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Price to Cost the


scribers. GERMAN.

s. d. $. d. Bible, 8vo. calf

10 0 7 6 Ditto, 12mo....

7 0 5 3 Bourgeois Testament, 24mo. sheep

2 3 1 8 Ditto, calf

2 9 2 1 ARMENIAN. Bible, royal 4to. calf

25 0 190 New Testament, 8vo. calf

5 0 3 9 MODERN GREEK. Long Primer Testament, foolscap 8vo. sheep

3 0 3 0 Ditto, with the Ancient Greek in parallel columns, demy 12mo. calf

6 0 6 0 AMHARIC. Gospels, foolscap 4to. calf

7 6 7 6 ETHIOPIC. The Psalms of David, 8vo. calf

4 0 4 0 Ditto, 4to. calf

7 6 7 6 Ditto, fine paper, extra boards

SYRIAC. The Psalms of David, 12mo. sheep

2 0 2 0 New Testament, crown 4to. calf

12 6 12 6 Ditto, demy 4to. boards

11 6 11 6

. Bible, 8vo. calf

13 0

13 09 The Psalms of David, royal 18mo. sheep

1 6 New Testament, demy 8vo. calf

5 0 5 0 MALAY. Bible, royal 8vo. calf

14 3 14 3 Bible, royal 8vo. Arabic characters

14 3 14 3 New Testament, demy 8vo. calf..

5 0 5 0 Ditto, in Arabic characters, 8vo. calf

5 6 5 6 HINDOOSTANEE. New Testament, demy 8vo. (Martyn) calf

6 6 66 * The Society has also on sale, to Subscribers, the HEBREW Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, in 2 vols. 8vo.; or each Testament separately.





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The Society's Bibles and Testaments are sold only to Subscribers and Auxiliary Societies, under the following

REGULATIONS. At the reduced prices, each Annual Subscriber of One Guinea has the privilege of purchasing Bibles and Testaments, within the year, to the amount of Five Guineas; and in like proportion for every Guinea subscribed. A further quantity may also be had (upon application to the Committee) at the cost prices.

A Benefactor of Ten Guineas may purchase to the same amount as an Annual Subscriber of One Guinea. · A Benefactor of Fifty Pounds as an Annual Subscriber of Five Guineas.

At the cost prices, Auxiliary or Branch Societies, or Bible Associations, may purchase Bibles and Testaments to any amount.

The Subscribers to an Auxiliary or Branch Society have the same privilege of purchasing Bibles and Testaments from their local depository as are allowed to the Members of the Parent Institution in London.



In opening the Report of the proceedings of the past year, your Committee may well adopt the sentiments of Archbishop Philaret, -in his address to the Moscow Bible Society. “ Any undertaking” (observes his Eminence)," which has been carried on for successive years on certain defined principles, and of which the nature and object have been regularly and repeatedly laid before the public, must necessarily, in the course of time, lose all claim to novelty.”

FRANCE, is the first point to which your attention will be reqnested. Your foreign agent, Dr. Pinkerton, having been prevented by serious illuess from proceeding further in the proposed tour men tioned in the last Report, than Malta, returned to England; and, his health being partially restored, he was requested to undertake a journey to Paris. There were two points which rendered his so doing a desirable measure—the inspection of the foreign editions of the Scriptures printing at the expense of your Society; and the inquiry as to the best means of assisting the French Protestant Bible Society at Paris. Your Committee have much pleasure in stating that, with reference to each of these points, his visit has proved very satisfactory.

The Turkish Bible he found advanced as far as the Book of Job, and arrangements were made by him with the King's printer for expediting the press. Professor Kieffer continues his indefatigable exer


tions in editing the work; being desirous that it may be as accurate as possible, he requested' Dr. Pinkerton to apply to your Committee, to engage the Rev. Mr. Renouard to revise the New Testament, an undertaking to which Mr. Renouard has given his consent. In conference with the Professor, it also appeared advisable that 2000 additional New Testaments should be printed, which your Committee have accordingly ordered. Delays having occurred on the part of the printer with regard to the execution of the Syriac and Carshun editions of the New Testament, Dr. Pinkerton had an interview with the director of the press, who engaged that no further interruption should take place. With the Baron Sylvestre de Sacy he had also important communications, relative to the Persian and Coptic versions. Mr. Remusat, secretary of the Asiatic Society, stated his opinions to Dr. Pinkerton with regard to the Chinese, the Mandjur, and other Eastern versions of the Scriptures, and, in particular, expressed a most favourable opinion of the Mandjur; preparing at your expense in Russia. The Modern Armenian Testament, printed under the superintendence of Mr. Zohrab and Mr. St. Martin, was found nearly completed; and Dr. Pinkerton had the satisfaction of receiving and sending to your Committee high testimonies to Mr. Zohrab's abilities as an Armenian scholar, and to the general excellency of his present work. It has now left the press, and copies are preparing to be forwarded for the use of the Armenians, resident at Constantinople and in other parts of Turkey.

By the Committee of the Paris Bible Society Dr. Pinkerton was received, not as a stranger, but as an old friend and fellow-labourer: and, as the result of his friendly interviews, your Committee have had much pleasure in complying with two propositions made by him, and have placed 500 German Testaments at the disposal of the Paris Committee, and a set of stereotype plates, for printing

an edition of Martin's Bible on the same type as that of Ostervald.

The Paris Bible Society has continued to receive many testimonies of the utility of its labours to the Protestant communions in France. The Associations în connexion with itself, or its Auxiliaries, have gone on increasing. The Scriptures have been received in many instances with demonstrations of the most lively joy; and their perusal is reported to have produced beneficial effects. Many among all classes of Protestants, among the clergy and laity, the rich and the poor, the aged and the young, continue to maintain an interest in the work. The Monthly Bulletins are enriched with pleasing and edifying communications, several of which have been transferred to the pages of your own Monthly Extracts, and are therefore not noticed here. Among the works completed by the Paris Society during the past year has been Ostervald's Bible, stereotyped, the first copy of which was presented to the son of your venerable President, who happened to be in Paris at the time of its publication, and the second has been placed in your own library, as an expression of gratitude on the part of the Paris Committee. Their last Anniversary was held on the 14th of April, and was more numerously attended than any preceding, Mr, Monod, sen. has arrived as their representative on the present occasion, and has interesting communications to make to the Meeting. *

Your Committee have pleasure in stating, that extensive distributions of the Scriptures take place from your Society's depôt at Paris, An important application, from an island in the Mediterranean, for 300 Bibles and 3000 Testaments, for the use of schools, has been met from this source; and many thousand copies of the French Testament of De Şacy have been circulated. The depository, formerly occupied, having been found very inconvenient,

* See Mr. Monod's Address in the Monthly Extracts for May,

a new one has been engaged, in which the various editions belonging to your Society are now safely and advantageously arranged. To replace the editions which have been exhausted, 10,000 Testaments and 10,000 copies of the Gospels and Acts, of De Sacy's version, were ordered at Paris during the past year.

In SPAIN, PORTUGAL, and ITALY, little can at present be done towards disseminating the Holy Scriptures.

In different parts of the NETHERLANDS, your Committee have gratefully to record the modest, unobtrusive labours of a few pious individuals. “Let us,” say they, "continue to do good, and spread the good seed without any other motive than to serve and please the Lord in secret, without seeking the applause of men.”

Great pleasure is however felt by your Committee in announcing that at Antwerp a Protestant Bible Society has been formed emanating from the Bible Association at Brussels.' This latter was mentioned in last year's Report. The British Consul is the president, and the Hanoverian Consul is the vice-president and treasurer, of the Antwerp Institution. It is proposed by the Committee to circulate the Scriptures in the English, Dutch, French, and German languages, and in addition to the supply which they have purchased, your Committee have encouraged them by a grant of an equal amount, and in the whole between 600 and 700 copies have been sent.

The Report of the Netherlands Bible Society states that there have been put into circulation, during the year, 5837 Bibles and 6490 Testaments. The same document also contains a letter received from the Dutch East India Bible Society, communicating the Report of a Special Committee appointed to examine the Chinese version of the Bible, by the Rev. Drs. Morrison and Milne, which

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