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Your Committee felt constrained to accede to these different requests.

The last printed Report of the Paris Protestant Bible Society contains many pleasing testimonies of the extending interest felt in its cause, and of the actual benefits to which it has given rise. The want of education, the want of places of Worship, the want of suitable modes of relieving the distressed, and of assisting each other, have all been more clearly developed in consequence of the formation of the Bible Society in Paris; and in many instances these necessities have already been supplied. The friends of the Society have had much to encourage them in the Bible Associations, particularly from the poor themselves; and they have had to answer many objections made by others in behalf of the poor, but which have never been offered by the poor themselves, who give their contributions freely. Your Committee have engaged to present to the Paris Society 5000 copies of Osterwald's New Testament, in a pocket size; no measure being more calculated to be eminently useful at the present moment, when schools are attracting so much attention. The Paris Committee have, for various reasons, declined the stereotype plates for an edition of Martin's Bible, mentioned in the last report. When Dr. Pinkerton visited Paris, in returning from Germany, he found that the Auxiliaries were at that time in the course of being visited, (a measure which he had the happiness of suggesting on a former occasion,) and that it contributed greatly to the discovery of the Scriptural wants of the people, and to augment the means of supplying them.

To the Bible Association at BAYONNE, your Committee have had the pleasure of presenting 200 French Testaments; to that of St. HYPPOLYTE, 50 French Bibles and 200 Testaments; and to a new Institution formed at La TREMBLADE, 200 Testaments.

The latest intelligence from France announces that the number of Societies in connexion with that at Paris, is greatly increased; and that they have distributed 12,000 copies during the past year, being nearly double

the amount of those issued in the preceding : but, for further information, your Committee refer with pleasure to the Baron Pelet de la Lozère, who has been deputed by the Paris Society to appear on the present occasion as their representative. *

The distributions, from your own depôt at Paris, have been carried on with considerable success during the past year. Small depôts have been opened in different directions, and thus many thousand copies of New Testaments have been put into circulation. A zealous individual, much interested in the work, during one period of the year, has distributed 6000 copies in about 150 different places; and during another, 12,000 in 400. Many testimonies have been received of the thankfulness with which these copies have been accepted, and of the apparent good that has been accomplished. Another individual, in the South of France, has laboured in a similar manner, though not on so extensive a scale. To continue these distributions, a further edition of 10,000 Testaments has been ordered.

Professor Kieffer has continued to bestow the most devoted attention in editing the Turkish Bible, the Old Testament of which is now finished. The modern Armenian Testament has also left the press, and copies have already been forwarded to Constantinople; and a supply has been requested by the Missionary Society at Bảsle, on behalf of their Missionaries at Karabad, and 100 copies have been placed at their disposal. The Syriac and Carshun has now reached to the Epistle to the Romans, and the edition in the Carshun only is printed as far as the third Epistle of St. John.

For a large population on the borders of France and Spain, speaking an exclusive dialect of their own, the Basque, a copy of the Gospel of St. Matthew, taken from a Manuscript of the New Testament in this dialect, in the Bodleian Library, has been revised, printed, and received by many with gratitude. The Gospel of St. Mark is now preparing for the press.

Of SPAIN, PORTUGAL, and Italy, your Committee have still to lament that they can say but little. Oc

* The address of Baron Pelet is printed in the Monthly Extracts of May 31st.

casionally, however, they do receive applications for small quantities of the Scriptures, which they readily attend to; and at GIBRALTAR, you will be glad to hear, that nearly three hundred Spanish Bibles and Testaments have been sold.

In speaking of Russia, your Committee would feel thankful that the operations of the Bible Society proceed, though not in that active manner that all would wish. In the mysterious ways of Providence, the illustrious head of the Russian Empire has been removed. His attachment to the Bible Society was, there is every reason to believe, unshaken to the last. His successor, the Emperor Nicholas, since his accession, has confirmed his own subscription to the Russian Bible Society.

From the Riga Branch, a report has been received announcing the formation of an Association, in connexion with itself, among the Esthonian part of the population. The people are poor, but their exertions evidence a lively interest in the work. The Lettish Bible has been completed by this Society.

The Institution in FINLAND steadily continues its labours. Its depôts have, in former years, been well supplied, which accounts for its distributions being less at present, than on preceding occasions.

The Swedish Bible Society has added to its former issues 10,319 copies, and brought the total amount to 204,645 since its establishment: and yet this is the country which, in the earlier years of the Bible Society, was reported to be so well supplied, as to lead to the supposition that such an Institution was not wanted within its limits.

From a communication of Bishop Münter, your Committee cannot refrain from making the following quotations : “ The work is still prospering amidst the several calamities of the present times. The various Associations which were formed last year in JUTLAND rival their elder sisters in zeal. This very day I received from one of our dignified clergy the cheering intelligence, that, in the diocese lately occupied by the learned Dr. Hertz, whose premature removal by death

we bave to lament, twelve new Associations have been formed, for which he solicits 600 Bibles and Testaments. In the progress of my last biblical tour, it was delightful to me to observe the beneficial effects which the dissemination of the Holy Scriptures has produced in our native land, with respect to the sentiments and morals of the people.”.

Since the foundation of the different Biblical Institutions in the Danish dominions, 120,000 Bibles and Testaments have been distributed. The translation of the books of the Old Testament into the Greenland language, has proceeded under the auspices of the Danish Society, and your Committee have been presented with copies of Genesis, the Psalms, and Isaiah.

Two reports have been received from the SLESWIGHOLSTEIN Bible Society, each replete with gratifying details. 64,000 copies in all have been distributed by this Society, during its ten years' existence. At its last Ånniversary meeting, His Serene Highness the Landgrave of Hesse presided, and, among other affecting sentiments, delivered the following: “It is true, our exertions have been public, but they have chiefly operated in silent retirement. Whoever has testified a desire for the Word of God, has been supplied with it; and we are warranted in expressing the hope that many, truly converted thereby, now walk in the faith of the Son of God, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. May God, of his infinite mercy, vouchsafe to us all his guidance and direction in the right path, and preserve us therein; and may we both live and die unto him our adorable Redeemer. Amen!”

We are happy," write the Committee of the NorWEGIAN Society, “ to communicate the joyful intelligence that the Bible cause acquires more and more friends in our country also.”. Several new Associations have been formed, and the Committee at Christiania have requested permission to purchase an additional supply of 2000 Norwegian Testaments, at half the cost price ; a request which has been cheerfully complied with. Measures are taking to obtain a version of the sacred Scriptures into one of the dialects spoken in a part of Lapland, which originated from an observation incidentally dropped by a


friend of the British and Foreign Bible Society, when visiting Norway in the year 1821.

To the Bible Society at BASLE 1000 Testaments have been given, in consequence of the continued strong demand on the part of travelling journeymen and of pilgrims resorting to Maria Einsiedeln.

From GENEVA, your Committee have heard with pleasure of the formation of five Ladies' Associations.

To the ZURICH Society 300 German Testaments have been voted, to meet demands of a most interesting nature. The following is a case of the kind alluded to. “A young mechanic," writes the Secretary,“ called, entreating us to supply him with a New Testament. In the village where he resided no such book was to be found : his neighbours and friends, delighted with the acquisition, perused it with eagerness and joy. Their reports of it attracted the attention of the priest, who requested to see it; and having carefully examined it, he recommended its perusal. The consequence is, they frequently meet together on Sundays, and edify one another out of the Word of God.” Înstances, such as the following, taken from the Bern Report, concerning the good effected by the circulation of the Scriptures, are now very frequent. The wife of a dissolute young man, who neglected all the means of grace, applied for a New Testament, and on taking it home, her husband, without being urged by her, began to read it, and continued till he had perused the whole. At the conclusion, he frankly confessed, that had he previously known what he now knew, he would have lived very differently; and from that time he became a constant attendant at Church-a quiet, industrious, and peaceful man; in short, quite a different character.

From the Chur Report you are informed, that the poor, unasked and unsolicited, come forward with their mite to assist in promoting the work of a further dissemination of the sacred Scriptures, and thus give a gratifying evidence that there must be among them diligent and attentive readers of the Bible, who know how to appreciate the luminous and profound truths which the Word of God presents to them in such abundance.

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