Historical romances of the author of Waverley, 1권


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480 페이지 - Rebecca again looked forth, and almost immediately exclaimed, "Holy prophets of the law! Front-de-Boeuf and the Black Knight fight hand to hand on the breach, amid the roar of their followers, who watch the progress of the strife Heaven strike with the cause of the oppressed and of the captive!" She then uttered a loud shriek, and exclaimed, "He is down! - he is down!" "Who is down?" cried Ivanhoe; "for our dear Lady's sake, tell me which has fallen?" "The Black Knight/' answered Rebecca, faintly;...
122 페이지 - At this the challenger, with fierce defy, His trumpet sounds; the challenged makes reply: With clangour rings the field, resounds the vaulted sky. Their vizors closed, their lances in the rest, Or at the helmet pointed or the crest, They vanish from the barrier, speed the race, And spurring see decrease the middle space.
222 페이지 - drew a good bow at the battle of Hastings, and never shot at such a mark in his life — and neither will I. If this yeoman can cleave that rod, I give him the bucklers ; or rather I yield to the devil that is in his jerkin, and not to any human skill.
475 페이지 - A singular novelty," muttered the knight, " to advance to storm such a castle without pennon or banner displayed ! Seest thou who they be that act as leaders ? " " A knight, clad in sable armour, is the most conspicuous," said the Jewess ; "he alone is armed from head to heel, and seems to assume the direction of all around him.
221 페이지 - said Locksley, " I crave your grace's permission to plant such a mark as is used in the north country ; and welcome every brave yeoman who shall try a shot at it to win a smile from the bonny lass he loves best. " — He then turned to leave the lists. " Let your guards attend me, " he said, " if you please — I go but to cut a rod from the next willow bush.
6 페이지 - Why, how call you those grunting brutes running about on their four legs? " demanded Wamba. " Swine, fool, swine," said the herd;
100 페이지 - Knights, with a long retinue of their squires, In gaudy liveries march, and quaint attires : One laced the helm, another held the lance, A third the shining buckler did advance. The courser paw'd the ground with restless feet, And snorting foam'd, and champ'd the golden bit.
475 페이지 - Seem there no other leaders ?" exclaimed the anxious inquirer. " None of mark and distinction that I can behold from this station," said Rebecca ; " but, doubtless, the other side of the castle is also assailed. They appear even now preparing to advance — God of Zion protect us ! — What a dreadful sight ! — Those who advance first bear huge shields, and defences made of plank ; the others follow, bending their bows as they come on. — They raise their bows ! — God of Moses, forgive the creatures...
7 페이지 - there is old Alderman Ox continues to hold his Saxon epithet, while he is under the charge of serfs and bondsmen such as thou, but becomes Beef, a fiery French gallant, when he arrives before the worshipful jaws that are destined to consume him. Mynheer Calf, too, becomes Monsieur de Veau in the like manner; he is Saxon when he requires tendance, and takes a Norman name, when he becomes matter of enjoyment.
482 페이지 - The bridge - the bridge which communicates with the castle - have they won that pass?" exclaimed Ivanhoe. "No," replied Rebecca, "The Templar has destroyed the plank on which they crossed - few of the defenders escaped with him into the castle - the shrieks and cries which you hear tell the...

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