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states that the translation was ascertained to be well executed; in consequence of this Report, the Committee of the Netherlands Bible Society have ordered a number of copies to be forwarded to the Dutch Settlements in the East Indies.

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In SWITZERLAND the Zurich Society has just 'completed its edition of 7500 copies of a large Bible. Its funds being exhausted, the Treasurer had engaged to advance money for this work. Your Committee, therefore, considering how much its operations would be impeded by the pressure of a debt thus contracted, have voted the sum of 1001. which had greatly relieved and cheered friends and fellow labourers in that city.

The BERN Society writes “Our Piscator's Bible is finished, and has already found its way into the cottages of the poor, as well as into our schools, both in town and country; and our Ladies' Associations, ever mindful of their founder, (the late Mr. Owen,) continue with unabated zeal to labour with us to promote the good work." Your Committee have esteemed it a privilege to assist these active friends, by placing at their disposal 1000 German and 200 French Testaments.

From Geneva the pleasing intelligence has been received of increasing zeal and activity, manifested by the formation of several new Committees, and Ladies' Bible Associations, and by an increase of subscriptions; its Committee have also cheerfully contributed their share towards supplying the Waldenses with the Scriptures.

The sphere of the LAUSANNE Society embraces a population of 160,000 souls; besides a large edition of 10,000 Bibles in quarto, its Committee have printed an edition of 4000 French Testaments; and they state in their last Report, that, in consequence of the great demand for them, they have recently made an agreement for a second edition of 4000 copies.

The Baste Institution continues its labours, and has been aided by another grant of 1000 German Testaments for the use of travelling mechanics. Antistes Falkeisen writes :—“The blessing of God has rested in a particular and even wonderful manner upon our Bible Society in the year past, for which we cannot be sufficiently thankful. Many Roman Catholics have applied to us for Bibles; and, as they are too poor to pay for them in money, they bring different kinds of produce, which is afterwards sold.”

From Schaffhausen, Ebnat, (in the Toggenburg country) and several other places in Switzerland, gratifying intelligence has been received. The sen. timents expressed by one are the sentiments expressed by all. “What we have done is to outward appearance little. This we acknowledge; but in the kingdom of God nothing is little. In that kingdom he is great who exerts himself to the utmost of his power in the situation in which Providence has placed him, and avails himself of every opportunity to awaken a desire after the word of God, and to scatter its blessings around.”

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The last Report of the HAMBURGH-ALTONA Society mentions the completion of an edition of 12,000 Bibles and 1500 Testaments, towards which your Institution contributed 2001.

According to the last Report of the BREMEN Bible Society the sphere of its operations has been considerably extended, and it has been enabled to supply various places with the Scriptures beyond its own avowed limits. In the course of last year the Committee had put into circulation 451 Bibles 63 New Testaments, and 46 Psalters.

It is gratifying also to learn that a revival has taken place in the Bible Society at LUEBECK. The distribution of the Scriptures among seafaring people has been particularly attended to; and many captains and others, connected with the shipping

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interest in that port, have become members of the Society.

In the Report from Rostock the care of the overseers of the poor is recorded, in their anxiety to supply the inmates of the workhouse, about to emigrate to the Brazils, with copies of the Bible. Other pleasing facts are also stated; convinced of the zeal of this Institution, your Committee have placed 500 German Testaments at its disposal.

One thousand Testaments presented to the HanoVERIAN Society, met with so much acceptance as to be disposed of almost immediately on their arrival. This grant has therefore been followed up by an additional one of 500 Bibles and 1500 Testaments. His Majesty's ministers have kindly assisted this Institution with a donation of 250 rixdollars, and a loan of 750 more free of interest. The desolations which have occurred, in consequence of floods, in the kingdom of Hanover, are known to all; and while others have hastened to impart temporal relief to the sufferers by these calamities, your Committee could not be backward in supplying that which it is the privilege of your Society to dispense; and have accordingly voted 1000 German Testaments. In connexion with this Society, on the application of Dr. Küper of London, 200 Testaments and 100 Bibles have been sent to Elze, where a dreadful conflagration had deprived many of their Bibles and Testaments,

A letter from the Rev. Mr. Merteus, ecclesiastical Counsellor in OSNABURG, contains the following information:-“In the course of last year we circulated 1500 Bibles; our receipts amounted to 800 rixdollars, 100 of which were left as a legacy by a late friend in this town, and 400 rixdollars were received from the sale of Bibles. One of our coun

. try congregations caused us peculiar pleasure by its readiness to contribute. Several worthy men, among whom was a Catholic, united together, and went from house to house in the name of the Bible



Society, for the purpose of making collections for it, and in this manner we obtained from this small congregation alone, no less than 104 rixdollars.

His Majesty the King of Bavaria has given the royal assent for the establishment of a Central Bible Society in the important city of NUREMBERG, and the sum of 500l. voted by your Committee last year, in contemplation of this event, has been drawn for. Some Auxiliaries are already formed around this Central Institution.

To the Saxon Society assistance has been afforded by several grants.

The sum of 2001. has been given to aid it in supplying the poor among the Wends, and those who reside in the Hartz-Mountains and Vogtland; and a further sum of 1501. in aid of printing a fresh edition of the German New Testaments. The last Anniversary Meeting of this Society was addressed by the venerable president, Count Hohenthal: “On this very day," said he, “nay, at this very hour, ten years ago, twenty-seven persons who took delight in the Bible, met at my house, and under the direction of Dr. Pinkerton, formed a Society for the sole object of circulating the Holy Scriptures.” He then recited their names, and added—“Of these twenty-seven, fifteen have departed this life, one resides in Berlin, another in Budissen, and a third in Prussian Lusatia, so that only nine of the first founders can be present with us this day.” From these comparatively feeble beginnings a circulation has ensued of 33,490 Bibles and 7,767 New Testaments. Both the Annual Report and the account of the Anniversary Meeting are full of interesting statements, which your Committee would gladly give entire, did their limits permit. Since these documents arrived, Count Hohenthal has himself been added to the number of the departed. A new president has, however, been found in the prime minister of state, Count Einsiedel, who has addressed to your own esteemed President a communication breathing the most excellent sentiments.

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To the HERRNHUT Branch of this Institution several grants have also been made, both to aid its own operations and to supply a zealous individual, from whom your Committee have received several letters containing thanks for past, and requests for further help. These donations have amounted in the whole to 8500 Bibles and Testaments, many of which have caused the most lively joy to those who have received them. To a newly formed Society at GUBEN, in Lower Lusatia, 100 Bibles and 200 Testaments have been presented.

To the WEIMAR Society, which has diligently circulated the Scriptures in prisons and schools, 500 Bibles have been given, and to the Hanau 300 German Testaments.

The following passage is extracted from the Sixth Annual Report of the EISENACH Bible Society: “Since the establishment of our Society we have been enabled to circulate between 3000 and 4000 Bibles and Testaments among persons anxious to receive them. Tears of gratitude have glistened in the eyes of both parents and children on receiving the invaluable treasure of the word of God.” In referring to the demise of their late lamented president, Counsellor V. Göchhausen, the Report adds, “ He read and examined the Scriptures daily, and derived peace and comfort from them in the hour of death.”

The FRANKFORT Society maintains its character for activity and zeal. Its distributions have been during the past year 928 Bibles and 5470 New Testaments. Among these have been more than 1000 New Testaments to pilgrims, who received them with the greatest readiness. The subscriptions to the Society diminish, from various causes, and

among them the Secretary mentions, in a letter, the increasing difficulties of providing subsistence, experienced in all classes. Your Committee have, therefore, had much pleasure in assisting their valuable fellow labourers with 600 Bibles and 500 Testaments,

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