Mysteries of the Southern Baptist Beliefs Revealed: More Properly Called Biblical Baptists

AuthorHouse, 2006 - 708페이지
The Southern Baptist published beliefs from the years 1833 through 2000 and particularly as adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention, 14 June 2000 are reviewed. The questions are asked; "As published do they clearly show the plan of salvation?" and "does the average Southern Baptist know and understand them?" If not, they represent some type of tool for the leadership who in some instances seem to show an almost pathological dedication to them, even overshadowing the Scriptures. (They are "a witness to the world". Baptist Faith and Message 2000, p. 3) The Baptist Faith & Message Statement has always created controversy. The one from the year 2000 created the most, however, not nearly as much as Jesus created. Even Calvin (1509-1564) noted, "Tumult and unrest often accompany the true proclamation of God's word." (Shepherds Notes, Calvins Institutes, Broadman and Holman Publishers, 1998 p.14) These conclusions have come from discussions and written reviews by senior Baptists, some who have, at least psychologically, left the Southern Baptist Convention. I am reminded of the words of Paul, "I am debtor to the barbarians; and both to the wise and unwise." (Romans 1:14) There is no doubt in my mind that if Christ were to return in this century as He did 2000 years ago He would be crucified again; this time probably by Baptists instead of the Jews. Major issues will be discussed. Baptists have always had the right to discuss and compare their beliefs. I can clearly remember my father, who was the best true Christian that I have ever known saying, "Son, I am a Southern Baptist because I believe they are closer to what the Bible teaches than anyone else." This book is really 18 books in one. It reviews many "big" current religious issues including: refuting the concept of the original sin, clarification of predestination, what is truth (The question Pilate asked Jesus and did not wait for an answer), the Philosophy of War (effects of religion, pacifists, the "Just War", Terror-Us (A new word for crime in America.), shame in our churches, our children moving from television to video games and further away from the Bible, the false concept and security of Baptist in the non-biblical widespread belief of a pre-tribulation rapture, the Biblical warnings that must happen before Christ comes again, a description of the End of the World, and America going to hell reading religious novels. I mentioned to a friend the distraction of reading two novels a week instead of reading the Bible. The answer, " I don't care, I'm going to read them." This is a classic example of the addiction of reading novels and their substitution as an idol. No one will be Left Behind. Everyone will either be flown to Heaven or thrown into Hell.

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