The Edinburgh Annual Register, 1권;3권,파트 1

Walter Scott
John Ballantyne and Company, 1812

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251 페이지 - France and their dependencies, and for other purposes," it is provided "that in case either Great Britain or France shall before the 3d day of March next so revoke or modify her edicts as that they shall cease to violate the neutral commerce of the United States, which fact the President of the United States shall declare by proclamation and if the other nation shall not within three months thereafter so revoke or modify her edicts in like manner...
253 페이지 - In this new state of things, I am authorized to declare to you, sir, that the decrees of Berlin and Milan are revoked, and that after the 1st of November they will cease to have effect; it being understood that, in consequence of this declaration, the English shall revoke their orders in council, and renounce the new principles of blockade, which they have wished to establish; or that the United States, conformably to the act you have just communicated, shall cause their rights to be respected by...
xii 페이지 - ... a liberal system of commerce, founded upon the basis of reciprocity and mutual convenience, which by discontinuing certain prohibitions and prohibitory duties might procure the most solid advantages on both sides to the national productions and industry, and give due protection at the same time to the public revenue, and to the interests of fair and legal trade.
xxv 페이지 - The solemn Ratifications of the present Treaty, expedited in good and due Form, shall be exchanged between the contracting Parties in the Space of Six Months, or sooner, if possible, to be computed from the Day of the Signature of the present Treaty.
xxiv 페이지 - ... so long as they behave peaceably and commit no offence against the laws; and in case their conduct should render them suspected, and the respective Governments should...
113 페이지 - February, 1769, was ordered to be expunged from the journals as " subversive of the rights of the whole body of electors of this kingdom.
530 페이지 - Whereas the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons assembled at Westminster, lawfully, fully and freely representing all the estates of the people of this realm...
295 페이지 - Abyssinia, consists only of balls of coffee mixed with butter : a lump of this composition, about the size of a billiard ball, keeps them, they say, in strength and spirits during a whole day's fatigue, better than a loaf of bread or a meal of* meat.
v 페이지 - An act to enable the commissioners of his majesty's treasury to issue exchequer bills, on the credit of such aids or supplies as have been or shall be granted by parliament for the service of Great Britain for the year 1814.
viii 페이지 - An act for granting to his Majesty certain sums of money out of the consolidated fund of Great Britain, and for applying certain monies therein mentioned, for the service of the year 1812, and for further appropriating the supplies granted in this session of parliament.

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