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The visions which arise without a sleep.---Byron's Lament of, Tasso.





Torquato Tasso, 1544, Sorrento. John Toland, 1722. Putney.
John Peter Niceron, 1685, Paris. Peter Chirac, 1732.

Dr. Thomas Mangey, 1755.
Hannah Cowley, 1809. d. Tiver- }

Madam, the distrust I have William Owen, 1824.
had of not being able to write
to you any thing which might
pay the charge of reading, has

The house of Tasso's birth
persuaded me to forbear kissing
your hand at this distance : so,

and commands a magnificent like women that agrow proud,

";view of the bay; it has been because they are chaste, I thought I might be negligent,l.

repaired and modernized, until because I was not troublesome.

nothing that was rendered saSuckling's Letters.

cred by the poet remains. The house is large and roomy, with two fronts, one of which, at least }

the greater part of it, is in a } Obits of the Latin Church. narrow street, opposite the high St. Constantine, of Scotland,

wall of a nunnery, and the other

is perched on the cliffs. At one ? Martyr, 6th Century. St. Sophronius, Patriarch of

| angle of the house, there was Jerusalem, d. 639.

formerly a bust of the poet in St. Angus, the Culdee, Bishop

terra cotta, which some French

soldiers, during their invasion in in Ireland, d. c. 824. St. Eulogius, of Cordova, d.

1799, mistaking for a saint, dis

charged their pieces at, and 859.

shattered its head.—Anon.

The sensory of a man of honour is capacious and delicate, as the Tyrant's ear.

Italian Sentence.

It was the lark, the herald of the morn,
No nightingale; look, love, what envious streaks
Do lace the severing clouds in yonder east :
Night's candles are burnt out, and jocund day
Stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops.-Romeo.


The marriage of Romeo Montecchio with Juliet Cappelletto was solemnized in the church of the Minorites, at Cittadella, on the present day, 1302. Their history scarcely survives among a people that have numbered and forgotten men, whose works are scattered as the father-dust" about the world; Pliny, Nepos, and Catullus, and who, like this illstarred pair, living in delphick verse more durable than either marble or tradition, were natives of old Verona. Never were events so adapted for the tragick web, so unhappily twisted “ to point a moral, and adorn a tale,” as the guilty loves of Romeo and Juliet :a plot, simple and } pathetic, solemn and retributive; which petrifies the tear about to flow. The poet has, however, rejected the sacrilegious fact, that Juliet is sitting in the chair of penitence at the time that Romeo was placed covertly behind the grating with her subtle confessor, in order to deceive the lady's 3 mother, who was present; yet the catastrophe is justified, and the acute (but harsh) comment of Johnson is supported, that “ Juliet played most of her pranks under the appearance of religion.” - The University of Paris issues a circular addressed to all the French clergy, 1444, expressing the opinion of the Church, that the feast of fools, about the calends of January, was a well imagined institution, connected with Christianity, and that those who had attempted to suppress it should be curst and excommunicate. Although this appears to border upon the ridiculous, the party-coloured feast, we shall find, was first corrupted and abused by idolatry: it is to be traced into all climes, and the remotest ages, at the close of the year, and to hazard an opinion respecting so dark an observance, it might have been termed originally the festival of the rainbow.”—The Ass was a principal figure in these ceremonies, as in Egypt, and there it was the representative of Typho, or the evil principle.

The memorable eruption of Mount Etna began about sunset of this day, 1669.

Napoleon espouses Maria Louisa, Archduchess of Austria, 1810.

This judgment of the heavens, that makes us tremble, touches us not with pity.

King Lear.

Pleasure is precarions, but virtue is immortal.- Periander.

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Godfrey Bidloo, 1649, Amsterd. Earl Copsi, of Northumbria,
John Theoph. Desaguliers, 1683,| assassinated, 1067.

|Cæsar Borgia, 1508. killed, Bp.(G.)Berkeley, 1684, Kilcrin. Castle of Viana.

Sir Arthur St. Leger, 1559.
It is usual with me to consi- | Alex. Piccolomini, 1578. d.
der myself as having a natural! Sienna.
property in every object that Dr.J. Conant, 1693. Northamp.
administers pleasure. When I Lodovick Muggleton, 1697.
am in the country, all the fine | Henry Richer, 1748. d. Paris.
seats near the place of my resi- John Lewis le Beau, 1766.
dence, and to which I have ac- Toussaint Bordenave, 1782.
cess, I regard as mine, By these Dr. Geo. Gregory, 1808. d.
principles I am possessed of half West Ham.
a dozen of the finest seats in Capt. Robert Broughton, 1821.
England, which, in the eye of d. Florence.
the law, belong to certain of my Rev. R. Bland, 1825, d. Lea-
acquaintance, who choose to mington.
live near the court.

Chas. Wm. Le Geyt, 1827. St.
Berkeley, in Guardian. Hellier.
Obits of the Latin Church. Because in perilous attempts,
St. Maximilian of Numidia, the longer they are debated the
Martyr, 296.

more difficulties appear, and St. Paul of Cornwall, Bishop of consequently they are the more Leon, d. c. 573.

unwillingly undertaken : it geSt. Gregory the Great, Pope, d. nerally happens in conspiracies, }

604. (See English Church Ca- delay of execution begets a dislendar.)



It is a huge unworthiness for rulers to lie; and therefore the Egyptian princes were wont to wear a golden chain beset with precious stones, which they styled truth; intimating that to be the most illustrious and royal ornament.--La Casa.

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And with the first, that headed is of gold,

He smites soft, and that has easy cure;
The second was of silver, many fold,

Worse than the first, and harder aventure,
The third, of steel, is shot without recure :

And on his long yellow locks sheen,
A chaplet bad he all of leaves green.-King James I.


JAMES I. of Scotland, during the sitting of his parliament at Perth on this day, 1425, arrests Murdach, Duke of Albany, the late regent, the Earls of Douglas, Augus, and March, with twenty other persons of the highest rank and power. The Duke with his two sons were immediately tried for acts of usurpation; and being found guilty by a majority of voices, were executed on the castle-hill at Stirling. It is stated by historians, that James I, adjudged to death, within the first two years of his reign, three thousand of his subjects, for offences committed during his long imprisonment in England. The penalty was murder by thirty-six wounds. }

The book entitled “ The first part of the contention betwixt the two famous houses of York and Lancaster, with the death of the good Duke Humphrey, and the banishment and death of the Duke of Suffolk, and ? the tragical end of the proud Cardinal of Winchester, with the notable rebellion of Jack Cade, and the Duke of York's first claim unto the

crown," is entered at Stationers' Hall, 1594, by Thomas Millington, a { } bookseller. 'This play was the foundation of Shakspeare's drama, called

“ The second part of Henry VI.” according to Mr. Malone's hypothesis ; } but there is, however, no reason to suppose that Shakspeare was different from other poets, and did not improve the early and more hasty productions of his pen. It was on the seventh day of the present month, 1426, that Cardinal Beaufort and the good Duke referred their quarrels and grievances to the arbitrament of the council. One of the articles in the Duke's complaint is, that the Cardinal advised the Prince (Henry) to destroy his father in his sickness, and seize the crown.

The battle of Erpingham, and defeat of the rebels under Sir Robert Welles, 1470 : Chelsea Hospital is founded, 1682: James II. lands at Kinsale, 1689: Steele's paper - The Guardian" commences, 1713 : Pope presents his “ Dunciadto the King and Queen at St. James's, 1729 : and the famous comet of 1759, this day passes its perihelium. Be particularly careful, both in writing and speaking, to avoid affectation.

Augustus to Agrippina.

Say, Stella, feel you no content,
Reflecting on a life well spent ?
Your skilful hand employ'd to save
Despairing wretches from the grave;
And then sapporting with your store
Those whom you dragg'd from death before.

Birth-day Lines.






Stella, 1681, Richmond, Surrey. Belisarius, 565. Constantinople.
Dr.Joseph Priestley, 1733, Field-Henry d'Almaigne, 1271, assas-

sinated, Viterbo.
Joseph II. (of Germany), 1741. Michael de l'Hospital, 1573.
Wm. Duke of Leinster, 1749.

Cardinal d'Ossat, 1604. Rome.

Bartholo. Legat, burned, 1614.
I think that is the best climate, Richard Cowley, 1619. buried,
where I can be abroad in the air Shoreditch.
with pleasure, or at least without John Gregory, 1646. Oxford.
trouble or inconvenience, the Ferdinand Lord Fairfax, 1647.
most days of the year, and the Peter Mignard, 1695.
most hours of the day; and this, John de la Fontaine, 1695.
I think, I can be in England M. Valentin, 1726. d. Giessen.
more than in any country 1 Abp. Herring, 1757. Croydon.
know of in Europe.

Charles le Beau, 1778.
King William. Christian VII. (of Denmark),

1808. d. Rendsburg.
Obits of the Latin Church.

| Ed. Long,1813.d. Arundel Park. St. Euphrasia, Virgin, d. 410. St. Mochoemoc, (in Latin Pul-|

Edm. Aikin, 1820. d. Stoke New. cherius) Abbot in Ireland ,655.

Sophia Lee, 1824. d. Clifton. St. Gerald, Bp. in Ireland, 732. We will spare for no wit, St. Theophanes, Abbot. d. Samo- I warrant you; here's that thracia, 818..

[touching his forehead), shall St. Nicephorus, Patriarch of drive some of them to a non com :

Constantinople (translation of only get the learned writer to

his relicks), d. 828. set down our excommunication, St. Kennocha, Virgin in Scot- and meet me at the gaol. | land, d. 1007.

Dogberry to Verges.

Many of our bodies shall find native graves; upon which, I trust, witness shall live in brass.

King Henry V.

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