Chronological History of the West Indies, 2권

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, & Green, 1827

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550 페이지 - Majesty, and bring away their effects, as well as their persons, without being restrained in their emigration, under any pretence whatsoever except that of debts or of criminal...
551 페이지 - ... or logwood; and several English settlements having been formed and extended, under that pretence, upon the Spanish continent, it is expressly agreed that his Britannic Majesty's subjects shall have the right of cutting...
370 페이지 - ... general, which subsisted between the high contracting parties before the war, as if they were inserted here word for word, so that they are to be exactly observed, for the future, in their whole tenor, and religiously executed on all sides, in all their points, which shall not be derogated from by the present treaty, notwithstanding all that may have been stipulated to the contrary by any of the...
552 페이지 - Therefore all the English, who may be dispersed in any other parts, whether on the Spanish continent, or in any of the islands whatsoever, dependent on the aforesaid Spanish continent, and for whatever reason it might be, without exception, shall retire within the district which has been above described...
370 페이지 - ... recover their debts, and to bring away their effects, as well as their persons, on board vessels which they shall be permitted to send to the said island restored as above, and which shall serve for that use only, without being restrained on account of their religion, or under any other pretence whatsoever, except that of debts, or of criminal prosecutions : And for this purpose, the term of eighteen months is allowed to his...
83 페이지 - They had not a sufficient number of men wherewith to assault so strong and great a city. But Captain Morgan replied : If our number is small, our hearts are great. And the fewer persons we are, the more union and better shares we shall have in the spoil.
371 페이지 - Grenada, and the Grenadines, with the same stipulations in favour of the inhabitants of this colony, inserted in the IVth article for those of Canada : And the partition of the islands called neutral, is agreed and fixed, so that those of St.
503 페이지 - Hold fast ! that was an ugly sea. We must lower the yards, I believe, Archer; the ship is much pressed.
373 페이지 - All the fortreffes, the reftitution whereof is ftipulated above, fhall be reftored with the artillery and ammunition, which were found there at the time of the conqueft.
371 페이지 - His Britannic Majesty shall cause to be demolished all the fortifications which his subjects shall have erected in the bay of Honduras, and other places of the territory of Spain in that part of the world...

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