Narrative of the war in Affghanistan, in 1838-39


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244 페이지 - Shoojah-ool-Moolk, whereby his Highness is guaranteed in his present possessions, and has bound himself to co-operate for the restoration of the Shah to the throne of his ancestors. The friends and enemies of any one of the contracting parties, have been declared to be the friends and enemies of all.
243 페이지 - His attention was naturally drawn at this conjuncture to the position and claims of Shah Soojah-ool-Moolk, a monarch who, when in power, had cordially acceded to the measures of united resistance to external enmity, which were at that time judged necessary by the British Government, and who, on his empire being usurped by its present rulers, had found an honourable asylum in the British dominions.
242 페이지 - M'Neill, her Majesty's Envoy, that his Excellency has been compelled, by a refusal of his just demands, and by a systematic course of disrespect adopted towards him by the Persian Government, to quit the Court of the Shah, and to make a public declaration of the cessation of all intercourse between the two Governments. The necessity under which Great Britain is placed of regarding the present advance of the Persian arms into Afghanistan as an act of hostility towards herself, has also been officially...
241 페이지 - ... and continued, notwithstanding the solemn and repeated remonstrances of the British Envoy at the Court of Persia, and after every just and becoming offer of accommodation had been made and rejected. The besieged have behaved with...
80 페이지 - Affghan ; but still the desperado continued to struggle with frantic violence. At length, in the fierce grapple, the brigadier for a moment got uppermost. Still retaining the weapon of his enemy in his left hand, he dealt him, with his right, a cut from his own sabre, which cleft his skull from the crown to the eyebrows. The Moohummedan once shouted " Ue Ullah," and never spoke or moved again.
246 페이지 - Crown ; but he rejoices that, in the discharge of his duty, he will be enabled to assist in restoring the union and prosperity of the Afghan people. Throughout the approaching operations, British influence will be sedulously employed to further every measure of general benefit, to reconcile differences, to secure oblivion of injuries, and to put an end to the distractions by which, for so many years, the welfare and happiness of the Afghans have been impaired.
240 페이지 - Singh, be the channel of submitting to the consideration of his Highness ; that he avowed schemes of aggrandizement and ambition injurious to the security and peace of the frontiers of India...
323 페이지 - But it shared honourably in the labours and difficulties of the Campaign, and it had the good fortune in repelling an attack made by the enemy in force, on the day prior to the storming of Ghuznee, to be enabled to give promise of the excellent service which may hereafter be expected from it.
243 페이지 - The welfare of our possessions in the East requires that we should have on our Western Frontier, an Ally, who is interested in resisting aggression, and establishing tranquillity, in the place of Chiefs ranging themselves in subservience to a hostile power, and seeking to promote schemes of conquest and aggrandizement.
242 페이지 - ... adherence to the Persian policy, with the same full knowledge of its opposition to the rights and interests of the British nation in India, and have been openly assisting in the operations against Herat...

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