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A fairer person lost not Heaven; he seem'd
For dignity compos'd, and high exploit :
Bat all was false and hollow; though his tongue
Dropt manna, and could make the worse appear
The better reason, to perplex and dash
Maturest counsels: for his thoughts were low
To vice industrious, but to nobler deeds
Tim'rous and slothful: yet he pleas'd the ear.--- Belial.




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Sir Henry Yelverton, 1566, Is- St. Peter the Apostle, A. D. lington.

65. crucified, Via Ostia, Rome. Dr. Thomas Hyde, 1636, Bill (Vatican.) lingsley.

St. Paul the Apostle, A. D. 65. Peter Francis des Fontaines, beheaded, Aquæ Salvia, Rome. 1685, Rouen.

King Offa (of Mercia), 794.

Banks of the Ouse. . Bishop (William) Aiscough,

1450. murdered, Eddington. The amorous sound of a crow Margaret Beaufort, Countess of is strange and ridiculous; rooks, Richmond, 1509. Westminster in the breeding season, attempt! Abbey. sometimes, in the gaiety of their General Gaspard de Tavannes, hearts, to sing, but with no great 1573. d. Sully Castle. success; the woodpecker sets Dr. Richard Lucas, 1715. Abup a loud and hearty laugh ; the bey. fern-owl serenades his mate with Marshal Florimond Merci, 1734. the clattering of castanets. I killed, Parma. .

White. Bishop (Zachary) Pearce, 1774.

Westminster Abbey.
Francesco Caraccioli, 1799.

executed, Naples Bay.
Obits of the Latin Church.

rch Valentine Green, 1813. died, St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, London.

Martyr, A. D. 65. (See Eng- David Williams, 1816. died,
lish Church Calendar.)

St. Hemma, Widow of Carinthia,


Most small birds hop; but wagtails and larks walk, moving their legs alternately. Crows and daws swagger in their walk.

White of Selborne.

What wonder in the sultry climes, that spread
Where Nile, redundant o'er his summer-bed,
From his broad bosom life and verdure Alings,
And broods o'er Egypt with his wat'ry wings,
If, with advent'rous oar, and ready sail,
The dusky people drive before the gale;
Or on frail floats to neighbouring cities ride,
That rise and glitter o'er the ambient tide ?- Education.


St. Peter's Day is remarkable for the splendid illumination of St. Peter's Church at Rome. It presents, from the lantern, a panorama bounded by the sea. The martyrdom took place in the 12th year of Nero.

The Nile is sounded with the Nilometer at the Isle of Rodda, and the depths of the waters proclaimed. In 1762, they had reached the height of sixteen ells upon the 8th of August, when the dam of the canal at Cairo was cut through with the usual ceremonies. The standard is sixteen cubits long, and formerly was deposited in the temple of Serapis, at Alexandria, until the time of Theodosius, A.D. 392.

The sack of Rome, for fourteen days, under Genseric, the Vandal, terminates, 455. The spoils of Jerusalem were removed to Carthage.

The death of Offa, a powerful English king, 794. He corresponded, on flattering terms, with Charlemagne, and fixed a seal to his charters.

Ferdinand III. enters the city of Cordova, by capitulation, 1236.
Edward Bruce expels the English from Galloway, 1308.

Henry II. of France is wounded in the eye at a tournament, with the spear of the Count de Montgomery, 1559.-See 10th July.

Charles V. is declared Emperor by the Electoral voices, 1529.
The new British Seal is delivered to Chancellor Egerton, 1603.

The Globe theatre, “ the glory of the Bank,” is burnt to the ground by a peal of chambers during the representation of Shakspeare's“ King Henry VIII.” upon St. Peter's day, 1613.-See 2d July.

Ferdinand of Gratz is crowned, by the unanimous consent of the States, King of Bohemia, 1617.

King Charles defeats Waller at Cropredy Bridge, 1644. Charles II. by patent grants to his brother, the Duke of York, the territory of the Delaware State, then called the New Netherlands, 1674. The battle of Parma, between the French and Imperialists, 1734. The City Road from Islington to Old Street is first opened upon this day, 1761.

The devil was sick, the devil a monk would be ;
The devil was well, the devil a monk was he.


Come, kinsman (said the little god),
Put off your wings; lay by your rod;
Retire with me to yonder bower,
And rest yourself for half an hour :
'Tis far indeed from hence to heav'n:
And you fly fast: and 'tis but seven.
We'll take one cooling cnp of nectar;
And drink to this celestial Hector.---Mercury.




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Prid. Bonaventure Vulcanius, 1538, Archbishop (Gawin), Dunbar, Cal. Bruges.

1547. John Wilson, 1780, Lesmahago. Cardinal Baronius, 1607.

Alexander Brome, 1666.

Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl When I see kings lying byl of Argyll, 1685. beheaded, those who deposed them, when Market Cross, Edinburgh. I consider rival wits placed side Dr. Adam Littleton, 1694. by side, or the holy men who Chelsea. divided the world with their con- Sir Thomas Pope Blount, 1697. tentions, I reflect with sorrow Ridge. and astonishment on the little Dr. Thomas Edwards, 1785. d. factions of mankind. When I Nuneaton. read the dates, of some that died Richard Parker, hanged, 1797. yesterday, and some six hundred exposed, Isle of Shepey. years ago, I consider that great Victor Emanuel, (of Sardinia), day when we shall all of us bel 1821. d. Cagliari. contemporaries, and make our Reverend Henry Kett, 1825. appearance together.--Addison. I drowned, Stanwell.

Clement Joseph Tissot, 1826.

d. Paris.

Colonel Dixon Denham, 1828.
Obits of the Latin Church.
St. Paul, the Apostle, Martyr Men laugh at the follies of
at the Salvian Waters, Rome, themselves past, when they come
A. D. 65.

suddenly to remembrance, exSt. Martial, 1st Bishop of Li-cept they bring with them any moges, 3rd Century.

present dishonour.-Hobbes.

A patron who shall have defrauded his client sball be execrable.

Twelve Tables. ......................... 440 ............................. ..

So Virtue, given for lost,
Depress'd, and overthrown, as seem'd
Like that self-begotten bird
In the Arabian woods embost
That no second knows nor third,
And lay ere while a holocaust,
From out her ashy womb reflourishes;
And, though her body die, her fame survives
A secular bird ages of lives.---Samson Agonistes.


The Hyacinthia of three days were celebrated at Amyclæ, in the month Hecatombæon, to the memory of Hyacinthus, with games in honour of A pollo, who cracked the crown of his young pupil, by a powerful stroke of his quoit, aided (it is said) by a wicked puff of Zephyrus.

A Roman festival of dedication to Hercules and the Muses. A colossal statue was erected to “ the bravest and the wisest Greek,” B.C. 312, during the censorship of Appius Claudius, the blind, who built the celebrated Road. According to Dionysius, the club-bearer was the father of Pallas, by Launa, a daughter of Evander. Among the Sabines (his original worshippers in Italy) he was called Semo Sancus. The white poplar was dedicated to this laborious hero.-See 11th August.

Henry VIII. embarks with his forces at Dover for the invasion of France, appointing “his most dear consort, Queen Catharine, rectrix and governor of the realm,” 1513.

A plague at Stratford in the year of the great poet's birth, 1564.

The victory under the walls of Oudenarde, on the Scheld, 1708. The Elector of Hanover (George II.), who fought with Marlborough, narrowly escaped : a ball struck down his horse, and Colonel Laschky was shot, at another time, dead by his side.

Evelyn notes : “ I went with a select committee of the commissioners for GREENWICH HOSPITAL, and with Sir Christopher Wren, where with him I laid the first stone of the intended foundation, precisely at five o'clock in the evening, after we had dined together. Mr. Flamsteed, the King's astronomical professor, observing the punctual time by instruments," 1696. The subscriptions were £9046 13s. 4d. King William, with great munificence, placed his name on the list for £2,000.

It is now middle-winter at the Cape of Good Hope.

If in this I err, that I think the souls of men immortal, I err with pleasure ; nor will ever, whilst I live, be forced out of an opinion with which I am so much delighted.



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As Julia once a slumb'ring lay, It chanc'd a bee did fly that way, After a dew, or dew-like shower, To tipple freely in a flower ; For some rich flower, he took the lip Of Julia, and began to sip; But when he felt he suck'd from thence Honey, and in the quintessence; He drank so much he scarce could stir ; So Julia took the pilferer : And thus surpris'd, as filchers use, He thus began himself t'excuse : Sweet lady-flower! I never brought Hither the least one thieving thought; But taking those rare lips of yours For some fresh, fragrant, luscious flowers, I thought I might there take a taste, Where so much syrup ran at waste : Besides, know this, I never sting The flow'r that gives me nourishing ; But with a kiss, or thanks, do pay For honey that I bear away. This said, he laid his little scrip Of honey, 'fore her ladyship, And told her, as some tears did fall, That, that he took, and that was all. At which she smil'd, and bade him go And lake his bag, but thus much know, When next he came a pilfering so, He should from her full lips derive Honey enough to fill his hive.The Bee.


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