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Nods horrible; with more terrific port
Thou walk'st, and seem'st already in the fight.

What spoils, whatconquests then did Albion hope
From thy achievements! yet thou hast surpass'd
Her boldest vows, exceeded what thy foes
Could fear or fancy. They, in multitude
Superior, fed their thoughts with prospect vain
Of victory and rapine, reckoning what
From ransom'd captives would accrue. Thus one
Jovial his mate bespoke: 'O Friend! observe

with all the' accoutrements of war
The Britons come; with gold well-fraught they
Thus far, our prey, and tempt us to subdue (come
Their recreant force; how will their bodies stripped
Enrich the victors, while the vultures sate
Their maws with full repast!—Another, warm’d
With high ambition, and conceit of prowess
Inherent, arrogantly thus presumed:
• What if this sword, full often drench'd in blood
Of base antagonists, with grinding edge
Should now cleave sheer the execrable head
Of Churchill met in arms! or if this hand,
Soon as his army disarray'd 'gins swerve,
Should stay him flying, with retentive gripe
Confounded and appalld! No trivial price
Should set him free, nor small should be my praise
To lead him shackled, and exposed to scorn
Of gathering crowds, the Britons' boasted chief.'

Thus they in sportive mood their empty taunts
And menaces express'd; nor could their prince
In arms, vain Tallard, from opprobrious speech
Refrain. Why halt ye thus, ye Britons ! why
Decline the war? shall a morass forbid

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You easy march? Advance; we'll bridge a way
Safe of access. Imprudent thus to’invite
A furious lion to his folds! That boast
He ill abides ; captived, in other plight
He soon revisits Britany, that once
Resplendent came, with stretch'd retinue girt
And pompous pageantry. O hapless fate,
If any arm but Churchill's had prevaild!

No need such boasts, or exprobrations false
Of cowardice. The military mound
The British files transcend, in evil hour
For their proud foes, that fondly braved their fate.
And now on either side the trumpets blew,
Signal of onset, resolution firm
Inspiring, and pernicious love of war.
The adverse fronts in rueful conflict meet,
Collecting all their might, for on the’ event
Decisive of this bloody day depends
The fate of kingdoms. With less vehemence
The great competitors for Rome engaged,
Cæsar and Pompey, on Pharsalian plains,
Where stern Bellona, with one final stroke,
Adjudged the empire of this globe to one.
Here the Bavarian duke his brigades leads,
Gallant in arms, and gaudy to behold,
Bold Champion! brandishing his Noric blade,
Best-temper'd steel, successless proved in field.
Next Tallard, with his Celtic infantry
Presumptuous comes. Here Churchill, not so
To vaunt as fight, his hardy cohorts joins [prompt
With Eugene's German force. Now from each van
The brazen instruments of death discharge
Horrible flames, and turbid streaming clouds
Of smoke sulphureous ; intermix'd with these

Large globous irons fly, of dreadful hiss,
Singing the air, and from long distance bring
Surprising slaughter; on each side they fly
By chains connex’d, and with destructive sweep
Behead whole troops at once; the hairy scalps
Are whirl'd aloof, while numerous trunks bestrew
The'ensanguined field. With latent mischief stored,
Showers of granadoes rain, by sudden burst
Disploding murderous bowels, fragments of steel,
And stones, and glass, and nitrous grain adust:
A thousand ways at once the shiver'd orbs
Fly diverse, working torment and foul rout,
With deadly bruise and gashes furrow'd deep.
Of pain impatient, the high-prancing steeds
Disdain the curb, and flinging to and fro
Spurn their dismounted riders; they expire
Indignant, by unhostile wounds destroyed.

Thus through each army, death in various shapes Prevaild: here mangled limbs, here brains and

gore, Lie clotted; lifeless some: with anguish these Gnashing, and loud laments invoking aid Unpitied and unheard; the louder din Of guns and trumpets' clang, and solemn sound Of drums, o'ercame their

groans. In equal scale Long hung the fight; few marks of fear were seen, None of retreat. As when two adverse winds, Sublimed from dewy vapours, in mid-sky Engage with horrid shock, the ruffled brine Roars stormy, they together dash the clouds, Levying their equal force with utmost rage; Long undecided lasts the airy strife, So they, incensed, till Churchill, viewing where The violence of Tallard most prevail’d,

Came to oppose his slaughtering arm : with speed
Precipitant he rode, urging his way
O'er hills of gasping heroes, and fallen steeds
Rolling in death: Destruction, grim with blood,
Attends his furious course. Him, thus enraged,
Descrying from afar some engineer,
Dextrous to guide the' unerring charge, design'd
By one nice shot to terminate the war:
With aim direct the levell’d bullet flew,
But miss'd her scope, (for Destiny withstood
The’approaching wound)and guiltless plough’d her
Beneath his courser: round his sacred head (way
The glowing balls play innocent, while he
With dire impetuous sway deals fatal blows
Amongst the scatter'd Gauls. But 0, beware,
Great Warrior! nor too prodigal of life
Expose the British safety: hath not Jove
Already warn’d thee to withdraw? Reserve
Thyself for other palms. Even now thy aid
Eugene, with regiments unequal press’d,
Awaits: this day of all his honours gain’d
Despoils him, if thy succour opportune
Defends not the sad hour: permit not thou
So brave a leader with the vulgar herd
To bite the ground unnoted.-Swift and fierce
As wintry storm, he flies to reinforce
The yielding wing; in Gallic blood again
He dews bis reeking sword, and strews the ground
With headless ranks; (so Ajax interposed
His sevenfold shield and screen'd Laertes' son,
For valour much and warlike wiles renown'd,
When the insulting Trojans urged him sore
With tilted spears) unmanly dread invades
The French astonied; straight their useless arms
They quit, and in ignoble flight confide,
Unseemly yelling; distant hills return
The hideous noise. What can they do, or how
Withstand his wide destroying sword, or where
Find shelter, thus repulsed? Behind, with wrath
Resistless, the eager English champions press,
Chastising tardy flight; before them rolls
His current swift the Danube, vast and deep,
Supreme of rivers ! to the frightful brink,
Urged by compulsive arms, soon as they reach'd
New horror chill’d their veins : devote they saw
Themselves to wretched doom; with efforts vain,
Encouraged by despair, or obstinate
To fall like men in arms, some dare renew
Feeble engagement, meeting glorious fate
On the firm land; the rest discomfited,
And push'd by Marlborough's avengeful hand,
Leap plunging in the wide extended flood;
Bands numerous as the Memphian soldiery
That swell’d the Erythræan wave, when walld
The unfroze waters marvellously stood,
Observant of the great command. Upborne
By frothy billows thousands float the stream
In cumbrous mail, with love of farther shore
Confiding in their hands, that sedulous strive
To cut the' outrageous fluent. In this distress,
Even in the sight of death, some tokens show
Of fearless friendship, and their sinking mates
Sustain; vain love, though laudable! absorb’d
By a fierce eddy they together sound
The vast profundity: their horses paw
The swelling surge with fruitless toil: surcharged
And in his course obstructed by large spoil,
The river flows redundant, and attacks

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