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ABILITIES, great, not necessary | Bing, epitaph on admiral, 143
for an historian, 197

Biographia Britannica, the, 577
Action in public speaking, condemn- Biographer, business of the, 3, 4, 5
ed, 342

Birds, on the migration of, 362
Adans, Dr. account of, 463 Bishops, duty of the, 761, 768
Addison, style of, compared with Blue Stocking Clubs, account of the,
Johnson's, 97, 98

Akenside's Pleasures of Imagination, Bolingbroke, Lord, character of the

works of, 118
Akerman, Mr.anecdotes of, 717,718 Boswell, Mr. account of his first
Anecdote, a curious, 792

acquaintance and interviews with
Anecdotes and Bon Mots, 381 382 Dr. Johnson, 189, 190, 191-

383 341 342 343 344 345 346 epistle to, 260- writes to Dr.
347 348 352 353 354 355 356 Johnson from the tomb of Me.
363 369 370 371 396 397 398 lancthon in Saxony, 546—Ac.
399 400 401 417 418 419 420 count of Corsica, 258-account
421 424 441 442 443 460 461 of his dinner at Dr. Johnson's, 344
462 463 464 465 468 473 474 Bouhours and Du Bos, good critics,
475 479 480 481 484 489 493 273
494 496 497 498 501 502 506 Boy, the, a man in miniature, 11
565 567 568 569 570 575 579 Boy, the happiness of a, at school,
606 607 609 610 611 612 613 208
614 615 616 618 619 622 623 Bread and the bread tree, 362
635 647 648 649 650 651 652 | Brown, Sir Thomas, 96
653 654 686 to 693 726 to 740 Brutes, au essay on the future life

811 to 838 867 to 890, 897 of, 257
Apparitions, remarks on the suppos- Buchanan, a fine poet, 212
ed appearance of, 158

Burgoyne's army, disaster of, 674
Apple dumplings, a family fed on, Burke, Mr., Dr. Johnson's opinion

of his abilities, 466
Arbuthnot, Dr. an universal genius, Burke's Essay on the Sublime and

Beautiful, 273
Arniorial bearings, the antiquity of, Burney, Dr. sketch of Dr. Johoson

by, 150
Athol porridge, what, 764

Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy,
Author, the Young, 16

Barber, Mr. Francis, the faithful Bute, Lord, censured, 412,413

servant of Dr. Jobuson, 104 Cabbages, when brought iuto Scot-
Baretti compares Johnson to a bear, land, 468

Calendar, the Poetical, by Fawkes
Bark and steel for the mind, what, and Woty, 177

Canipbell, Dr. John, a celebrated
Bathurst, Dr. death of, 105

political aud biographical writer,
Bayle's Dictionary, how far an useful 194, 195
work, 197

Campbell, Rev. Dr. Thomas, 145
Beattie, Dr. account of, 308 Candles, the real use of, 329
Beauclerk, Mr. account of, 108 Candour in religious disputes ac-
Beggar's Opera, character of the, counted for, 485, 486

Catastrophe of a tragedy, 613
Beggary and poverty, real state of, Cave, Mr. letters to, 65, 66
in London, 699

Censure from the pulpit, nature
Bet Flint, a woman of the town, 776 and office of, explained, 507 to
Betty Broom, origin of the story of, 511

Chatham, Lord, a dictator, 674

son, 573

by, 116

Chesterfield's Letters, how to be his friends for his escape from pri-

made a pretty book, 504
Cbeyne, Dr. writings of, recom- Dodsley, Mr. Robert, account of,465
mended, 492

Dogs, where eaten, 353
Children, what should be taught Dominicette's warm baths, 278
first, 209

Donaldson, Mr. a bookseller, cen-
Christianity, nature of the evidence

sured, 202
for, 199

Douglas cause, the great, 255-re-
Christian religion, strong evidence marks on the, 351
in favour of the, 210

Drelincourt on Death, falsity of the
Cibber, why a poor creature, 274 apparition story prefixed to, 816
Clergy the defects in the preaching Drinking, utility of discussed, 498,
of the established, 292

Clergynian, the life of a conscien- Drunkenness, instances of habitual,
tious, pot easy, 647

Cold, the disease of, at St. Kilda, Duelling, thoughts on, 324
what occasioned by, 256

Education at great schools, advan-
Congreve, Mr. Charles, a singular

tages of, 486
character, 471

Edwards, Mr. Canons of Criticisin
Convents, when to be allowed, 235
Conversation value of Dr. Johnson's, Eglingtoune, the late Earl of, 262

Egotists reduced to four classes, 576
Cookery, remarks on the subject of, Elphinston, Mr. James, editor of

the Rambler in Scotland, 90-
Coriat Junior, travels of, 322

letters to, from Johnson, 91
Correction of scholars, nature and Elwall, singular opipions and con-
necessity of, 327

duct of Mr., 316
Cotterells, the Misses, visited by Entails, remarks upon, 456

Johnson and Reynolds, 106 Epilogue intended to be spoken by a
Courtenay, Mr. bis moral and poli- lady, 17

tical character of Dr. Johnson, 96 | Equality, probable effects of upon
Crown of iron, the punishment in. society, 346

flicted by making it red hot, and Erskine, the Honourable Thomas, 32!

putting it on the head, 234 Eugenio, a Poem, account of, 357
Crowo influence, how far necessary, Excise, how defined by Johnson, 134

Fame, real vature of, 625
Dalrymple, Sir David, his opinion of Family, the right of the present to
Dr. Johnson, 201

the crown, 568
Dalrymple's Memoirs of Great Bri- Fear, one of the passions, 270
tain and Ireland, 341

Feeling affected, an instance of, 564
I : pube, verses on the, 299

Ferguson, Mr. the self-taught pbilo-
Davies, Mr. Thomas, the actor, keeps sopher, 277, 278
a bookseller's shop, 183

fre. Fielding, how far a blockhead, 321
quented by Johnson, 183

Death, various thoughts on, 643 Fitzherbert, Mr. a portrait of, 564
Derrick, Mr. character of, 184, 185 Flattery, how applied to kings, 353
-account of, 210, 211

Fleece, the, a Poem, 467
Devonshire, character of the Duke Fleet-street, the most cheerful scene
of, 583

in the world, 646
Diary, a, frequently laughable, by Foote, his singular talent of imita-
John Rutty, M.D. 575

tion, 275-how like a dog, ib.
Differences among christians, of no Forster's Voyage to the South Sea,
consequence, 584, 585

Distresses of others, what our feel. Foppery bever cured, 296
ings on, 275

Fox, Mr. a most extraordinary man,
Dodd, Dr. put to death, 545, 549– 876

correspondence between and Dr. Freedom of the will, what, 640, 641
Johnson, 560 to 564-efforts of French writers, why superficial, 210
upon, 670

French, the, high in every depart- notions of gentility, 69-knight-
ment, 293

ed, 81—Sir John, how unlucky
Friendship, an Ode, 67-its qua- upon all occasions, 88, 89

lities, 325 -how formed, 572 History, what its real character, 418,
Frisick, the, or the language of 419-how should be written, 487
Dutch Friesland, 221

Hop Garden, the, a Poem, 468
Future state, thoughts on the sub- Horace, translation of, 14
ject of a, 315

Horne, Rev. Mr. publishes his Let-
Gaming, effects of, 322-remarks ter on the English Particle, 673
on, 490, 491

Hospitality, difference between an-
Garrick, invested with theatrical cient and modern, 318

power, 84—why compared to a sa- Hottentot, character of a respecta-
lad, 87-complimentary epigram ble, by Lord Chesterfield, intend-
by,on Johnson's Dictionary, 137 ed for Johnson, 118

how admired by Johnson, 274 Housebreakers, why timorous, 787
Garrick, Mr. Peter, 272

Hume, style of Mr. David, censured
Gentleman, Mr. his representation of by Dr. Johnson, 203— he and
“Dietionary Johnson,” 181

other innovators, vain men, and
Ghost, John Wesley's story of a, 643 why, 205—on Miracles, his ar-
Ghosts, their appearance debated guments answered, 206-remark-

able confession of, 234—not afraid
Goat, motto for a, belonging to of annibilation, 566-History of
J. Banks, Esq. 305

England, by, 265
Goldsmith, Dr. Oliver, a singular Jack Ellis, a money scrivener, 490

character, 191, 192—an inspired James's Medicinal Dictionary, 68
ideot, 192-his epitaph, written James, Dr. death of, +82
by Dr. Johnson, 192-one of the Idler, the, various papers in by whom
brightest ornaments of the John- written and contributed, 151---
sonian school, 194-anecdotes of, similarity in this and a poem by
251, 252, 365, 366, 367, 6204 Blacklock, 152
life of Parnell by, 317-death of, Jealousy of friends above us, causes

of, 481
Good humour, a rare quality in life, Iliad, translation of the sixth book,

Good Natured Man, Goldsmith's Imitators of Jolmson's style enume.
praised by Johnson, 254

rated, 916, 917.918
Goodness constitutional, not found. | Incident, a curious, in the life of

ed on principle, why cannot be Johnson, 511, 512, 513, 646-
depended on, 205

an odd one, 459, 490
Greenwich hospital too magnificent, Infidels, how many in England,

212 - park, why not equal to 415
Fleet-street, 213

Inns, English, the excellence of, 467
Grierson, Mr. account of, 288 Inquisition, argunients for the, 215
Grongar Hill, when first published, loterview, amusing, between Dr.

Jobuson and Mr. John Wilkes,
Guthrie, account of, 47, 48

514 to 518
Gwyn, the architect, a lively rattling Inward light, mischievous effects of,
fellow, 461, 462

Hamilton of Bangour, poems by, Johnson, Samuel, birth of, 6-Mi-

chael, account of, 6, 7-Johnsou,
Happiness, how far connected with

account of the niother of, 7, 8–
large property, 20+

power of the memory of, 8-his.
Harleian Miscellany, preface to the, infant precocity, 9-instances of

the excellence of bis sight, 9-is
Harte, account of Mr. Canon of touched for the scrophula by.
Windsor, 291

Queen Anne,ib.-his early instruc-
Harwood, Dr. writings of, 497 tors, 10-his obligations to Mr.
Hawkins's Life of Joboson, 9-his Hunter, 11-superiority over biz


fellows, ib. how distinguished
at school, .12 - the tenacity of
his memory, ib. — his nearness
of sight, ib.- anecdotes of, by
Dr. Percy, Bishop of Dromore, ib.
-is sent to Stourbridge school,
ib.-early proofs of his genius, 13,
14, 15—his idleness at home, 18
Is entered a commoner of Pem-
broke College, Oxford, ib.-his
modesty and bebaviour at college,
19-poetical powers, ib.-trans-
lates Pope's Messiah into Latiu
verse, ib.-objections to his Latin
poetry, 20—is afflicted with melan.
choly, 20, 21-communicates his
case to Dr. Swinfen, ib.-a de-
clared hypochondriac, 21-ap-
prehends insanity, 22-bis reli-
gious progress, 22, 23—bis course
of reading at Oxford, ib.-his
mode of composition, 24-bis a.
partment in Pembroke College,
ib.-bis misery and poverty, 25-
his regard for Pembroke College,
ib. instances of his pride, 26-
why compelled to leave college,
ib. death of his father, 27-with
wbat families connected, 27, 28-
is employed as an usher in Lei-
cestershire, 29-goes to Birming-
bam,ib.- translates Lobo's Voyage
to Abyssinia,30--specimens of this,
31-returns to Litchfield,32—first
fetter to Mr.Cave, ib.--is enamour-
ed with a young female Quaker, 33
-specimens of his amatory verses,
ib.—his personal defects, 35-is
married at Derby, ib.-sets up a
private academy, 36-effects of his
tumultuous and awkward fondness
of Mrs. Johnson, 37-writes a
part of his tragedy of Irene, 38
-arrives in the metropolis with
David Garrick, 39-anecdotes of,
ib.-his first lodgings, 40-his
Ofellus in the Art of Living in
London, ib.—his narrow circum-
stances, +1 — his description of
Harry Hervey, ib.-letter of, to
Mr. Cave, ib.-returns to Litch-
field, and finishes Irene, 42-re-
moves to London, 44- his first
performance in the Gentleman's
Magazine, 45, 46—is engaged by
Mr. Cave, 47-his contributions,
what, 47, 48 account of his
London, a Poem, 49, 50-trans-

lates Father Paul Sarpi's History,
56~makes various proposals to
Mr. Cave, 57, 58 — writes the
life of Boerbaave, 59—and Mar
mor Norfolciense, 60-bis mo-
tions or tricks improperly called
convulsions, 61-an instance of
his absence of mind, ib.-a fre.
qaent visitor at the house of Mr.
Richardson, ib. his first meeting
with Hogarth, 62-writes an epi-
taph on Philips, ib. — Epigram
by, on George II, ib. his various
productions in the Gentleman's
Magazine, 63, 64-regrets har.
ing been the author of fictions
that passed for realities, 64-beats
Osborne the bookseller, 65-let.
ters to Mr. Cave by, 65, 66, to
Dr. Birch and Mr. Levett, 68–
wanders through thestreets at night
with Savage, 70-exhibits the ge.
nius of Savage to the best advan.
tage, 71,72—his prejudice against
players, 71-triumphs over them,
72-his literary career almost to-
tally suspended, 75–contributes
several poetical pieces to the Gen-
tleman's Magazine, 76-writes a
prologue for David Garrick, 77–
epoch of his Dictionary, 78-plan
of that work, 78, 79, 80—kindness
of to his friends, 80-considered as

tugging at his oar," 81-forms
the club in Ivy Lane, ib.-writes a
Life of Roscommon, ib.— and
the Preface to the Preceptor, 82
-publishes the Vanity of Hu-
man Wishes, 82, 83—the first per.
formance of his Irene, 84, 85–
appears behind the scenes, ib.-
shews many acts of kindness to the
players, 86-leaves off frequent-
ing the green-room, and why, ib.

Commences his Rambler, 86,
87-the effects of Mrs. Johnson's
approbation of it, 90-his lan-
guage too masculine for ladies,
97-letter from, to Dr. Birch, 98

- his strong abhorrence of Mil.
ton's political notions, 99-bis
prologue to Comus, ib.-writes
the life of Dr. Cheynell, ib.-his
indignation against Lauder, 100
- bis charitable disposition to-
wards Mrs. Anna Williams, 101
- his feelings on the death of his
wife, how expressed, 102, 103,

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