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Your own Auxiliary in Nova Scotia, as well as its several Branches prosecute their labours in an efficacious manner. In remitting a bill of exchange for 1881. the Secretary writes, “We consider the Society here as wearing a more favourable aspect, and likely to improve with the general advancement of the province." The Secretary announces the establishment of a Ladies' Association, from which much good was augured. Bibles and Testaments were at the same time requested; and, from the general tenour of the communication, your Committee felt justified in nearly doubling the number applied for: 500 Bibles and 1000 Testaments were accordingly sent off, and arrived at a most seasonable moment; for in his very next letter the Secretary writes, “They reached us at a time when, owing to several unexpected demands, our stock was entirely exhausted.” He then states the formation of another Branch at the island of Cape Breton: and great was the satisfaction of the Nova Scotia Bible Society in being able to assist it with a grant of Bibles and Testaments, to which some copies in the Gaelic language have been added by your Committee. This new Society having opened a channel for dispersing the Gaelic Scriptures, 100 Bibles and 200 Gaelic Testaments have been voted.

A remittance has been received from the Montreal Auxiliary of 901., accompanied with the relation of a fact which forms a powerful argument to prove the necessity of the labours of Bible Societies in general. A Roman Catholic minister, on being presented with a copy of De Sacy's New Testament, remarked that he had never before seen a French New Testament complete, but merely a part of one of the Evangelists. In the Report of this Society, it is said, “ Your depositary, since the last General Meeting, has received 400 English Bibles and Testaments; and so great has been the wish on the part of the English population to obtain them, that

scarcely any remain now in his hands.” Five hundred more have been ordered.

To an active friend proceeding to Quebec, about 250 copies of the Scriptures had been confided. On arriving there he immediately made an attempt, which succeeded, of establishing (or reviving) an Auxiliary in that city; and he thus writes to your Committee: “I can never feel sufficiently grateful to the Almighty for his goodness in having led you to send out an ample supply of Bibles and Testaments, and for having permitted me to be, come humbly instrumental in setting on foot an Auxiliary to the British and Foreign Bible Society, Thus with God's blessing I have been enabled to dispose of a great number of English Bibles and Testaments, and not a few in French. I am happy to acquaint you that several ladies have kindly come forward to our assistance in circulating the word of God among the poor.

We have been much more successful than we at first expected.” The Treasurer has remitted 521.

One hundred Gaelic Bibles and 200 Gaelic Testaments have been sent to the New Brunswick Auxiliary, for circulation by the Rev. Alexander MacLean of St. Andrew's. În acknowledging their arrival Mr. NiacLean says, “ In the name of the Emigrant Scottish Islanders of this province, I should sooner have expressed to you our thankfulness, had I not been anxious that this expression of gratitude might be accompanied by something which should prove its sincerity.” He then proceeds to state, that in conjunction with a few friends he had the happiness of forming, under the patronage of the Governor, the Charlotte County Auxiliary to the British and Foreign Bible Society. Active measures have also been taken for forming Branch Societies with Ladies' Associations. Favourable answers had been received from several quarters; and the first Report of the district collectors had announced


the receipt of 401., and that signatures were daily added to the subscription list. Bibles and Testaments in English and Gaelic have been demanded, and 900 have been sent. May they prepare the way for others to follow them.

MIRAMICHI, of which mention is made in the last Report, is not without its interest this year. The Society requests some Hebrew Testaments, for there also are to be found some of the descendants of Abraham. The people of New Bandon have applied for more Bibles and Testaments, and also raised a small contribution among themselves in order to purchase them. “It is pleasing to see such people, (writes the Secretary,) while suffering many privations in their attempts to form a new settlement in the wilderness, desiring to enjoy the word of life to cheer and comfort them amidst their toil.”

From LABRADOR your Committee have great pleasure in reporting the progress of the translation into the Esquimaux language. The New Testament is now completed, and the last part, the Revelation, is to be sent to England, with the united entreaties of the Missionaries and their people, that the Society will undertake the printing of it for the use of the Esquimaux. The whole of the Psalms have been translated, and as they only require a last revision, may be expected in the year 1826. Beginnings are made in Genesis and the prophet Isaiah. With regard to the beneficial effects which have arisen from the circulation of the parts already printed, a Missionary, who has laboured 34 years among the Esquimaux, observes, “The most efficacious means of promoting growth in grace among our Esquimaux, is the reading of the New Testament. They peruse it daily in their houses and tents with the greatest earnestness, delight, and edification. Their understanding of the word of God has greatly increased, and the influence upon their moral conduct is manifest, for they now more than ever desire to regulate their walk and conversation in conformity

to truly Christian principles." "Surely,"after stating other interesting facts, he adds, “this is an astonishing display of the goodness and mercy of God in sending out his light and truth to a benighted people, who but half a century ago were immersed in the grossest superstition, and addicted to the most cruel vices and horrible superstitions. Those things which were formerly practised among the Esquimaux by their sorcerers and angekoks, and by which the Brethren were so much annoyed, are at present hardly ever heard of, the heathens themselves being ashamed of them. In the Christian settlements the very name of angekok, tomgak, &c. are almost unknown to the rising generation.

From Greenland you are informed, “ The New Testaments have been distributed and read with manifest blessing. The Greenlanders often repeat their wish, that the Missionaries would thank the Venerable Society, as they style you, in their vame, for this gift. Another Missionary writes: “The joy of our Greenlanders in receiving this generous gift is not to be expressed in words. Often did we hear them exclaim, “Thanks to the dear Bible Society! They now make good use of the Testament, reading it in their houses, and all are desirous to learn, in order that they may read for themselves.”

Among the DOMESTIC occurrences of the past year your Committee record, with peculiar satisfaction, his Majesty's gracious acceptance, for his private library, of a set of the different versions of the Scriptures, printed by your Society.

Many are the pleasing extracts which might be given from the Reports of your numerous Auxiliary and Branch Societies, but your Committee must content themselves with offering this public expression of their heartfelt gratitude for the continued support of their numerous friends; and in requesting that they would persevere in their benevolent endeavours, the language of the Perth Report may be employed. “It is not mere money that is wanted, nor money extorted from the man who, in the act of parting with it, knows not what he is doing, but it is consecrated money-money deposited as the free and considerate expression of intelligence and choice,money, in short, which is brightened in its hues, and enhanced in its value, by the glowing fervour of Christian zeal.”

An interdict has been obtained by his Majesty's printers for Scotland against the importation of copies of the Scriptures printed in England into that part of the country, a circumstance which accounts in part for the diminished receipts under the head of Sales from your depository, as the Auxiliaries in Scotland have been obliged to furnish themselves with Bibles and Testaments printed in Scotland.

To the EDINBURGH Bible Society your Committee are under great obligations, not only for their repeated contributions, but also for superintending an edition of the Gaelic New Testament, of which 5000 copies are now passing through the press; and for engaging to render the same assistance in an edition of 5000 Bibles in that language.

From Glasgow a very satisfactory Report has been received of the result of Mr. Dudley's labours. The Ladies' Associations amount in all to 18, and great is the direct and incidental good which has arisen from their exertions. From the Glasgow Auxiliary remittances have been received to the amount of 8151. 15s. as a free contribution; and from your steady and ancient friends the Presbytery of Glasgow collections amounting to 5521. 9s. 7d.

Your Committee have had great satisfaction in extending assistance to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland in various directions. On the application of the Rev. Dr. Fraser on behalf of the Society for educating the Poor in the Highlands, they have given 1000 Gaelic Bibles and 1000 Gaelic Testaments;


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