry called mount«, or any other whatfover in the army, on account of the great danger that may thereby happen to the whole army ; which God forbid ! and that on pain, if he be a man at arms, or archer on horfeback, of lofing his...
178 페이지 - Britain ; the nett off-reckonings ; the allowances to the colonel, captain, and agent ; the clearings ; foreign fubfidies ; arrears of the foreign troops ; levy money ; and all the extraordinaries. Under the head of fubfiftence of the forces at home, fo much of the fum received, as the fubfiftence actually amounts to, is ifTued to the agents as foon as he receives it.
176 페이지 - Sums for the ordinary fervices are obtained upon the application of the paymafter-general himfelf : thofe for the extraordinary are directed into his hands, upon the application of others. AFTER the fupply for the pay of the army is voted by parliament, the fecretary at war fends to the pay-office the four eftablifhments for the year, which are : 2.
271 페이지 - A not-hed hadde he, with a broune visage. Of wood-craft coude he wel alle the usage. Upon his arme he bare a gaie bracer...
179 페이지 - Nothing had been iiTued for the allowance to widows in the year 1780 ; for enough remained of former receipts, in the hands of the paymafter of the widows penfions, to carry on that fervice ; and therefore this balance was not liable to be reduced by any iflue under the head of allowance to widows. We could not have the accounts of the payments out of the poundage and hofpital, and for the contingencies in the year 1780...
45 페이지 - Whereas the ancient custome of nations hath ever bene to use one certaine and constant forme of march in the warres, whereby to be distinguished one from another. And the march of this our English nation, so famous in all the honorable atchievements and glorious warres of this our kingdome in forraigne parts (being by the approbation of strangers themselves confest and acknowledged the best of all marches...

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