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290 페이지 - The degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy...
191 페이지 - The object of this course is to familiarize the student with the organs to be operated upon, together with the principles that underlie all operations upon the teeth, and to provide a systematic course in manual training.
35 페이지 - German literature of the last one hundred and fifty years that is free from any unusual textual difficulties, to put into German a passage of simple English prose, to answer in German questions relating to the lives and works of great writers studied, and to write in German a short, independent theme upon some assigned topic.
46 페이지 - It is thirty-five minutes' ride by train and ferry from San Francisco, and twenty-five minutes' ride by electric car from the business center of Oakland. The site of the University comprises about five hundred and thirty acres, rising at first in gentle and then in bolder slopes from a height of about two hundred feet above the sea level to one of about thirteen hundred feet. It has a superb outlook over the bay and city of San Francisco, the neighboring plains and mountains, the ocean, and the Golden...
49 페이지 - College is also prepared to hold an examination, at the above-named time, in any city or at any school where the number of candidates and the distance from other places of examination may warrant it ; applications for this purpose must be sent to the Registrar before May 15.
91 페이지 - Four hours for one half-year may be taken in psychology or in a special " teachers' course " in some other department. c) General knowledge.— Courses sufficient to represent (with the inclusion of special studies) four groups from the following list : natural sciences, mathematics, English, foreign languages, history, philosophy. The requirement is intended to secure, so far as is possible, breadth of culture and sympathy with the various lines of high-school work. (A "group...
56 페이지 - Every student is required to attend all his class exercises and to satisfy the instructor in each of his courses of study, in such way as the instructor may determine, that he is performing the work of the course in a systematic manner. Instructors will report to the Dean from time to time the names of students whose attendance or work is unsatisfactory.
150 페이지 - WISSLER, curator of the department of anthropology in the American Museum of Natural History, New York, read an elaborate and philosophical paper on The Doctrine of Evolution and Anthropology.
15 페이지 - ... Lieutenant-Governor, the Speaker of the Assembly, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the President of the State Board of Agriculture, the President of the Mechanics...
287 페이지 - To expend the sum of seven hundred thousand dollars ($700,000) for the purpose of purchasing land, and constructing and putting up on such land as shall be designated by the party of the first part, a powerful telescope superior to and more powerful than any telescope yet made...

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