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Who broke no promise, serv'd no private end,
Who gain'd no title, and who lost no friend
Ennobled by himself.---Lines on Craggs.




Philip Melancthon, 1497, Bret- St, Pamphilus, 309. d. Cæsarea. ten.

Abp. Richard, 1184. Canterb. Gaspard de Coligni, 1517, Cha- Alphonso III. (of Portugal), tillon sur Loing.

1279. Abp.(John) Sharp, 1644, Brad-Abp. (Henry) Deane, 1502. ford.

Ottomar Elliger, the Younger, Bp. (John) du Bellay, 1560.
1666, Hamburg. .

James Craggs, 1721. Abbey.

Dr. Richard Mead, 1754.Temple. The prerogative of infancy is Peter Macquer, 1784. d. Paris. innocency; of childhood, reve- John Romilly, 1796. d. Paris. rence; of manhood, maturity ; Stephende

Stephende Lomenie, 1798.d.Sens. and of old age, wisdom.

Francis Gossec, 1829. Passy. Raleigh.

| A sot is like a statue placed Obits of the Latin Church. in a moist air ; all the lineaSt. Onesimus, Disciple of St. ments of humanity are moulPaul, Martyr, 95.

dered away. He has a difSts. Elias, Jeremy, Isaias, Sa- ferent humour for every nick his muel, and Daniel (Egyptian drink rises to, like the degrees Martyrs), d. Cæsarea in Pales-of a weather-glass, and proceeds tine, 309.

from ribaldry and bawdry to St. Juliana, V. Martyr at Nico- politics, religion, and quarrelmedia, c. 309.

ing, until it is at the top, and St.Tanco (or Tatto),of Scotland, then are the dog-days with him;

Bp. Martyr at Verdun, c.815. I but falling down again thenSt. Gregory X. (Pope), 1276. he is frozen up.—Butler.

The deeds of old are like paths to our eyes.--Ossian.


Come, Sleep, O Sleep, the certain knot of peace,
The baiting place of wit, the balm of woe,
The poor man's wealth, the prisoner's release,
The indifferent judge between the high and low.-Sidney.


The DIONYSIA were solemnities in memory of Bacchus, the Osiris of the Egyptians, observed within the city of Athens, between the eighth and eighteenth days of Elaphebolion, with great splendour and decorum; for those women (fourteen in number, and styled the venerable,) officiated whose lives were the most free from pollution, as the oath, which they took before the wife of one of the chief magistrates, declared. Then the Tragedies were exhibited ; and a new spirit was infused into emulation, benevolence, and glory, with the spring of the seasons.

Terrestrial Dionysius, annual god,
Who laid asleep in Proserpine's abode,
Didst lull to drowsy and oblivious rest
The rites triennial, and the sacred feast;
Which rous'd again by thee, in graceful ring,
Thy nurses round thee mystic anthems sing;
When briskly dancing with rejoicing powers,

Thou mov'st in concert with the circling hours.-Orpheus. The remains of that incomparable piece of virtue Sir Philip Sidney are deposited within the Cathedral of St. Paul, with the honours, if not the sympathy, of royalty, 1587.

Bruce, the traveller, enters Gondar, the capital of Abyssinia, and is introduced into the palace of the emperor, 1770. “ Abba Salama, the first religious officer there, was a man exceedingly rich, and of the very worst life possible ; though he had taken vows of poverty and chastity, it was said that he had at that time above seventeen mistresses, and his way of seducing them was as extraordinary as the number seduced ; for when he had fixed his desires upon a woman, he forced her to comply under pain of excommunication.

According to the tables of Dr. Herschel, if it be new or full moon, or the moon enters into the first or last quarters, at or near to midnight, it is a sign of fair and frosty weather, unless the wind be S. or S. W.

The business of a poet is to remark general properties, and large appearances : he does not number the streaks of the tulip, or describe the different shades in the verdure of the forest. He must write as the interpreter of nature, and the legislator of mankind, and consider himself as presiding over the thoughts and manners of future generations; as a being superior to time and place. -Rasselas.

His hope is treacheroas only whose love dies
With beauty, which is varying every hour;
But, in chaste hearts uninfluenced by the power
Of outward change, there blooms a deathless flower,
That breathes on earth the air of Paradise. - Angelo Buonaroti.




xul. Francis, Duke of Guise, 1519, Jovian (Emperor), 364. d. DaCal. Bar.

dastana. 17.

Horace de Saussure, 1740, Ge. Michael Angelo, 1564. Florence.

Sir J. Grey, k. 1461. St. Albans.
J. Bruno, 1600. burned, Venice.

Eli.Lady Barnard, 1670.Abingt.
As a walled town is more J. B. de Moliere, 1673. Paris.
worthy than a village, so is the Denzil, Lord Hollis, 1680.
forehead of a married man more Dorchester.
honourable than the bare brow Bp:(Geo.)Bull, 1710. St.David.
of a bachelor: and by how much John Hughes, 1720. London.
defence is better than no skill, Father La Receveur, 1788.
by so much is a horn more pre-

slain, Botany Buy. cious than to want.-Touchstone. Jas. Macpherson, 1796. Abbey.

H. Pestalozzi, 1827. d. Brugg.

A detracter is a person who, Obits of the Latin Church. lif he hears one that is absent St. Theodulus and Julian, MS. spoken ill of, declares that fel

at Cæsarea in Palestine, 309. low was always his aversion ; he St. Flavian, Abp. of Constanti- has the look of a rascal, and yet

nople, Martyr in Lydia, 449. is a greater rascal than he apSt. Luman (or Loman), first pears to be : his wife, poor lady!

Bp. of Trim, d. 5th Century. has a sweet time of it, he keeps St. Fintan, Abbot of the Ivy-cave her as lean as a rake, and will

in Leinster, d. 6th Century. not afford her so little as a St. Silvin, of Auchy, Bp. buried, warm-bath in the middle of Fe718.



I am apt to believe that whether we rammed an atheist whole into a great gun, or pulverized our infidels, as they do in Poland, such is the natural good sense of the British Nation, we should not have many charges.-Eustace Budgell.


Look up, thou seed of envy, and still bring
Thy faint and narrow eyes to read the King
In his great actions : he whom his large hand
Hath rais'd to be the wall unto his land.-Jonson, in die.

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SHROVE TUESDAY, the solemn period of confession introductory to the Lent fast, and still noticed in the formula of the Catholic church. See 5th April. Upon the Monday eggs and collops of bread only were permitted to be eaten, and the more simple diet of cakes was appropriated for the present day; showing, by a practical lesson, that rebellious man is better introduced than driven to mortification, although a very necessary, and indeed an universal observance. The old English diversion of “ Cock-fighting" upon this day was one of the institutions of the East (we can trace it into Greece); and perhaps symbolical of the sun's entrance into the vernal quarter; for this bird will always sound its clarion at the changes of light. Evelyn reaches Venice at Shrovetide, 1646, " when all the world repair to it to see the folly and madness of the Carnival; the women, men, and persons of all conditions disguising themselves in antick dresses, traversing the streets, from house to house, with extravagant music and a thousand gambols, all places being then accessible, and free to enter. Abroad, they fling eggs filled with sweet water, but sometimes not over sweet. They have also a barbarous custom of hunting bulls about the streets and piazzas, which is very dangerous. The youth of the several parishes contend in other masteries and pastimes; the great banks are set up for those who will play at basset; the comedians have liberty, and the operas are open; witty pasquils are thrown about, and the mountebanks have their stages at every corner.” The follies of the carnival seem borrowed from the fes

tum stultorum, held on this day in ancient Rome, and have little depenidence, it may be feared, on the present season of devotion.

The Quirinalia were established on this day, in honour of Romulus : and the Feralia, sacred to the Manes, or those deities who were supposed to have the custody of departed souls, a pious festival which continued for eleven days. Dr. Forster observes an appearance similar to the aurora borealis, in the Southern Ocean, 58 degrees of latitude, 1773.

The real loss of a good man, may be called a distress to the world, and ought to affect us more than any feigned or ancient distress how finely drawn soever.

Pope on Hughes.

He is set for the fall, and rising again, of many in Israel; and for a sign which shall be spoken against.





Cal. 18.

Isaac Casaubon, 1559, Geneva. St. Angilbert, 814. St. Requier.
Edward, Lord Clarendon, 1609, Gregory V. (Pope), 999.

George, Duke of Clarence, mur-
John Gravina, 1664, Roggiano.] dered, 1478. Tewkesbury.
James Cassini, 1677, Puris. Martin Luther, 1546. Wittemb.
Dr. Rob. Henry, 1718, Muir Sir R. Baker, 1645. St. Bride's.

Gregorio Allegri, 1652. Rome. Alexander Volta, 1745, Como. John Louis de Balzac, 1654,

Notredame des Anges. The difference between a let- John Labadie, 1672. d. Altona. ter and an oration is that the Dr. Thos. Hyde, 1702. Hamboro'. one should be attired like a Ph. Verheyen, 1710.d. Louvain. woman, the other like a man. Baron Gortz, beheaded, 1719. The tongue and the pen are both Dr. Sir George Wheeler, 1724. of them interpreters of the mind; Charles Beckingham, 1730. but the pen is the more faithful G. B. Bilfinger, 1750. Stutgard. of the two, as it hath a greater Joseph Berruyer, 1758. d. Paris. advantage of premeditation, is John Ernest Count Bernstorf, not so subject to error, and leaves 1772. d. Hamburg. things behind it upon authentic Joseph Terray, 1778. d. Paris. record.--Howell.

wh | The choleric, angry, impaObits of the Latin Church.

tient man can be very little deSt. Simeon (or Simon), Bp. of lighted with friendship, since he

Jerusalem, Martyr, d. 116. abhors nothing so much as conSts. Leo and Paregorius, Mar- tradiction.-Clarendon.

tyrs at Patura, 3rd Century.

People should so act that love and natural right may ever predominate. A truly just judgment cannot be pronounced by the aid of any book, but should proceed directly from the mind, as though no book existed. Therefore written laws should be under the government of reason, and reason should not be held prisoner by words,



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