Lawrie Todd [pseud.]: Or The Settlers in the Woods, 1권

J. & J. Harper, 1830 - 199페이지

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2 페이지 - THE BOOK OF NATURE ; being a popular Illustration of the general Laws and Phenomena of Creation, in its Unorganized and Organized, its Corporeal and Mental Departments. By John Mason Good, MD and FRS Iti one vol. 8vo. (Stereotyped.) " —the work is certainly the best philosophical digest of the kind which we have seen.
86 페이지 - Scarcely, however, had the axemen escaped from theirs, and planted themselves on the crown of the rising ground nearer to us, where they were hastily constructing another shed, when a tremendous crash and roar was heard at some distance in the woods, higher up the stream. It was so awful, I had almost said so omnipotent, in the sound, that I started on my feet, and shook my treasures from me. For a moment the Niagara of the river seemed almost to pause — it was but for a moment, for instantly after,...
87 페이지 - ... not, however, so, for about the same time a stream appeared in the hollow, between the rising ground to which the axemen had retired, and the little knoll on which our shanty stood ; at the same time the waters in the river began to swell again. There was on this occasion no abrupt and bursting noise ; but the night was fast closing upon us, and a hoarse muttering and angry sound of many waters grew louder and louder on all sides.
43 페이지 - Lawrie," said he one evening, " the Squire has considerable muddy time on't since his old woman went to pot." Ah, Rebecca ! she was but twenty-one. " Now, Squire, you see,
39 페이지 - Oh drop the briny tear with me, Dance no more on holiday ; Like a running river be. My love is dead, Gone to his death-bed, All under the willow-tree.
1 페이지 - A CONCORDANCE to the HOLY SCRIPTURES of the OLD and NEW TESTAMENTS ; by the Rev. JOHN BROWN, of Haddington.

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